TIKTOK  What is it and how is it used? + Tips ▷ 2020

Since the emergence of social networks, different generations move from one to another every certain amount of time.

In the first years, platforms such as MySpace, Orkut or hi5 emerged, until reaching Facebook, which is one of the most popular. But it is said that when young people see that their parents share the same social network, they choose to innovate and switch to a new one.

Well, that’s how it happened. And over the years young people became part of the ranks of Snapchat, then Instagram, and today a new network called Tik Tok. In case you don’t know it, here we will tell you a little about what this is about.

What is Tik Tok and what is this new social network for?

What is Tik Tok and what is this new social network for?

If you do not have teenagers or are over 30 years old, it is very likely that you have not heard about this website or do not understand what it is used for. But it’s important that you start to find out because is positioning itself as one of the most popular platforms worldwide, especially at the marketing level. Tik Tok is a social network of Chinese origin whose original name in that country is “Douyin” what does it mean “Vibrating sound”.

This makes sense, since allows you to share short videos with music content or whose main feature is audio. The format in which the videos are displayed is very similar to that of the “stories” of Instagram, with the only difference that in this new network last up to 1 minute. In turn, it is possible to create, edit and upload selfies or films that are can add text, audios or music backgrounds.

In addition, you have the option of add special effects, filters, augmented reality features and Artificial Intelligence. The possibilities of editing of the videos are greater than in other social networks, thus allowing a display of creativity that attracts the youngest. In this way, the content has a high probability of viralization and a great reach. Regarding the social feature of this platform, works very similar to Instagram.

Makes it possible to follow friends, influencers or celebrities as well as allowing you to have followers. It is possible to send private messages, create lists of friends or even vote. You have surely seen in Instagram or Facebook videos with the watermark, it is notable that there is also the option of share content outside the platform.

Finally, it is interesting to know that in 2018 it was the most downloaded application, thus dethroning Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. In addition, it is important to clarify that it is available in operating systems Android as also ios.

What cool business features does Tik Tok have?

What cool business features does Tik Tok have?

All social networks have a specific audience in a way. In recent years, Facebook is becoming known to its older audience (parents or grandparents), while Instagram for having more presence of the generation millennial. But if your company or venture is intended for centennial teens, it is essential that you have a presence in Tik Tok. In this site You can present your brand either by creating your own content or working with influencers or famous people.

The new generations are characterized by reject traditional advertising who wants to sell them a product directly, but they do accept what a person they are referring to can recommend Further, Tik Tok has an advertising platform somewhat different from those of the other networks.

The ads that are allowed at the moment are included in the following strategies:

  • “Infeed native content”: refers to native videos. Impact can be measured through clicks, impressions, total content views, watch time, average playback duration, and engagement generated (likes, shares, comments). These ads are similar to ads on Instagram stories and sometimes they redirect to a website. But nevertheless, can be omitted.
  • “Brand takeovers”: through this strategy a brand is able “take the control” from Tik Tok for 24 hours with images, GIFs or videos with links that redirect to websites.
  • Branded Lenses: are like filters or glasses of Snapchat or Facebook that users use in their own content and can last for a specified time.

Learn how to create an account on the Tik Tok platform quickly and easily

Learn how to create an account on the Tik Tok platform quickly and easily

First, you must install the application on your Smartphone or tablet.

It is not yet available in desktop version:

  • Once you download it you can use it without registering and you will see the most popular content of the moment first. At the bottom of the screen you will see the following icons: “Start”, “Trends”, “+”, “Inbox”, “I”. In this last option you will have the possibility to register to create your account.
  • By way of registration You can use a phone number or an email, but you also have the option of creating an account by linking with Facebook, Google or Twitter in case you already have one of them on those platforms.

Tips for using Tik Tok to enhance your business brand

Before launching your venture in this medium, it is necessary that you take into account some tips to achieve it successfully:

Know the application

First of all, it is important get familiar with the platform. Your marketing team or yourself will need to spend some time analyzing the audience, reactions, content and mainly evaluating how your brand can be inserted in this new world.

Create a challenge or challenge

Tips for using Tik Tok to enhance your business brand

Challenges on social media are a great way to make particular content go viral. You can create a hashtag with your brand or something that redirects to it and challenge others to recreate what you propose.

Think entertaining content

It is need to look at what other users are doing or the public to whom your brand is directed to be able to think strategies and generate content that grabs their attention. This is a social network that stands out for its spontaneity, so you don’t need to create sophisticated videos, but it is fun.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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