TERRA  What Happened? Origins, Aunge and Fall ▷ 2020

Terra was part of one of the most important stages of the Internet. He managed to be the undisputed leader for a few years, even more than many of those who hold that place today.

It was an integrated news portal where you could find information related to finances, free life, entertainment and many other topics.. It had its decline due to financial and driving issues that caused mistakes to be made without being able to adapt to the needs of that moment.

In the following paragraphs you will find a little history of this Spanish-speaking Internet giant that was created in our country. As well, we will also show you which are the best alternative portals to Terra that you can visit today.

What is Terra and what could we do on this Internet portal?

What is Terra and what could we do on this Internet portal?

Terra was a website that It offered visitors access to services related to different themes. You could include links, forums, search engines, related images to download and any other useful information.

Among the most common topics that could be found were cinema, sports, games, mobile phones, technology, email and music. This Internet portal belonged to the Telefónica de España group and it was founded in 1999. Creating several attached websites that dealt with financial issues, travel sales and even Internet television.

Origins of Terra How was the first Spanish-speaking digital giant born?

To talk about the origin of Terra it is necessary to go back to 1992 in Barcelona. At that time Pep Vallés created together with José Gaspa Rovira, Ole. Which became one of the first portals in our country.

This platform had a great acceptance from the public, since it showed different news from the leader of that time, Yahoo of the United States. But it had a drawback, since its owners found contradictions between the Catalan people and the name since they considered it too Spanish.

In this way, the foundation for which Valles and Gaspa Rovira worked sold, for an insignificant amount of pesetas, all the rights to their creators. It was then that Olé began to copy the good practices of Yahoo and AOL, another important portal of the North American people.

This generated that the acceptance was even greater, reason why it began to draw the attention of different sectors of our country. At that time, Telefónica was working on a project to extend its own portal, but for strategic decisions he decided to put aside “Telefónica.doc” and buy Olé from its current owners.

The operation was carried out for a sum of 3 billion pesetas, plus a part of the share package of Terra, this would be the name of the new project. In this way, Terra was born in 1998, its main owner being Telefónica.

Rise and growth of Terra How were the best years of this portal?

Within the incorporation of Olé it was decided to put this project aside and absorb everything related to the purchased portal, remaining, after many efforts and negotiations, to Olé as the seeker of Terra.

But this did not go entirely well, since the people who worked on Telefónica’s main project, headed by Antonio Sáez, began to have problems with Terra’s decisions, so They took their project to Jazztel, which was called “Ya.com”.

At this stage Terra found the glow of her conquest in the world of the Internet. Olé was not the only company bought by Terra, since there were other Latin American companies that allowed it to have control of all the countries of South America. Thus, the Telefónica portal became the absolute leader for the entire Spanish-speaking market, thus becoming the first platform in our country to have a resounding success.

The Latino communities that existed in the United States had a great influence on the decisions that Telefónica made, so also decided to buy Lycos. Being a risky step by then president Juan Villalonga, since its price was more than 12 billion dollars (years later, that portal was sold for a price lower than 1% of its purchase value).

This meant that the Telefónica portal, in a few months of life, could enter the stock market. It was decided to have a very strong debt strategy. The early days were good, as the shares were trading at very good prices, but the structure that was maintained for this level of borrowing was not enough.

Collapse and Fall of Terra Why was it finished and what is it today?

In a very short time, the crisis that existed in the United States on technological values ​​was important. This produced the sinking of Terra in the Stock Market. In addition, it generated a noise everywhere.

One of the most significant losses of this portal was in September 2001, after the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers. This crisis was called in the stock market “Technology Bubble” or “Dot com”. After 2 very hard years, Telefónica used one of its last weapons, which was present an offer of 100% of its capital in the hands of the stock market. Already in 2005, it stopped trading on the stock market.

A few years later, after different actions to regain leadership, Terra stopped working. Leaving aside one of the most important technological giants that existed in the history of the Internet, and that due to some internal problems decided to close all its portals, except those in Latin America, its main market being that of Brazil until now.

If you visit the Terra.com page, you will find that it is redirected to its portal for the South American country.

List of the best alternative portals to Terra that you can visit online today

The alternative portals to Terra that currently exist are:


You can find all the news related to our country and the world. You will have information about celebrities, sports, lifestyles and much other information. In addition, you will be able to directly access Facebook, Twitter, Skype and other platforms.

You can also find weather information and access different sections. Where you can edit them so that they appear higher or lower than those found, or directly delete them.



It is a portal that presents an interface a little more organized than the previous one. It has different themes that are located at the top of the portal.

It is characterized by having access to Yahoo! and have the most searched sections. In addition, you will never reach the end of the site, since posts related to different topics will always be loaded. In this way you will not miss any information that interests you.


The portal of the public radio and television service of our country It is not only intended for audiovisual content, but it is also a portal where you will find information from Spain and from around the world about technology, economy, culture and many other topics.

It is popularly known and is characterized by the diversity of topics of which the vast majority have high-quality videos.


It is a portal based on the famous Internet search engine. In this platform you can find all the daily information about celebrities, lifestyle, fashion, and also data related to cooking, travel and beauty.

In addition, you will have the possibility to access your Gmail in a simple way. To access this portal, you must register with your Google account.



Although this portal is in English, is one of the largest platforms worldwide where you will find news, finance, lifestyle, games and even AOL email. Registration is free and you can use Google Translate to access our language.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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