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Posted by on Jul 17, 2013 in Hardware |

They come to Spain the first Toshiba 4K TV for the public

They come to Spain the first Toshiba 4K TV for the public

finally announced the arrival of the first with 4K resolution to market “consumer” with the Toshiba range L9, which is expected to be cheaper than the first generation. This is the second generation of TVs to reach Europe, after the Toshiba 55ZL2G that came last year at this time, but has not had much commercial outlet for being the first to arrive with 4K resolution and clear, without content they enjoy.

Toshiba says that more and more content, but the truth is that hard to believe because commercially, look where you look, there is little to choose from, less commercial products such as movies or series. But the arrival of the L9 range in sizes of 58, 65 and 84 inches (yes, 84 inches) with UHD or 4K resolution, which actually forms into actual resolution 3840 x 2160 pixels. Toshiba wants to get ahead of all competitors hoping that this technology will encourage L9 range which is now in its infancy, but to explode with it goes on sale to the general public.

The novelty of these screens, except that finally sold in three sizes, is its new CEVO 4K processor that Toshiba used to scale video content to 4K resolution. This is the solution to the lack of actual content 4K scaling HD to UHD, which is the same, the video at 1080 pixels to 3840 pixels. Interestingly, it is exactly what happened at the beginning of the arrival of HD, to the lack of content in this format, we chose to escalate quality content “standard” or HD DVD quality, how wrong was I scaling was not at all comparable to a high-definition image.

They come to Spain the first Toshiba 4K TV for the public image 2

Toshiba also includes its 3D without glasses system, using the camera built into the screen to detect the faces of the people in front of the screen and then adjust the system to be visible in 3D, although the model I tested last year at the end worked with three people, we hope that Toshiba would improve this system, although the 3D is dead .

Although we have been in contact with Toshiba to confirm their prices are not yet confirmed, so if we were able to confirm is that this range in three sizes come in August to Spain in supermarkets and specialty stores.

Will update as we get the details of their prices.

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