TELEWORKING  What is it? + Advantages and Types ▷ 2020

Thanks to Internet and all computer equipment for some years ago many people and companies have begun to implement what is the remote work, which has become a employment modality in which it prevents the employee has to be transported to a physical position such as an office or a special place.

In this way, people can carry out certain jobs from the comfort of your home through a computer, smartphone or tablet. And it is that thanks to all the boom it has had the Internet and its adaptation in companies has made it possible to offer this type of work, which on many occasions it is beneficial for both parties.

All these Home-based workers have the same employment rights as office workers, they can even be a lot most demanded in their work. In accordance with this, here we are going to explain a little more about what try this modality Y What are the main benefitsTo do this, follow in detail everything that we will teach you in the post.

What is telecommuting or remote work and what is it for?

What is telecommuting or remote work and what is it for?

Telework as it is also known is nothing more than Work from home, this allows employees the opportunity to choose the time and place where you want to perform your job duties. All this has arisen thanks to technological advances that have been implemented in recent years, so it is a partial or total performance of work activities in a place other than a work office.

To be able to develop this type of employment, it is necessary that the person has technology platforms, either as a contact channel between the company and the worker. In addition, it is important to mention that this type of work is given as long as the activities that are required to be carried out do not require the physical presence of the worker in the office, and which can be run either from home or any other environment.

Some of technological gadgets that can be used for this type of work is computers, network systems, the Internet, phone calls, smartphones, faxes, emails, among many others. All of them will allow a direct contact between what is the financial institution Y the worker. All of this new labor mechanism without a doubt has maximized employee efficiency.

Who no longer you will lose time in transfers, save transportation costs, the company saves resources and above all I know contributes to the decongestion of urban centers. Finally, it should be mentioned that this modality already is used all over the world, where many people from Latin America they work for a company in Europe or Asia, or quite the opposite. Thus allowing that the distance does not become a limitation to perform certain work activities.

What are the main advantages of telecommuting from home?

What are the main advantages of telecommuting from home?

Without a doubt power Work from home will offer you a lot of advantages, and that is that whoever does not want to be able to work at home and earn money without having to leave it. Fortunately, this type of employment is becoming much more frequent in society, where millions of companies and businesses hire remote staff so that they can carry out certain work activities what do not require the physical presence of the employee.

In accordance with all this, here we are going to show you which are the main advantages that can be obtained through remote work:

Get autonomy

Without a doubt, the main advantage of this type of work is that the person can achieve work autonomy, where will you have the freedom to work the time you want and at the time you want, as well as doing it with pajamas if you wish. Therefore, the person has the freedom to organize work according to your time. Also, this type of employment situation allows such employees to have a more space to enjoy of other facets of his life.

As it is share with friends and family, even get a extra work. That is why it is considered that this type of employment is a unique opportunity, something that should be taken with great value. It is also possible that this type of work can be given in two ways, either working from home in mornings or several days and working in the company office in the afternoons or just one or days a week. This will depend mainly on the type of activities to be done by the person.

Allows you to save on transportation costs

Not only will you be able to get one greater work autonomy, but you will also be able to have a greater savings in transport costs especially if you must transport you from one city to another to go to work. And it is that having to go from home to work office will always mean a waste of money and a greater waste of time, as well as greater wear and tear on the person.

All this will allow you save the costs of public transport or private vehicle, Taking into account that both alternatives cost money. Also, with all this you can reduce air pollution, reduce stress, improve your health and especially your pocketbook.

Helps improve public opinion of the company

It is practically impossible to get a person to say that you do not like or would like to work from your home, although there are clearly some cases. But taking into account all the importance and advantage that this employment modality, it is very normal that all this influence the assessment that the worker gives to the company.

Work under this methodology will allow that person to have a better management of your time, as well as spending more time with your family and friends. All these things will make that person even more value their working conditions, especially since nobody likes to be meeting office hours.

Allows you to increase work productivity

As mentioned earlier in the post, on some occasions this type of workers are often required much more than those who work from the office, this is because work from home without a doubt must improve mood, so this should increase people’s productivity.

Clearly this does not always happen, but the most logical thing is that it should be and the performance was much higher. It should be mentioned that this will also depend on the working hours established by the employee, since if he takes advantage of the time very well he can get a very optimal performance. In addition, offer a very good work performance can surely lead you to better positions or salary increases as a bonus for your good work.

Reduces infrastructure costs

All this saves a large amount of money especially to the company, who will not have the need to make expenses associated with what is face-to-face work, what this is due to add the consumption costs of electricity, heating, computer equipment, among many other items that consume money.

Allows companies to hire people with functional diversity

In many countries The law requires that all companies must have a certain number of employees with functional diversity. so it is understood that these people must hold positions that do not require many physical obligations. For these cases the opportunity to Being able to work from your home becomes a very good alternative.

That is why all this becomes a very good alternative for those who have difficulties getting from one place to another, so the teleworking becomes the best alternative. Over the years all these people become one great contribution for all companies.

More work talent is obtained

Telework Becomes a ease of work which is obtained by a large number of people, all this makes this type of position of work is much more valued especially for those people who they live retired from the cities.

Other benefits that can be obtained

  • A greater specialization.
  • It allows combine housework.
  • It allows have a better family life.
  • Avoid scrolling.
  • Lets choose the place where you want to work, as well as your surroundings.
  • Allows you to have more free time, a flexible schedule and one better life quality.
  • You can have a greater access to information.
  • You can have a sportier life since you do not have to comply with office hours that take away much of your time.
  • You can work with greater dedication and commitment.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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