TikTok vs Instagram vs YouTube vs Stapchat  Comparison ▷ 2020

In this article we will show you the definitive comparison between 4 of the best social networks that exist today. It will be analyzed TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat. We will start with a study on the user experience of each one.

You can also find comparisons in use for people, how is the security and privacy that each one has and how to make money with it.

Finally, we will explain to you which is the social network that was launched first and which is the youngest. In addition, you will be able to know which platform leads the ranking of registered users. Check out.

TikTok vs YouTube vs Instagram vs Snapchat The definitive comparison between these social networks!

TikTok vs YouTube vs Instagram vs Snapchat The definitive comparison between these social networks!

We will show you below the definitive comparison between the most used social networks today:

User experience

The user experience on TikTok it is intuitive thanks to the fact that most of the elements that are not necessary for optimal navigation have been eliminated. This provides a much easier graphical appearance and gives the user the ability to focus on the TikToks. Further, the avatar is located in the center of the screen so it makes a biography easier to see, thus causing better attention.

It also has hashtags and a trending part that you can follow and search TikToks they are booming in a fast and easy to use way. YouTube has a feed of recommended videos by the algorithm of the platform, so you will always find topics of interest to you because they are presented by your daily preferences. This is a very important plus point for this social network, as it improves the user experience significantly.

Its interface also has a trends section that allows you to observe the latest most popular videos of the week. In this section you can find music, pranks, tutorials and more. An important factor to highlight in trends is that they are not personalized, but it is a global ranking that changes as users reproduce the content. A downside to the user experience you have Youtube They are the advertisements that appear in the middle of the playback.

If you don’t want to see them you will have to pay YouTube Premium. Having a good user experience on Instagram is quite simple because it has multiple options that allow you to have everything on a single home screen. Currently the videos are incorporated Reels which is very similar to TikTok. In your feed you can see posts from users you follow, according to what the platform’s algorithm detects.

In addition, the publications of topics that you watch the most will appear, so like Youtube, at this point it is very good for the user experience. Instagram stories are functions very similar to Snapchat, but you can upload statuses with the best friends feature. This means that only the people added by you can see this content. The platform also has direct messaging, in which you can send messages and photos to your friends.

This is also a point to recognize as good of the social network. A downside of Instagram is that ads appear in stories and posts, which can be annoying. Snapchat is a very easy to use application. It is focused on chatting with friends through photos and videos. In it you can share states with the people you want, your current location and send messages that self-destruct if you want in a certain period.

It has a kind of score that you can achieve if you chat with your friends constantly. A plus in user experience is that the ads are located in the gifs of the locations that the advertisers pay, which makes the advertising not annoying and that you can use it to your advantage.

User facilities

User facilities

One of the advantages of TikTok is that you can swipe the screen very quickly, this creates a good feeling regarding its use. With labels available, they can be easily used as they are intuitive and quick to find. You can also answer comments from different users in the form of a video, which causes the interaction to be constant. Also, you can react to videos without being tagged as a reaction video.

Another facility that TikTok has is that you can find the user’s social networks under the avatar and its description. This allows you to save steps when you want to search for a profile on all social networks. One downside you may encounter is that you can’t send direct messages to people who don’t follow you. On YouTube you can find many facilities for the user. First you have the personalized home page through an algorithm filtering your interests.

Then you can explore your interests and select them by category which allows you to discover Youtubers quickly. Another advantage it has Youtube is that it allows you to subscribe to channels and receive notifications from the people you follow. This is very efficient, since you will always know which videos you have not seen yet. One useful function is the Library.

With this tool you can watch videos you recently watched or create a custom playlist that you want to watch later. In this section you will also find the videos that you liked. Instagram has many advantages for the user, one of the most popular being the one that allows you to share your stories with the people you want, just by using the best friends function.

You can also communicate with people who follow you and with “no followers” through direct messages in which you can use emojis and share photos. Another benefit of using this social network is that it has a section for meet new influencers that suit your interests. Finally, you can archive a post that you liked from anyone.

The Snapchat application allows you not to show your face and use emojis personalized by you in your profile picture. You can also follow and block people without them knowing. One function that is extremely useful on the platform is that if a conversation or image is captured from your chat, you receive a notification that this action was carried out. So in terms of privacy it is very efficient.

Privacy & Security

Privacy & Security

If we have to talk about privacy and security, TikTok does not have a good time today. This is because the Chinese platform is accused of selling the personal data of its users to Asian entities. This is done because, according to them, they are bound by the government of that country. In the United States, the problem is at a borderline stage with government authorities. YouTube is one of the best platforms in terms of security and privacy, but a very recurring problem is content theft.

While Google is working to solve this problem with new measures has not yet had the desired impact. On the other hand, on the platform there are functions that can be used to upload videos and limit their viewing to certain users. But this misses the point of streaming a bit. On Instagram you can also enjoy security and privacy measures advanced to protect the user.

While there is a globally recognized problem on the part of Facebook, owner of Instagram, to sell the data of its users still this scandal did not reach the social network of the Stories. Snapchat is the best company we are comparing when it comes to privacy and security. This is because it has many factors that benefit the user to protect their privacy, some of which we named before.

Content quality

On TikTok the quality of the content is very good, because the filters of the videos do not affect the image, so users can enjoy HD even in the trends challenge. It offers the option to choose the language in which the algorithm will display its suggestions. Within Youtube you can find quality content ranging from tutorials to prank videos in the highest quality, for example in 4K. You can choose to include the subtitle to the video according to your native language.

The quality of content that you can find on Instagram is similar to that of the other platforms. That is, you will be able to view photos and videos in Full HD and enjoy the sound details in the best way. Snapchat content is good, but it is not a platform that stands out for this. Since what you are looking for is to connect people so that they can speak safely. You can find messages in regular quality and also in HD.



You can receive gifts from followers on TikTok. This is usually done through a live made by the influencer while receiving stickers that are bought with coins that vary in value from 1 to 1000. With respect to conventional advertising, this program cannot yet be applied because it is limited by the United States government. On YouTube you can earn money through the Google AdSense program.

To do this, it is necessary to meet certain requirements, including having more than 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 viewing hours. They can also perform unboxing of paid products. Instead, on Instagram you can earn money by advertising your products or those of other brands through a sponsored post. There is currently no advertising on IGTV videos, which would be a great way to create an account and earn money.

To advertise on the platform you have to use the program Facebook Ads in which Facebook is also included. The monetization model of the Snapchat platform is through stickers sponsored by a company. It has a great advantage at this point and it is the ease with which you can access this program.

Other points to consider

Other points to keep in mind

To finish with this definitive comparison, the following comparable factors can be mentioned:

  • Registered users. The number of users you have Youtube is about 2 billion, Instagram 1 billion, followed by TikTok with 800 million accounts and, finally, Snapchat with 380 million.
  • All social networks have a mobile application for Android and iOS systems. They can be downloaded for free from official stores.
  • Tiktok entered the market in 2016, instead Snapchat did so in 2011, while Instagram at the end of 2010 and Youtube In 2005.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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