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In any content available on the web, it is important to include certain strategies of SEO to reach a large number of people. In the case of Youtube, there are certain general recommendations that you can implement to achieve increase traffic on your channel.

For example, take advantage of the descriptions in your videos can be of great help because you give information to the audience about the content they will find in the audiovisual material.

But doing it manually can be somewhat tedious, so we want to talk to you about tools dedicated to it. If you want to know How to automatically transcribe YouTube videos easily and quickly?, keep reading this simple step-by-step guide.

How does including the transcription of the video influence the description for SEO on YouTube?

How does including the video transcription influence the description for SEO on YouTube?

One of the key points that will influence the positioning of your video on YouTube, is the description of it. Therefore, it is essential that optimize the text of the video as if it were a blog post. Google Y Youtube They will be in charge of analyzing all the information you write there, to determine what your video is about. In this sense, keep in mind that the text must have a minimum of 250 words. Do not trust that Youtube He only looks at audiovisual content because it is totally false.

There are many people who focus on this section for additional information, so if you give them the data they are looking for, you are doing things right. and that will be valued. Other than that, have a good description it can lead the audience to stop and read while the content is playing, saving you watch time. So, without a doubt, all these factors will benefit you in terms of SEO.

But you may dedicate yourself to transcribing the information from your video takes a long time, so it is an excellent idea to work with tools like or Google Docs. So you save time and in a few minutes you have the text you need at hand.

A very important recommendation is that you always stop at read the transcript thoroughly to make sure there are no mistakes and that the text makes sense. Then do the settings that are necessary to make it attractive to read. Finally, you can incorporate it into the description and help position your videos not only in Youtube, but also in Google.

Learn step by step how to transcribe a YouTube video automatically

Once you are clear about the importance of include in the description of your videos a text with the information about what it is aboutYou should know that there are tools that make it easier for you to transcribe what they say.

Therefore, we show you the three main options: from YouTube, or with Google Docs:

From YouTube

Transcribe a YouTube video

  • When you have uploaded your video in Youtube, go to drop-down that is located at the top left and select in the option My channel.
  • After that, enter Video manager.
  • On the video you want to transcribe, tap Edit / Subtitles. In case you are already inside the video editor, you just have to select the tab Subtitle.
  • If you are shown the section of Published with the language you need, press it. In case it appears Set video language, enter there and in the drop-down list choose the language you want. Then enter Default for new uploads if that will be the usual language of your videos. Then tap on Define language.
  • Then, click on Add new subtitles and choose their language. In this case we are interested in the language Spanish.
  • Click on Automatically transcribe and sync.

It should be noted that you can write the transcript manually. However, if the video is long it is best to click on the triangle Play and wait for the video to stop playing. When finished, wait a while and click on the tab Subtitle. In case the browser asks you, select in Get out of this page.

Once that’s done, it’s time to download YouTube’s automatic transcription. For this you have to:

  • Go to section Subtitle. There you can check if Youtube automatically transcribed the video in the section Published. It will be indicated with the language and the tagline (automatic), to differentiate it from manual transcriptions. Click on the option with the language you have.
  • There you can take a look at the phrases that go in each second. Besides, you can select the tab Edit in case you want to correct the wrong names or words. Then give Post changes.
  • Eliminate automatic transcription (by pressing it and inside, tap on the Unpublish) and select the one you created.
  • Tap on Actions and then in .srt to be able to download the file with the subtitles.

You should know that the content will be downloaded in .srt, so you must convert it to clean text. For this, there are many converters available on the Internet with which you can go from .srt to .txt or other format.


Transcribe a YouTube video from is a free transcription tool which will allow you to go from audio to text easily. It is very convenient if you want to save time and want to have an option that is easy to use on hand. It has the great advantage that it recognizes a total of 100 languages, so its accessibility is very wide. To start using it, you can take advantage of the Chrome extension available on the internet. Then it is necessary that allow the microphone to work Y select the language in which the audio of the video is.

Later, activate the microphone from Y start playing video from Youtube. In this way, the program will collect the audio and transform it into text as the content progresses. To edit the text, you can go to the section of Commands. With them you only have to give basic instructions to modify the texts, such as a new paragraph, write a full stop, etc.

With Google Docs

Transcribe a YouTube video from Google Docs

Use Google Docs is ideal when there is no automatic transcription or uploaded by the owner of the video from Youtube. The voice typing function built into Google Docs It will be very useful for you to listen to the audio of the video and write everything automatically. As a tip, if you want to have a quality transcript, the best is make the PC listen directly to the audio coming out of your speakers. This avoids distortions in the sound and the text will be much more accurate.

If you want to transcribe a video with Google Docs on Windows you have to:

  • Right-click on the sound icon, located on your computer’s taskbar. There, select in Recording devices.
  • Select in the option Stereo mix from the list and then tap Set default, to be used as the default recording source.

If the Stereo Mix option is not compatible with the sound card of your PC, you can choose to download and install the tool VB Virtual Audio Cable and have an alternative option within the same menu. Once the tool drivers are installed, you should see a Output cable option within the same sound options.

Click on it and then on Set default. When this procedure is done, your computer you will hear the audio coming out of the speakers in order to record. Then you just need to start the voice typing of Google Docs and the video required simultaneously to start the transcription.

The step by step for this is:

  • Open Google Docs in Chrome or in another Chromium-based browser (the reason is that voice typing is not supported by other non-Chromium browsers).
  • Create a new document and select the option “Voice typing” inside the menu Tools, which you find at the top.
  • A box with a microphone icon will be displayed in the middle. Click on it to start recording.
  • Go to the YouTube video tab and play the video. In this way, Google Docs it will write automatically when you start the video audio.

As additional data, Google Docs supports more than 40 languages ​​and the quality of the transcription can be as good as that of the automatic captioning service of Youtube. However, once the process is complete, take a look at the text to make sure it does not have errors.

List of the best tools to automatically transcribe videos to text

Tools to automatically transcribe videos to text

Apart from the previously mentioned tools, there are many others available on the Internet that will be of great help to you to easily transcribe videos to text automatically.

Know the five best:

Speech Notes

It is one of the simplest that you will get on the Internet, so you don’t need to be an expert to get the most out of it. You just have to open their website and start dictating the message you need. Without a doubt, it is a very intuitive tool and offers a wide number of different commands with which you can point to actions just by saying them. For example, it is very useful if you want to write a punctuation mark, a line break, etc. It also has a app available for Android.

This tool is a bit more advanced, since apart from transcribing for free everything that is indicated by voice, can translate it to the languages ​​you need. This means that it is perfect for simultaneous translations into another language while holding video conferences or other activities. The generated text file can be exported in .txt, .doc or .srt format. Likewise, you can upload it in Google drive or export it to Google translate.

It is possibly the simplest alternative of all, but just as effective as the others. To work with it, just click on the microphone and start dictation. Then you can see how it automatically appears on the screen. When the transcription is finished, you can edit it from the same tool and download the file with the text already ready. An additional piece of information that may be useful to you is that its interface is completely in Spanish.

This is another automatic transcription tool that has more than 119 languages ​​and accents. An interesting point is that these texts include a period, a comma and even other question marks. The procedure is very fast, since it transcribes as the sound is reproduced. However, of all the options this is paid, so if you want to take advantage of its benefits you must purchase a subscription.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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