TRANSFER Contacts from iPhone to iPhone  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

The transition of information when we change from an old mobile to a new one always It is usually a bit of a “tedious” activity, so much so that many times we prefer to pay to avoid having to go through that process.

Even more so when it comes to a phone book with more than 200 contacts, so we will understand that doing this task by hand would be a complete odyssey. For this reason, there are methods that facilitate this process.

In this article we are going to see what are the best ways to transfer your phonebook from your old iPhone to a new one. We will also show you what are some applications that can facilitate this even more.

Steps to transfer contacts from one iPhone mobile to another 2019

Then we will see different methods to transfer our contacts from an iPhone mobile to the new iPhone device that we have purchased.

For that we will use the different most important electronic clouds that exist:

From phone settings

The default way to pass the contacts from one iPhone to another, it is from the settings:

  • The first thing we must do is have the two devices connected to the Internet and synchronized using the same iCloud account, since this cloud is the one that will allow us to carry out the process.
  • After this on the “old” iPhone, in the “Settings” iCloud we activate the option “Contacts” to sync them.

activated contacts

  • After this we slide to the bottom and activate the option “Copy to iCloud”.

ICloud copy

  • By activating it we immediately start the process a security copy of the contacts of our device.
  • Set up the same iCloud account with it “Apple ID” In the new mobile, we will see the option to “Restore last backup”.

Restore from iCloud backup

In case the iCloud account has already been configured, we just have to open the cloud and activate the option “Synchronize contacts”. This process may take time depending on the size of the backup and also the speed of the connection. But once finished, we just have to open the contacts tool and update so that all the information appears.

From Google account

One of the main clouds to back up information is Google Drive, and since the vast majority of us are Google users, regardless of the brand of device we have, then it is an excellent idea to use it for information transfer:

  • The first thing to do is have the option activated “Contacts” in the iCloud settings on the “old” mobile.

activated contacts

  • Then we access our Google account in Gmail, in the options of “More” we select “Search the contacts”.
  • Being there in the left side menu and displaying the previous button we will find the option “To import”.

Another email provider

  • After pressing, it will ask us to enter the email and password, then we will place the mail of the iCloud account.
  • Done, this starts the import process the contacts from your “old” mobile to your Google account.

When we add the Google account on the new device, entering “Settings” and in “Accounts”, Contacts will automatically be synchronized and will appear on your mobile.

From Microsoft Outlook

To carry out the process from your Microsoft email account, it is necessary that have your desktop or laptop computer available:

  • We will connect via USB the “old” device to the computer and immediately we will open iTunes.
  • Once opened in the left panel just below “Devices” we will select our “iPhone”, and where the information is, we will give you in “Synchronize contacts with” and we choose “Outlook”.
  • We select “All contacts” and apply the process, now it is only enough that enter the Microsoft account on your new device.
  • We will do this from “Settings”, “Accounts” and we will see that we have activated the option of “Contacts” as we have already taught in the other methods.

With an external app

Another method that we can use is by carrying out the process with iTunes directly. It is enough to connect the “old” iPhone to the computer and once synchronized, make a backup copy of it on your computer.

For this we locate the device in the left side menu, and then select the computer and click on “Make a copy now”.

Make a copy now

When the copy is ready, we disconnect the mobile from the computer and we connect the new iPhone. When it is already synchronized, we select it again and in the “Backups”, we give it in “Restore copy”. With this, all the information on the mobile including the contact list will appear in the new one.

If for any reason we have problems with our accounts email, then it may be necessary to resort to other third party applications.

Which can facilitate this process a little more, either through the computer or directly between mobile devices. As the process may vary depending on the app you use, just Below we will show you the different apps that can help you.

List of the best applications to import phone numbers between iPhone phones

Next we will see the various tools that can help us transfer our contact book from one iPhone to another:

Copy Trans

Copy trans

This is an application that easily allows backup contacts to computer to transfer them to another device. It is free and also allows pass the contacts or all the electronic clouds that we already know, which can help facilitate the methods seen above.

Download CopyTrans Windows

Download CopyTrans Mac

Any Trans

any trans

It is an interface for PC or Mac that also allows transferring the contact book from one mobile to another while both are connected to the same computer, all without the need to create backup copies or export the contacts to an email.

Download Any Trans Windows

Download Any Trans Mac



This platform is available for both Windows and Mac, and allows transfer any data between two iPhones that are connected to the computer.

It is excellent because allows us to select the data to be transferred separately, Unlike iTunes, which can only be backed up with all the information, without exclusivity.

Download iTransGo Windows

Download iTransGo Mac

Tenorshare iCareFone

Tecnoshare iCarefone

Another excellent file manager, very good for transfer information and backups between iPhone devices. It even works if you need to transfer information to devices from other brands, which gives this program a great advantage.

Download Tenorshare iCareFone Windows

Download Tenorshare iCareFone Mac

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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