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We have heard speak many times of the acronym IP and generally we do not know precisely what he refers to. All the devices that come into our hands, be they mobile phones, tablets, computers and even printers have an identification called IP.

If some of these devices enter a network, they will inevitably have to identify themselves with the IP. This serves to avoid many technical problems, which we do not want to go into details. We will show you in this article everything related to the IP address, you will know how it is divided

n the same and what is geolocation by this means. Do not miss any of the information you will get here, since it will serve you for all your daily activities.

Why do I need to know the location of an IP address?

The IP address is our identification number that we have when we surf the Internet, is the acronym for Internet Protocol. It can be fixed or dynamic, which changes over time.

Many people confuse IP with MAC address, which uniquely identifies the network card and consists of 48 bits. The IP consists of a code composed of four numbers separated by a period, these numbers can range from 0 to 255.

Network IP Range

A class

Class B

Class C

When our telephony provider assigns us an IP we call it Public IP, and when our device belongs to a WiFi network, we will have a Private IP.

There is also another class of IP and they are those that arise when our computer belongs to a private network, for example, work. In this case the IP is the identification number that we have assigned in that network.

When they arise Connection issues, when we need to remotely access a device or when we need register and be able to use virtual network services from a private network (also called VPN) we need to know our IP.

How can I see the IP location of my computer or that of another user?

There are different ways to know the IP, we want to show you below what those methods are:

From my router

See the IP location of my computer or that of another user from my router

Regardless of the brand of router that we have to access the Internet, we will have to perform these steps to know our IP of a device connected to the LAN network:

  • We access our router, if you don’t know how enter the router, look here.
  • We’re going to “Control Panel”.
  • We select “Open Network and Sharing Center”.
  • We click on “Local Area Connection”.
  • We choose “Details”.
  • We look for the option that appears IPv4.

From network properties

If we are connected to WiFi, steps to get or know our IP are the following:

  • We click on the icon “Internet access”.
  • well we look for it through “Control Panel” as in the previous point.
  • We choose “Properties”.
  • We look for the option “IPv4 address”.

From an Android or iOS mobile

When our mobile device has the Android operating system and we need to know our IP, we will do these steps that we detail below:

  • We’re going to “Settings”.
  • We select “Setting”.
  • We click on “About device”.
  • We look for the option “State”.

We must pay attention because the MAC address and our IMEI number.

If our mobile has an iOS operating system, we will do the following guide to know the private IP of our phone:

  • We’re going to “Setting”.
  • We click on “Wifi”, if our device is connected to a WiFi network. If you are using the 3G or 4G network, the IP will be dynamic because the telephone service providers are constantly changing them.
  • We select the network to which we are connected.
  • We click on “Information”.
  • We seek “DHCP” where our IP will appear.

From an email

If we need to know the IP from where they sent us an email, we can do it according to the email server that we have hired.

See the IP location of my computer or that of another user from an email

When our server is Gmail we will do the following step:

  • We enter the our email account.
  • We click on the email from which we want to know the sender’s IP.
  • Once the email is open, click on “Plus”, you will find the three points at the top right of the screen.
  • We select “Show original”.
  • The IP will appear within “SPF”.

If our email provider is Outlook, we will choose these steps to find out the IP of the account that did not send an email:

  • We open the Outlook email we want to know the sender’s IP
  • We select “Archive”
  • We look for the option “Properties”
  • We click on “Internet headers”
  • We choose “Received:”
  • If they appear multiple IP lines they are those that belong to the user’s IP and the IP address of the mail servers that each transmitted the email.
  • If we need to know the user’s name, we will go to the bottom and look for the word “Received”, where only the user’s IP will be

Steps to know the geographical location of the IP of any device

Steps to know the geographical location of the IP of any device

There are many pages that provide us with the service of knowing the location of an IP address. But not all of them work properly.

In this post we want to show you the ones most recommended by users and that have quite a high prestige:

What is my ip?

In order to obtain the results that this website promises us, we will do the following procedure:

  • We open the page
  • The address with the IP from which we are accessing will appear directly
  • We write in “IP address / Host name” the IP we are looking for
  • We click on “Send”

This page is highly sought after throughout the world and provides other services in addition to geographical location by IP, in order to obtain the data we are looking for we need to do the following:

  • When we have entered the page we look for the option “Locate IP addresses”
  • We click on “Send”

Once we have entered the page, our location will appear

  • We will simply have to write the address we are looking for and click on the magnifying glass

It gives us, through very simple steps, the location of the IP that we are needing. For this we will have to follow this guide:

  • When we are on the page we look for “Host / IP:”
  • Then we write the requested
  • We click on the magnifying glass

Localiza, like the previous ones, also offers its geographic location services by IP through simple steps:

  • We enter the website
  • We look for “IP / Site”
  • We click on “Locate”

List of the best online tools to geolocate an IP address

geolocate an IP address

Online tools for geolocation are Internet sites that offer services, some free and some not, for its customers by offering a set of definitions and protocols that are based on functions, subroutines and procedures that are offered for the use of other software.

In other words, these tools can be added to different websites and obtain a geolocation of the people who visit that Internet page.

The best tools that exist today are detailed below:

This company among the services offered by a specific browser so that the location of the IP of the equipment can be consulted through javascript. It brings benefits that improves the quality and the user experience when visiting the different pages, it also offers content to be configured automatically and also makes it possible to choose associated content for a specific location that you want to analyze and later remember future visits.

It offers a geolocation mechanism passed in databases of different IP addresses, generating advantages for its clients to know the location of its visitors.

Offers three service packages where each one will be differentiated not only by the IP address or the country code, but also by adding the region, the region code, the latitude and longitude, a postal code and a telephone area code. The most expensive version of this service is approximately € 300.

In addition to locating visitors to the page can detect fraudulent actions online. Among the services it offers are all the tools that can prevent online fraud and it also offers IP intelligence services. It is a company that has a lot of experience in the field and provides services since 2002, being the market leader.

This geolocation page allows you to view the data of all visitors to a specific Web page, generating results, which are you can export them to an Excel file or Google Sheets, in a very simple way. Among the data offered in its results is the country, the region, the latitude and longitude of the visitors.

Develops and prepares software for network security and monitoring, thus providing a solution for geographic location that can be accessed through IP address.

Has a demo test and supports IPv4 and IPv6 having a very easy integration with the web to install and a fairly precise geolocation. Among the reports that can be accessed is the list by latitude and longitude and classification of visitors by time bands.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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