Trojan Virus  What is it and How to Protect Yourself? ▷ 2020

Cybercriminals use Trojan viruses with the intention of stealing any type of private data, as well as to access any type of system or spy on people.

Regardless of how you want to protect your devices, you must maintain good security on them before installing any other type of app, since it is essential that you protect them from Trojan viruses that make their effectiveness decrease significantly. It should be noted that although these viruses occur on computers, also your Mac, Linux, Android and iOS operating systems may suffer risks.

Considering the previous ones, and with the intention that you can understand well what we are talking about, you should know what a Trojan virus is and how it can affect your computers and even your mobile phone. That is why we will explain everything below.

What is a Trojan virus and how to identify it?

East computer virus, is a software that takes care of infect each of the files found on your computer or mobile device.

When you download a file or a program that contains a virus, it can affect your computer and infect you, being that once you have access it can do any kind of thing. We could say that they have permission to cause damage or they can even take full control of it, which is a big problem.

That is why every activity that you carry out on the infected computer is saved and transmitted to the Trojan’s server, which is why it is a dangerous circumstance when you want to carry out any type of banking transaction, because the Trojan takes all the information from your accounts with the intention of using it or even selling it to others.

Now, the guys who send Trojans can hack into your computer or phone entirely. You can also use your Internet connection, all with the intention of use it to carry out any type of cyber attack.

What are the main types of Trojan viruses known to date?


Trojans generally look like ordinary files, so the user runs them normally, thinking that it is a safe program. When you give him access, he runs his activities with all the normality in the world, but what he does not know is that he are conducting hidden and malicious activities behind them, with other types of purposes. Usually their goal is to steal information.

Among the best known we have:

The downloader

This is a Trojan that can be downloaded to install any type of malware on computers that have been infected. You can even automatically start the same. So once you get what you need, you no longer do any other activity.

The banking

It is designed with the intention of steal any type of data contained in bank accounts. It is generally used to access them and replace the identity of the original user. Also to take screenshots of the account. However, this does not happen in case the user uses virtual keyboards.

This type of virus can record any type of video at the time the user accesses the banking pages, in order to take note of each of your data and host it on FTP sites.

The clicker

They are created with the intention that whoever executes it can access the web pages. It can be done when the commands are sent to the browser or when the files that the system has are replaced, with the intention of obtaining the Internet addresses that are executed.

The backdoor

With this function leave a back door open, in order that the person carrying out the attack has remote access to each of the files on the computer. These types of remote connections sare frequently employed in computing.

The backdoor It is done without the user downloading any type of contaminated file. That is why once it accesses the device, it can send emails, modify and even delete files, format the computer or install any type of program that is harmful.

The bot

Through this program the computers stop. This with the intention that all the user’s information can be stolen, including that of their bank accounts.

The attacker operates the computer in the way he wants, in order to carry out any type of criminal act, attack any type of service, send spam.

How can a Trojan virus affect my computer or smartphone?

The Trojan virus can affect your computer or mobile device infecting it. Its damage is quite significant, although it will always depend on the object with which it was installed.

You can also:

Damage the operability of computers and networks

As usual damage to your computer or a network can happen accidentally. However, when they have a Trojan, they delete the systems and even inadvertently deactivate the OS permanently.

Hardware failure

Today’s hardware is generally very modern, so it is somewhat reliable. Even though when they are affected they may cause the complete failure of the computer or mobile phone.

Theft or Loss of Data

When an attacker installs a Trojan can delete the data or steal them. That is why when a personal team is attacked the damage can be low.

But when it is installed to steal a very important information can cause major damage and cause a lot of information, correspondence or files to be lost. The best is perform each time a backup of them is possible to avoid losing them completely.

There may be no visible damage

Various Trojans are generally not noticed on systems, because can be installed silently on computers, so the system in general works normally without the user noticing.

When it exists in a corporate network a virus is a very serious difficulty. Sometimes managing to behave like a zombie that sends any type of spam, so the infected computer can send mass emails that have not been programmed by the user.

What are the main ways of infecting my computer with a Trojan?

1 - Antivirus, firewall and security

Seen then that it is a Trojan virus, You should know how it infects your computer because there are many ways to do it:

  • When a program is vulnerable it can be installed through it.
  • When downloading a file and opening it, so a code can be installed where a “rootkit” is installed only in a few seconds.
  • For presenting failures in the hardware and drivers, thus achieving that the attacker can take control of the equipment and send packets to WiFi or Bluetooth. So when you enter manages to get the option to act as administrator and do what you want with the system.

Tips to avoid being a victim of attacks with Trojan viruses on the Internet and to keep our computer safe

So that your computer or smartphone is not infected with any type of Trojan virus, you should follow the advice given below:

Beware of suspicious links

One of the ways for the user to access this type of virus is through links or hyperlinks. That is why it is essential that precautions be taken to access web pages that have some type of threat.

The moment you are going to open any link or attachment in your email, any type of message from social networks or even when you are chatting, you must analyze each of the messages they send you and even more so if they come from strangers or some kind of sender that is not to be trusted.

Do not enter dubious websites

There are many web pages that have advertisements that attract the attention of users. Try not to enter them the moment you browse, and above all else avoid accessing these types of pages.

Update the operating system and applications

Try to keep your security systems, software and operating system updated, so that you prevent information from being shared or any type of threat that could make your computer vulnerable.

Download applications from official websites

When you go to download some type of program, verify that you are doing it from the official pages, because there are several websites where you replace the versions and they contain viruses or in where you download any type of code that is malicious for your computer when installed.

Use all the technology you can to provide security for your team

There are programs that provide protection to prevent your computer from being contaminated with Trojans, being these antivirus, antispam or firewall which are applications to protect it and avoid any type of threat.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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