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Accessing a web content whose topic is of your preference is already within the reach of a click, and if we add to this the translation of the content of this into another language, is it fantastic, right? Nowadays, with the translation resources offered by technological tools, you can adjust any web content without needing to be bilingual.

Currently there is a variety of online translators, most of them are completely free and were born from the need to offer greater reach to internet users who do not speak other languages. Unlike others, this service has real-time translation from the moment you choose the translator. Not like other translators that depend on certain settings from a specific page, but nothing that is complicated. Sounds great right?

As once, you have no excuses to browse the web and get the information you need, translating into another language online is a reality. The existing technological resources are increasingly functional in each activity that you perform, from a simple reading and translating it. It is only necessary to know a series of elementary steps of how they work and begin to enjoy these elements that seek to make life simple using technology.

What types of translations exist and which ones can we use to translate our web pages?

Types of translation

Indeed today there are various web content as there are languages. Technology once again develops tools that facilitate this task and puts at your disposal. An example of this is the types of translations that exist and how to use them.

In this part we present you what you need to take into account to carry out a translation while maintaining meaning and coherence. Well, the clarity of the content is essential and that it maintains its original idea of ​​what you want to convey.

There are several types of translations, it should be noted that these translation applications are available for each specific topic and that only those who demand a matter in detail will understand its content more easily. This is because each one includes a series of terms that are handled by a knowledgeable and specific group of people, whose area of ​​interest is one in particular.

Like the ones detailed below:

  • Technical or specific translation
  • Legal
  • Financial
  • Scientific
  • Judicial
  • Legal
  • Sworn
  • Public
  • Literary

Each of these translations handle a specialized vocabulary and is aimed at a specific sector, in various professional areas. This tool must have the integrated configuration of related terms for such purposes.

Although there are some official pages that are directed to a particular audience, but do not have language limitations, because these have an integrated automatic translator. This will notify you if you want to translate said page or will ask a question and you only have to click on translate page.

Steps to translate a page or website from any device

Without a doubt, it is necessary to know how translators work, which ones to use, how to find and enable them. That is why we will explain in detail how you can make use of this tool, so you can expand your navigation to any horizon without limitations of another language that you already master, and also adding your personal touch. If you watch these steps, you will find the perfect combination so that your texts do not lose the genuine idea and maintain the logical quality of origin.

Using Google Traslate (Google Translate)

Google translator

This is one of the most used. It has three ways to achieve a translation, either of the specific type or text, link mode and integrated automatic.

When you want to translate a text it is as follows:

  • You can access from any browser main of your preference, you just have to write “Google translator”. You can also go to Google and click “Applications”.
  • Once inside, it will look like a window where you can see two paintings in parallel, both integrating different languages. There it only remains that you choose the original of the text and select the one to which you want it to be translated. Copy and paste the text you have chosen into the box and the magic of translating will be done.

Google translator

When it is of the URL, link or link type, the procedure is as follows:

  • Use the same tool from the first and second steps of the previous process, but this time you will write or copy the original link of a specific page that you want to see in another language.
  • You copy the URL in the left box and immediately the same link will appear in the right box, You must choose the language to which you want to translate it and that’s it. In this example an official page related to hydrocarbons was used, whose original style is English and it was chosen to be translated into Portuguese.

google translator via link

Finally, if it is of the automatic type for other pages of interest you will do this:

  • You can add the google translator to a web page, choosing the language you want in it. Just go to following link.
  • You click on the option “Tools and resources” and choose in step 1 “Add translation to the entire web page.”
  • Then in option 2 select the language and finally in step 4 you will obtain the HTML code to insert in the desired place of the web page, as indicated in the image.

add google translator to your website

Last but not least, you have to take into account that automated translations, many times they will not have the coherence that a text made by a person who speaks more than one language would have. Which implies that, when you read, you will give the meaning that is lacking in the translation of any translator.

With DeepL


This translator is dynamic, as it is configured in an intelligent way, since it has the function of suggesting the appropriate word according to the context. It translates faster and is compatible with more than 100 existing languages, maintaining the coherence of the original texts. It is also free and simple to use. Fabulous no?

deepl translator

  • To use it just type “Deepl Translator” in the search engine of your choice and a window with two parallel boxes will open.
  • Write or copy the text you want to translate in the left box and the translated text will immediately appear in the right box, in the previously selected language. With the distinction that in this the words will be underlined and when clicking on it with the right button, it will display a series of synonyms suggested by the translator, where you will choose the one of your preference according to the words that give congruence to the context making it authentic to the original text.

On Android mobile phone

To perform this process from your Android device, follow the simple steps that we discuss below:

translate web pages from android

  • Go to Google Chrome from your mobile.
  • Access the page written in another language.
  • Click on the three dots located in the upper right margin to display an options window, choose “Advanced settings” and then “Languages”.
  • You select the one of your preference so that this is enabled.
  • In this way you finish the configuration of your translator from your mobile. To always translate pages written in this language, tap “More” followed by “Always translate”.

From the iPhone smartphone

It is possible to translate web content directly from your Safari browser. The first thing you have to do is the following:

  • You must download for free from the App Store and install the application “Microsoft translator”.

Microsoft Translator

Its operation is carried out as follows:

  • Enable this tool so that it works from the Safari browser. To do this you must open a web page and click on the button “Share”, this will display a window with options, you will have to click on the right and upper margin where three ellipsis will appear, there another window with options will be displayed.
  • Finally, select the one that says “Microsoft Translator” and activate it.

translate with Microsoft Translator iphone

  • If what you want is to translate any web page, then you must click on “Setting” followed by a click on the button “Settings”.
  • Then click on “Safari translation language” and finally locate the language you want the translation to and that’s it.

safari extension Microsoft Translator

Translate automatically in Google Chrome

By default, Google Chrome comes with a built-in automatic translator to make browsing simple with just one click. So below We will explain its activation in a very simple way:

Translate automatically in Google Chrome

  • On your computer, whatever equipment you use, you will open the browser “Google Chrome”.
  • Later you will look for an official page in another language, when you open it you will be located in the upper right margin, there will appear a small window with a question Do you want to translate this page? Press on “Translate”.
  • You will finally have the page translated into the language your device is configured for.

*Note: Another option is to click on the right button of your mouse anywhere on the web page to be translated, a drop-down menu with various options will automatically open, click on “Translate to Spanish“.

Translate to Spanish website

Using browser extensions (Chrome and Firefox)

Through the following links you can use the translation resources through a extension for Chrome or for Firefox. As soon as you open them, a window with endless options will be displayed, something similar to a virtual store, choose the one you like the most.

Translation extensions for Chrome

Translation extensions for Firefox

Here we will detail how it works:

  • Open the link in your browser either Firefox or Chrome, locate the extension you want and click on “Add to Chrome” or “Add to Firefox” according to the case. The browser will ask if you want to add it, you must click on “Yes”.
  • Wait a few seconds while it installs, Once the process is finished, the translator icon will appear in the upper right margin.
  • To verify that it is working correctly, look for any text in another language that you do not master, select it and you will see that The icon of the translator you downloaded will appear at the top of the selected text.
  • Then you click on that icon and a window will open where a text box with the translation in the language you choose will slide.

As once the variety is the taste, you have options to choose from and apply the one that best suits what you need. Basically they all work for the same purpose, the only disadvantage is that you have to find the one that gives the best text quality according to your perspective.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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