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If you have ever run out of mobile data to access the Internet and need to receive information or send an email, tethering is the solution for this type of situation. It consists of sharing the Internet through the mobile phone to other devices.

It is a widely used technology, since there are rates of operators that have unlimited megabytes to navigate or with a large number of these and that users do not finish using them during the billing cycle.

So that you can learn more about this tool, we want to share the following paragraphs with you. You can find all the related information to tethering and the difference that exists with the hotspot, as well as the necessary steps to activate tethering.

What is tethering and what is this technology for?

What is Tethering and what is this technology for?

Tethering is called the mechanism by which a mobile device can share the internet and act like a modem or router to other phones and computers. In this way it is possible to have a wireless or wired mobile network.

To carry out this process, the WiFi, Bluetooth to USB cable.

What are the benefits of using tethering to share data?

When a person shares the Internet or anchors the network, they can generate the following benefits:

A mobile network is created

What we mean by this benefit is that Internet can be accessed anywhere using this technology. You only need to have 4G coverage so that different mobiles that are close to the provider device can enter the web without the need for cables or other types of hardware.

Share mobile data

One of the reasons tethering is used the most is because the device that acts as an access door has contracted a rate in which you can have a significant amount of megabytes.

In this way, it is possible to save money in different service providers, since You can hire a line with unlimited gigs and share with others that have a lower rate.

Internet for computers without prior installation

Tethering is also useful for desktop or laptop computers who need to access the Internet and do not have an open public WiFi network. So by using this technology the PC will be able to surf the web without having to pay anything for this action.

Download content in an emergency

If a person needs to access their email and does not have mobile data to do so, tethering is an ideal tool. Since the only thing that will be needed is to be given to the telephone issuing the Internet signal.

There are settings to be sure

Another advantage of this technology is that the time to share the data can be limited, as well as passwords are established so that no intruder can access the WiFi network without the owner’s authorization.

On the other hand, allows access to the web via Bluetooth, making this practical and safe. Since the phone must first be paired and the data can only be shared.

Better than ADSL

When fiber optic coverage is not available, this tool can be accessed as a means of replacing the broadband connection.

You should not forget that the maximum speed you can get in an Internet access by ADSL up to 35 Mbps, while with 4G coverage it is possible to download the 180 Mbps, being able to reach the 800 Mbps for 5G.

Compatible with any operating system

You will be able to do a network anchor on both your Android device and iPhone, so you will have no impediment when it comes to sharing your data with people who have a mobile phone close to you.

What to keep in mind before sharing data with thetering?

Beware of consumption!  What to consider before sharing data with Thetering?

You should not forget that when you use this technology what you are doing is sharing the mobile data that you have contracted with your operator. So each mega that uses a device connected to yours spends the GB you have in your monthly plan.

By this we mean that if you do not have a rate that allows you to have a good amount of megabytes or be unlimited it is not convenient to use Tethering.

This is because most service operators have automatic renewal vouchers, so once your contracted data is finished, more megabytes will be renewed to navigate without you noticing, so on your end bill of the month you will have a big surprise.

Thetering vs hotspot Which one is better and how do these methods differ?

We already know that tethering is the technology that allows us to share the Internet with other mobiles or computers through WiFi, Bluetooth or cable. But this is not the only tool that exists to access the web by other devices, there is also the Hotspot (translated as “hotspot”).

These are access point generators used in public and open places (that have a high traffic demand) so that, through a wireless connection to it, you can access the web. For this it is necessary to have a router that is connected to the Internet service of a provider.

Tethering is safer, since only authorized devices can enter the network, while in the Hotspot the network is open, allowing any third party to see the connected devices. You should not forget that hackers need to be on the same network to enter the mobile.

Steps to activate tethering and share Internet from Android or iOS

The steps you must take to activate tethering will depend on the OS you have on your mobile. Let’s see how you should do in each case.

On Android

The steps you must follow on your Android are the following:

  • Go to option “Settings”.
  • Then click on “More…”.
  • Choose the option “Tethering and WiFi zone”.
  • Write the name of the WiFi network set a password, when you finish click on “Save”.
  • So far you have configured Tethering so that no person who is not authorized by you can enter your wireless network. What you must do now is activate it and share the password with whoever you choose.
  • For this you must click on “Portable WiFi zone” (enter Android versions you will find “Share Internet access”) and activate the option.

In case you want to share it via Bluetooth, you should follow this guide:

  • What you need to do is pair both devices.
  • Then go to the mobile Internet provider and go to “Settings”, then click “More”, choose “Share Internet access” and finally look for the option “Share Internet via Bluetooth”.
  • On the receiving device you just have to connect via Bluetooth and accept tethering.
  • If you want to use USB to share the Internet with a computer you must follow the same steps as Bluetooth, but choose the option “Share Internet via USB”. If you have Windows you must enable the Tethering name by looking for the option “Available networks”.

Instead, if you have a Mac computer you must follow the same steps Windows, but it will ask if the device is trusted.

On iOS

With your iPhone you should follow this guide:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Click on “Internet Sharing and activate the option.”

If you want to change the access password, you will have to click on WiFi Password and then follow the steps to complete the network name and password.

If you want to do it by Bluetooth, you will do these steps:

  • In pairs both devices.
  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Activate the option “Share internet”.
  • Click on “To connect by Bluetooth.”

If you want to do it through USB, you must connect your mobile to the Mac, have iTunes updated and then choose your iPhone. In case I ask you if the computer is to be trusted, you should press “Trust”.

When you have a connection through Windows you must follow the same steps as with the Mac.

Alternatives to tethering What are the best connections to share the Internet?

There are other alternatives that you can use to tethering, which we will show you below:

USB docking

So far we have told you how you can do to connect via USB. But we do not comment on the advantages of doing it this way.

The first thing is that you can share the Internet for both a Mac and Windows anywhere, you will only need 4G or 5G coverage. This brings the benefit that you can be with your laptop anywhere and connect it through a cable and thus access web browsing.

Other advantages and this system has via USB is that you can avoid the connection of open WiFi networks, in which many times they are not secure and do not have the same speed as networks do by Tethering.



One of the most outstanding features of sharing the Internet via Bluetooth is that you can only do it with paired devices, so safety is a highlight. Since they will not be able to access other mobiles that do not have your authorization.

Further, will allow you to connect to a computer if you don’t have a USB cable, so you will also have the same benefits from this type of connection.


This technology is related to certain rates offered by Internet operators in our country. It consists of having multiple SIM cards on different devices and be able to use all these cards as if it were on a single mobile.

This has the advantage that you can use the mobile data that you have contracted on each of the phones and thus you can save money, since you will not have to hire a line for each one.

You must bear in mind that the telephone companies they provide these services in different waysSome allow you to call, receive calls and navigate without any type of limits, while others only allow you to navigate.

Share megabytes from the operator

It is another of the characteristics that some of the telephone companies in our country have. It consists of authorizing certain lines that are from the same group to use the mobile data that was contracted together.

In this way you can have a bag of megabytes and use them according to the needs of each mobile, regardless of the type of contract they have in each of these lines. Too mobile data can be transferred to a line determined by means of an authorization from the owner.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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