Telegram Groups vs WhatsApp Groups  Which is Better? ▷ 2020

There is no doubt that currently WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging mobile application in most of the world, but closely follows Telegram, which is considered by many people as a better alternative, since it offers a great variety of functions and much more complete tools. Also, it should be mentioned that both social networks it has very similar characteristics.

In the case of WhatsApp offers what they are groups or group chat, a function that has been in the app for a long time, but was a bit neglected, this is how they have currently made improvements in it by implementing much more advanced options for handling it. In the case of Telegram you can find what are the groups or channels, which are considered a much more advanced and professional option.

Taking into account these two options offered by both applications of instant messaging, Here we are going to compare what each one of them offers and what are their main differences, all this will allow you to choose which is the best alternative to promote your brand. To do this, follow in detail everything that we are going to teach you next in the post.

What are the differences between WhatsApp Messenger groups and Telegram channels and groups?

What are the differences between WhatsApp Messenger groups and Telegram channels and groups?

Much of the popularity of both social networks is due to their functions of groups and channels, since they have become very important tools for communication between several users at the same time. However, each of these functions in both social networks it has its own characteristics although they do not usually vary much from one to the other.

Therefore, here we show you the main differences between WhatsApp groups and Telegram channels:


Limit of users
It allows up to a total of 256 members. It allows up to a total of 200 members, but if necessary you can activate the supergroups where you can add up to a total of 100,000 members.

Phone number visibility
Anyone who is in the same group as you can see your phone number. Only people who have you on their phonebook can see your number, otherwise not, just your username.

Configure which people you can add
In this case, not everyone can be added to a group. You can select which contact you want to be added, any contact with exceptions or only some specific contacts.

If it allows it If it allows it

Mention system
If it allows it If it allows it

Send photos
If it allows it If it allows it

Mute notifications
It allows you to silence it for different periods of time. It allows you to silence them for different periods of time.

Customize notifications
If it can be done with the contacts you choose. You can also do it with specific contacts.

Multimedia history
Yes, it stores the history of files, links and documents. Yes, it stores gallery, videos, camera, music, contacts and location history.

Appoint administrators
If allowed. If allowed.

Group Description
Yes, it was added in one of their latest updates. If you allow it.

Add participants
They can be added through links or agendas. They can be added through links or agendas.

Send chat copy
Yes, everything and by mail. Yes, the texts you want and through Telegram.

Edit group information
All or only administrators depending on its configuration. Only administrators, but all group members can be made administrators.

Use it on multiple devices at the same time
Not allowed If allowed.

Message types
Text messages, simple emojis, personalized stickers and GIFs. Texts, simple emojis, personalized stickers and GIFs.

Advanced Options
You do not have these options. Yes, but in supergroups with all the history accessible for new members, pinned messages, public links and deleted messages for everyone.

As mentioned above, there are not many differences between the two, perhaps one of the most notable is the number of users that can be in each of the groups of both applications. Otherwise, both allow send photos, voice memos, text messages, locations, contacts, among others. Although it should be mentioned that Telegram has a system for send music files reproducible for everyone.

They also offer a mention system by writing the user’s name with the symbol of @, allows you to see a summary of all the files that have been shared, as well as to silence notifications. However, keep in mind that Telegram It has an aspect that provides greater privacy to its users, and that is that thanks to its user system the other members will not be able to see the person’s phone number unless they already have it added to their agenda.

The opposite happens in WhatsApp where everyone can see your phone number. However, it should be mentioned that WhatsApp has added new features to your groups in order to stand on par with Telegram, so now they allow add descriptions for the group and also allow any user to edit group information in addition to administrators.

Something in Telegram can’t be done, unless they are all administrators of the Chanel. There is another very important difference that must be highlighted, and that is that in the case of WhatsApp You can only use it on one device or on your mobile and computer syncing it By the web. In the case of Telegram you can use it on all your devices at the same time, so you will have much more options for use since you are not as limited as with the other application.

Finally, as can be seen in general terms, both applications are very similar in terms of these functions, except for some minimal differences that favor one or another application. In this way, either of the two options is quite good, since both offer a system for send a copy of the texts of everything that is written in the groups, as well as allowing participants to be added to groups by links or agenda.

How to choose the best type of group for my brand? Better Telegram or WhatsApp?

How to choose the best type of group for my brand?  Better Telegram or Whatsapp?

Being able to choose which mobile application is best for improvement for your brand It can become a really difficult task, as both groups offer very interesting features and tools that any brand would like very well, either to promote yourself, to maintain constant communication with their customers or to offer their product catalog. However, one of the most important aspects and that perhaps can make a notable difference in this regard is the number of contacts in the groups.

As already mentioned, WhatsApp only allows a total of 256 contacts per group, while Telegram offers a total of 200 users, but this time with an advantage and that is that it offers what they are the supergroups. With this option, users have the opportunity to create massive groups where really large communities can be created with a 100,000 total users. This is how these special groups have certain advantages, and that is that the application allows you to convert any group in supergroup.

What becomes a benefit for everyone, especially for those companies that want to manage a community there, where a group of 200 or 256 users it may fall completely short. It must be borne in mind that on many occasions brands tend to handle a large number of clients, so being able to have a group or channel where they can work as thousands of users is something really favorable.

Especially if this channel offers you special tools such as pin messages so they always appear at the top of everything, the entire conversation history is completely accessible, among some other tools that will not be available in normal Telegram groups. To turn a group into a telegram supergroup you can do it well with only 3 or 4 users on it. The app of WhatsApp So far it has not given any initiative to want to imitate this type of massive communities.

Taking all this into account, it is also important to be able to mention another key factor in all this, and it is that there is no doubt that WhatsApp is one of the most used instant messages in the world, where it has more than 1.5 billion monthly active users, while Telegram has 200 million users, where its growth is not being the best in recent years.

As you can see, in this sense there is a very notable difference between the two, so it is useless to have all these tools, but you do not have friends to add there. This in the sense that every 4 people out of 10 have the Telegram application, so it may be much more difficult to get an audience there. In this way, being able to choose which application is more favorable for your brand will no longer depend so much on the characteristics that each one of them offers, but on your objectives.

In the event that what you are looking for is a group to your friends and family or for your business, possibly your best option is going to be WhatsApp, but if what you are looking for is a group or channel that is designed to large communities, so Telegram has no competition thanks to its supergroups. Therefore, if your brand is quite recognized and you know that you have a fairly large audience that exceeds 200 users, then you should lean towards these massive groups offered by the social network of Telegram.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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