Tim Cook receives a million dollar bonus from Apple

Nobody doubts the work that Tim cook he’s doing at Apple, as Steve Jobs gave him the reins of the company before he died. This gave the company today a market value that is around or exceeds (depending on the day) two trillion dollars.

The company’s shareholders are delighted with their work. So much so, that Apple’s board of directors gave him a juicy «bonus»For productivity. In the next few years, it will receive nearly 700,000 shares of Apple, whose current value exceeds $ 76 million.

A few days ago, we commented on an interesting article from Wall Street Newspaper where Tim Cook’s career at Apple was analyzed. The prestigious newspaper explained the difference between Steve Jobs and Tim Cook. While the former was a fan of innovation and design, Cook worked with shareholders in mind and how Apple can make more profits.

And that way of thinking was worth it. These same shareholders are delighted with their work and the increasing value of their shares, and rewarded their work with a juicy bonus, not in cash, but in Actions of the company, which is definitely better.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO, received this week 667,974 Restricted stock units or RSUs worth more than $ 76 million at the current price of those shares, according to a document with the SEC. The first half of the UK will be placed on your behalf in equal parts during the years 2023, 2024 and 2025, so Cook will receive 111,329 shares every April starting in 2023.

The second half of RSUs are performance-based awards and will be awarded on October 1, 2023, based on the relative returns of Apple shareholders. Cook can potentially receive up to 200% of the 333,987 MSW granted for his performance.

You can earn another even greater incentive

In addition to this bonus, Cook can win up to 1,001,961 shares with a current value of more than $ 114 million whether Apple’s performance on the S&P 500 is at the 85th percentile or more, compared to other companies. If you succeed, it is certainly to take your hat off.

After a while, when Cook decides to retire, Apple’s chief operating officer Jeff Williams could take on the role of CEO, according to a recent report by Bloomberg. Williams is prepared to take control of Apple if necessary and considers himself the “logical heir” on the company’s board of directors.

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