Templates for Instagram  What are they? + Uses ▷ 2020

It is commonly referred to as a technique widely used by professionals to create images or personalized content, either from a theme in initial, or any design work that you want to distribute in a simple way.

These templates are divided into several types of uses, either to organize a post, to upload them to a featured story or post an image with an outstanding phrase.

For that reason, we will highlight the importance of these templates in the virtual world, mainly on social media. Also, we will indicate a guide that you can use to compose your image designs in a unique way.

What are the benefits of working with templates on Instagram?

With the development of templates for Instagram you can get numerous advantages to promote your page, brand or business. Since these, depending on their design, may have a particular feature that captures people’s attention.

Let’s see some of them:

Boost your posts

The main objective of these editable designs, is simplify and support everything related to the content you publish. So you get a distinctive style that makes a big impression and score entry points that flatter your stories.

Own personality

In the process of making you have multiple options to change the color, format, letters or the character of your templates. This may vary according to your expectations, in order to get creative and special content that you can spread. By giving your personal touch to a template you have a better chance of achieving optimal results for your brand or content. In addition, these templates tend to be of a professional level, thus making a distinguished impact on people.

Save time

Although it is a project that aims to generate a great impact on users, it does not require much dedication. You simply have to choose a content and incorporate some modifications, such as a good image and striking text. On the other hand, no need to resort to a graphic designer, since you will have the ability to create unique stories, either with the design of a new model or the same template where you will add high quality improvements.

Learn step by step how to create your own templates for Instagram

As we mentioned earlier, The process to create a design that stands out is quite simple.

Next, you will be able to observe a guide where you will have the opportunity to develop templates for Instagram from the most notable applications:

In Canva


It is currently known for being one of the most used applications for this type of work on Instagram. Canva allows you to design posters, infographics, documents, etc. All in an effective way and in easy steps, from your mobile device or computer.

When entering the application, you only have to select one, from the options offered by the template library. Then, you will be granted the benefit of uploading your particular images or some others that you prefer. By completing the previous step, you can proceed to edit to your liking the embedded images, as well as adding text or other great characters. Ready, you can save and publish your template.

In Piktochart


The application itself is very effective and brings with it a variety of features to create and edit digital content in different formats. In Piktochart it is not necessary to have a high experience to be able to design infographics. When downloading this tool on your computer, the first thing you should do is register. This you can do, creating an account with your email or quickly login with a Facebook or Google Plus profile.

Consequently, a list of different types of formats and templates will appear. Select the most ideal for you. Now, you can start customizing your template, with the help of a panel of different options to edit that will be shown at the top. When finished you can download and share it.

In Photoshop

Adobe photoshop

Photoshop It is another of the most used graphic editor tools today. With this photo editor you can make unique professional looking templates that you can publish in your account without any problem. The first thing we must do when entering is to check the box “file” and select “new”. A tab will open where you can configure the width and height of the format, among other options.

Then, insert the image of your preference and add attributes. To be able to edit the image, you must right click on its name and press “Rasterize layer”, in this way the options command will be enabled. Your template will be ready to store it, after having personalized it with logos, texts, colors, and other things.

List of the best programs to edit templates for Instagram

There is a wide variety of applications so you can invent unique templates for templates.

Here we present some of the most used for the projection of communications displayed on Instagram:

Life Lapse

life lapse

Life Lapse, is a very useful mechanism for develop in an incredible way, great visual designs. In it, you can use any type of template that has already been used to refine it and carry it out for your own interests. The variety of tools on this platform is very interesting, allowing you to customize each of its templates as you like, modifying color, texts and even shapes.



This application gives us the facility to illustrate various images to stories Y state from our account. Contains a wide variety of templates that you can modify in different ways and without the need to invest so much time to create the content you want for your profile. Its interface is very intuitive, so anyone can use it without problem.



In the third place we have Inshot, an application designed for creating visual formats for mobile devices. This easy-to-purchase and free tool allows you to edit images, as well as, distribute them on a social network. In it we also find templates predesigned by other users that we can use to benefit our brand.



Categorized as an app that gives you the ability to create, illustrate and reshape images, so you can use them on your Instagram account quickly and easily. Thanks to this, you will be able to obtain design variants to boost your plans to a professional level, which will make the corporate image of your personal or business brand stand out among the others due to the quality of the work.



It is an app in which you can edit and produce digital formats. Mojo contains templates with different models that you can take advantage of to add distinctive features, such as text and animated images. It is very easy to use and its database has a large number of predesigned formats to save you a lot of time in creating content for your profile.

Meet the best platforms to download templates for Instagram for Free

As usual, There are many sites where you can download templates easily and with a spectacular design.

Therefore, we provide you with a list of the most used platforms in the area of ​​graphic designers:



This website is well known for its great contribution regarding advertising issues. Here you can download a collection of exclusive templates very easy to use and edit for the stories of your account. Instagram, with the benefit that they are totally free. If you are looking for designs for a banner or flyer to promote a product, service, promotion or contest, here you will find the widest variety of folds.



From Pinterest you can download numerous templates to promote a product, content or an original brand on Instagram. You only need to register on their website and you will have access to all this content that will allow you to have new possibilities with your audience.



This design page not only gives you the opportunity to download great templates, it also gives you the ability to work with them to create your own design. But this is only one of its functions because its true strength is in the ability to share your designs with other users and give them permission to edit, which facilitates teamwork in a considerable way.



Now, on this platform you have the ability to get templates for a number of different themes, which, in addition, you can customize according to your ideals. These visual formats can be used for Instagram Post and Story.



Finally, we have Esperinola. Here you can find a handful of downloadable template templates, which you can use to edit and manage them in your own way, either to connect with the users of your account or to support your business.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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