Transfer Photos from Android to Windows 10  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Although today it seems strange, not even fifty years have passed since the first fully digital camera was marketed. Until then, the best way to back up our photos was by having them developed by quantity or by copying the negatives.

At present we do not know what to do with so many photos stored on our devices. Although, the memory capacity of mobile phones advances according to the new models that come on the market. This is not unlimited and there comes a time when we need to save our photos on another device.

Carrying out this process is very simple and there are even several ways. In the post we will show you which are some of the methods to transfer photos stored on your phone to an external device.

Why is it important to back up your photos on other devices besides your mobile phone?

As we said before, storage capacities, although increasingly extensive, have a limit. Along with this, the quality and size of the photographs also advances hand in hand with technology. For this reason, cards and internal memories tend to fill up rather quickly. Making it important to transfer photos to other devices if we don’t want to delete them. Change model Smartphone at every moment it seems an obligation of our times.

This action may cause us to lose information from the old phone. There are always videos and photos that we want to keep. In this situation it will also be necessary to migrate our files. There are unwanted reasons why we have to make backups for prevention. Breakage or a possible virus are elements that we should not rule out. It is recommended that we carry out backups from time to time to avoid major losses in any of these cases.

Steps to migrate all photos and videos from your Android to your Windows 10 PC

There are different methods to back up photos on our computer.

We will provide you with the best options to create a backup or backup of your photos:

With USB cable

Steps to migrate all photos and videos from your Android to your PC with Windows 10 USB

It is the most recommended analog way:

  • For this we must connect our data cable (included with the purchase of the mobile) from phone to computer via USB.
  • Then, in the upper drop-down menu of the Smartphone search “Charging this device by USB” and select it.
  • A window with other options will be displayed, choose “Transfer files”.
  • Next, on our PC we open “My PC” (Start button + E) and we will double-click the mobile icon.
  • We will do the same with the folder “DCIM” Y “Camera” respectively. In the latter are the photographs of the phone.
  • Just left copy them and save them where we see fit.

With Android

If we can’t find our cable or even if we are not in front of our computer, This is the best option.

We only need an Internet connection and it is not necessary to download any App:

  • What we must do is enter the “Drive” on our phone.
  • Once there we press the icon “+”, then “Upload”, we access the upper left menu, “images”, “Camera” and we select all the photos and videos.
  • The last step on our mobile is to press “Upload”.
  • After our files have been transferred to the cloud, we enter from our computer to “Drive” (with the Google account). There we can download photos and videos to your computer.

By Bluetooth


A practical method, if our PC has Bluetooth.

To do this, we will follow these steps:

  • On the computer go to “Start”, “Setting” and later “Devices”.
  • If our mobile has not yet been paired on the PC, we must do it with the button “+” on top. Already in our Smartphone, we make sure have the BT connection turned on.
  • Let’s go to photo files, we select them and press the share icon.
  • We opted for the Bluetooth option.
  • We look for the name of our computer and we give to Send.
  • A request will appear on the receiving device, we accept it and we wait for the transfer to finish.

With Your Windows 10 Phone

If you are an owner of a mobile phone with an operating system Windows, both the alternative through USB like the Bluetooth are valid for you. Besides these two, we have a third option without the need to download any App.

It’s about OneDrive:

  • To make the shipment we must open the application (which comes pre-installed on the device).
  • We select or we create a binder and we press “Load”.
  • We choose the files or folders that we want to transfer and accept.
  • Once the upload is finished, we access Onedrive on the computer through our account “Microsoft Live” (which is the same that we need to use the mobile with Windows 10 Mobile).
  • We select the folders or files and we download them. Ready! we already have it.

List of the best applications to copy photos and other files from your mobile to your PC and have a backup

As always, in Internet Step by Step we offer you the best and most varied options. That is why we will also recommend applications that will provide you transferring files between your Android device and your PC.

Next, the programs to make backups of your mobile phone:


List of the best applications to migrate photos and other files from AirDroid mobile

It is one of the simplest applications to make a backup copy of your files. It is located in the PlayStore and you need to create an account to use it. In it you can connect multiple devices and transfer data between them.

One of the tabs will indicate the steps to make a backup. An important fact is that this application does not need internet connection. It is sufficient that the devices to be linked are connected to the same network. We can also automatically copy files as long as they are connected and that the level of battery is not less than 40%.


List of the best applications to migrate photos and other files from the TunesGo mobile

This application can connect all your devices. Whether with an operating system iOS, Android or Windows 10. We can perform file backup and also offers the option of “Root” your mobile device in a simple way. Once the program is installed we must connect our mobile via USB for the only time to the computer and from then on they will be linked.

After this process you can transfer photos, music and other files between the devices. A very useful function, in addition, is the one that allows the PC to mediate between two mobile phones. And thus be able to pass files between them. It is also important to clarify that it is a payment program, but it will allow us to test it for 15 days for free.

Download TunesGo Windows

Google Photos


It is a native Android application. In other words, you don’t need to download any additional programs. It works both on the phone and on the computer through the Google account. To make a backup you won’t even need to touch your mobile. We can do everything from the PC.

It is only necessary to enter our account and then to “ there we will select only “Google photos”, we will press “next step” and we create our export. A .zip file will be created that you can download (it may take several hours).

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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