Telegram Chat Bubbles  What are they? How to Activate ▷ 2021

Surely you didn’t know but the Telegram messaging app allows you to configure the chat bubbles, a very useful and important tool when answering a chat or knowing who has written to you.

It is a function very common in this type of application and is very well received by most users. This is how it is messages app you have also included this tool in your system.

Therefore, if you want to start enjoying the famous chat bubbles on telegram And to know much more about them, follow everything that we will teach you next in the post.

What are Telegram chat bubbles and what are they for on the platform?

It is a tool that is in trial period for a very short time, so they will not be able to get it activated by default, but each of the users must activate it on their own if they wish. It should be mentioned that this feature is available in Telegram beta version 6.3.0 and which allows users of the app to have conversations in the form of bubbles.

Keep in mind that chat bubbles as they are known, they are a kind of notification that will appear on the screen every time someone writes to you. If you still don’t know very well what they are, then you should know what to be chat bubbles They are the same that appear on Facebook Messenger, application that has this feature installed by default.

According to this, every time you receive a message from the app said chat will appear on the screen in the form of floating icon, that is to say that you will be able to move it from one side to another and when you access it you will do it in its respective floating window where the conversation will appear. In case you have several conversations, each of them will appear in a different icon so you can change from one to another easily.

This is how it is considered a fairly practical tool to chat with your friends or family while you are doing other activities on your smartphone. However, keep in mind that they are not approved by everyone, but luckily on Telegram you yourself will have the opportunity to turn them on or off, although it should be mentioned that it is still in beta, so this function can be eliminated or implemented, so nothing is certain yet.

What are the benefits of using Telegram chat bubbles on your devices?

What are the benefits of using Telegram chat bubbles on your devices?

For many, this type of function becomes an advantage, and it is that the chat bubbles They have been designed and applied by different applications to facilitate chat access for users. If you have used the application Facebook Messenger, then you already know very well how it works and what they are for.

In accordance with this, here we show you the main benefits that this Telegram feature brings you:

  • They are about floating icons that you will be able to move and locate anywhere on your screen, which allows you to have them there without disturbing you while you perform other functions.
  • It allows you access Telegram chat without having to directly access the messaging app.
  • There you will find only active chats, that is, with those users you are talking to at the time.
  • It gives you the possibility to chat with other people while doing other activities on your smartphone.
  • You can answer a messenger chat without leaving the application you are currently using, that is, you can be enjoying a game and at the same time answering the chat without leaving it.
  • It is a function that you can activate or desactivate if you wish.
  • It will permit you change conversation easily.

Learn step by step how to activate Chat bubbles and Telegram notifications from all your devices

If you are one of the people who like to enjoy this type of features and functions in their instant messaging applications, either because it offers them greater comfort and ease at the time of access your chat, then next we are going to show you how you can start activating all this in your telegram app.

To do this, follow in detail everything that we will teach you below:

On Android

For the Android users This procedure is very simple, however, they need to have a requirement for it, in this case it is that they must have installed version 6.3.0 or higher of the courier, otherwise this procedure will not appear available.

With this in mind, here we show you step by step how to activate chat bubbles on your Android smartphone:

  • For start this procedure you must access the application and once there you will have to press the three horizontal lines located at the top left of the screen.
  • Then a tab will open with several available options, in this case select the one of the “Settings”.

On Android

  • When you are inside the section of “Settings” you must scroll to the bottom of the window, at the bottom of the screen you will find the Telegram version that you are using on your Android.
  • To be able to access the debugging menu, you need to keep the app version pressed for a few seconds until the menu appears. First the following symbol should appear (¯ _(ツ)_/¯ ) and then you will be sent to a Web page.
  • Here you must go back and again press and hold the version of the app for a few seconds until you enter the debug menu of the application which is secret and very few know.

On Android

  • Among the options available in this menu you will have to select “Enable Chat Bubbles”.

On Android

  • In this way you will activate the chat bubbles in your Telegram app on AndroidKeep in mind that this is a function in development so it may not be the best of all or it is as well worked as can be expected.
  • You should know that in this case you will find a square bubble and not round as you are used to with Facebook Messenger. However, you will have the opportunity to enjoy this function in its trial period, while waiting for it to remain permanently or to be eliminated.

On Android

On iOS, PC and Telegram Web

As it has already been mentioned to you previously in the post, this characteristics of the application Telegram is in your beta phase Therefore, it must be clarified that it is not yet available in all terminals, which means that it is only active in the Android mobile devices. Therefore, users of the iOS operating system they must still wait for her just like in PC or Telegram Web versions.

An official reason is not yet known why these teams do not yet have the integration of this function, but it is expected that it will be added to them at the time of make the chat bubbles official in the app. In this way, users of these devices will have to wait a little longer to enjoy this new beta feature of Telegram.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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