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Twitch is one of the most influential streaming platforms in the online environment and surpasses other websites such as Mixer and YouTube Gaming, for example. Thanks to, simplifies interactivity between the streamer and his viewers.

To liven up your broadcasts and share your favorite music with the followers, the vast majority of broadcasters they use background music. However, this innocent act can have certain consequences in legal terms for copyright on Twitch.

Therefore, in order to avoid sanctions within the platform, it is convenient for users to know what should be implemented to prevent strikes in the social network and also what are the most relevant sanctions for breaking the rules.

What is copyright on Twitch and what is it for?

In this streaming platform, copyright consists of a type of property that grants its owner a privileged power over the use of his work. In other words, it restricts the possibility that the original creations of any user can be used by other people. without your prior authorization. Thus, each time a live broadcast is recorded on Twitch, the streamer is likely you are creating a new copyrighted work.

Daily, these are logged by video creators, video producers, composers, executors, writers, etc.. Therefore, the copyright on Twitch serves to protect the way in which the ideas of a certain user are defined, displayed, illustrated and / or added to works; in this case, to the videos that are handled in the social network. For thus, grant the greatest possible exclusivity to each of the streamers that operate on the platform.

Music copyrights on Twitch What do I need to know to avoid strikes?

Music copyrights on Twitch What do I need to know to avoid strikes?

Twitch users are numerous that they have received strikes on your channel without prior notice, due to the use of music without the relevant copyright. Well, this platform is characterized by valuing the work of composers, musicians and other artists; hence, respect and safeguard the intellectual property of those who create music and those who control the rights over it, in order to require all of their streamers to do the same.

Indeed, it is essential that creators only share content for which they have the necessary rights. Otherwise, they will violate the platform’s policies and receive a temporary suspension (or strike) that, if they exceed the maximum limit of three, will lead to a permanent closure of the canal as a result.

So to avoid copyright-based penalties for music on Twitch, keep the following in mind:

  • Use music what has been created by you.
  • Use music of which available the corresponding copyright.
  • Make sure you comply with the regulations when playing Twitch Sings
  • Employ clues from Twitch Music Library.
  • Avoid playing copyrighted music in your streams.
  • Do not listen music Like your Twitch channel is a radio show.
  • Stop DJing, song covers, karaoke, lip synch, etc.
  • Dispense with any visual representation of the music (musical transcription, tablature, share your lyrics, etc.).

Also consider that, subscribing to a music streaming service or buying music (such as an mp3 or a CD), it is not a fact that grants you the copyright to share it through Twitch. Typically, these subscriptions or purchases provide a personal license to access the content for private or personal reproduction and this, it is not enough to comply with what the web stipulates.

What are the most significant penalties for violating Twitch’s copyright?

What are the most significant penalties for violating Twitch's copyright?

If you use copyrighted music in your broadcasts, you can receive the following: Third-party notifications, relevant notices about DMCA rule violations, and copyright claims of the DMCA by a record label or musician. Additionally, it is likely that the rights holders of the music in question request removal of your content based on DMCA guidelines.

They will also choose mute videos and delete clips in the event that Twitch’s automatic content filtering system discovers that the audio in on-demand content contains unauthorized music. For all this, automatically, the Twitch system registers a strike for the channel that has violated the rule and this, generates the temporary suspension of the same. Which, will produce the closure of the channel with music for violating copyright or, delete from the site users who do not respect copyrightr.

List of the best copyright-free music banks for your Twitch videos

To prevent sanctions on the streaming platform, we advise you upload music without copyright to your reproductions.

This, you can get it through the following reliable music banks:

Envato Elements

It is one of the most complete platforms and with greater musical variety without copyright. To purchase a monthly subscription in it, you simply have to cancel 14.50 euros and it will grant you the possibility of making all the downloads you want without any limitation.

It is also distinguished for its sound quality and for offering a variety of content that you can take advantage of for your Twitch broadcasts in addition to music (audio effects, designs, images, etc.). Besides, it does not make copyright or royalty claims, allows to monetize the videos and add new songs every week.

Epidemic Sound

It consists of a copyright-free music bank that has more than 300,000 themes available for its users. One of the greatest advantages of this platform is that you do not have to pay certain royalties for each song, since with the monthly subscription allows unlimited use of all musical themes.

Among other features, we highlight its variety and versatility, thanks to the fact that it increases the number of songs available every week. It also offers different music effects that you can add to your videos avoiding problems when monetizing your streams.

Twitch Music Library

Twitch Music Library

Free of charge, users of Twitch they can make use of an extensive music library which has been designed with the aim of providing the ability to insert music during your broadcasts, no hassle when it comes to copyright. In order to simplify the management of streamers.

In order to guarantee variety, this library is supported by independent record companies such as Monstercat, Mad Decent, Spinning Records and Rhymesayers. Like, the Dim Mak signature (created by Steve Aoki) and the OWSLA label (founded by Skrillex). Besides, supports the collaboration of any artist who wishes to offer their creations to set the steams of the users.


Pretzel Rocks

This is a dedicated service for streamers and therefore, it guarantees access to a large music catalog for free. However, it also provides a premium monthly subscription plan that it has a price of approximately 4 euros and with it, opens the entrance to more than 5,000 tracks suitable for use on the Twitch platform (and other social networks).

All songs added on this platform, They are conditioned to the gamer community with the purpose of avoiding silenced videos on Twitch (thanks to having signed with the necessary licenses to ensure this). Among other features, has a real-time music player which can be used from a computer software or through the web browser to enjoy the tracks.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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