Twitter Ads  What is it? + Benefits and Tips ▷ 2020

Twitter is a social network that has been offering us its communication services for a long time. Companies too benefit from this service, allowing them a greater recognition than they already possessed.

Although well, by using this social network in an organic way we can obtain many benefits for our brand, but, The greater the advantages would be if we use the advertising and sponsorship service of this great network.

If you still don’t have a good command of Twitter Ads, do not worry, because here we will teach you All you need to know, and so you can properly promote your brand.

What are Twitter Ads and what are these advertisements for?


Large companies and professionals who are highly recognized in Twitter, they used as tool for your growth, Twitter AdsThis is a platform that provides us with a wide-ranging advertising, without having to do a lot of work. These ads must be paid for, and as a result we obtain high traffic, huge number of followers, interactions in our content, among others …

In other words, we can say that Twitter provides us with a tool that brings out the full potential of our profile, making it the center of attention for 300 million active users per day. These ads are shown to users, in a similar way to a normal publication, but with the difference that appears in profiles of people who have not yet follow, and is characterized by a small symbol, which indicates that it is an advertisement, and not an organic advertisement.

Its behavior is equal to a normal tweet, allowing users to comment, like, RT, and mention people. Although the difference with an organic ad, they are not more or less options, but the greater reach and impact capacity that gives us. In addition, if we use the option of “Cards” our ads will be much more visualized, covering part of our main objective on the social network.

What are the advantages of using Twitter Ads for businesses?

As we well know, for a business to grow it is necessary to be part of that competition, as long as don’t enter the circle of cannibalism. Twitter Ads is special in this sense, because it allows us to achieve the objectives of our brand, of a healthy, but effective way.

Next, we will show you the advantages we get from using Twitter Ads, this being our springboard to glory:

Accelerated growth

When we create a profile in Twitter that represents our brand, we seek quick recognition. With Twitter Ads, we will have that accelerated growth that we long for, attracting along with it, a better position in terms of engagement, detail that the followers like a lot.

Full integration with our profile

Each Sponsored post behaves in the same way as an organic one, so it fits perfectly into our profile. In addition, it generates great interactivity in each one of our content Ads.

Profitability associated with meeting objectives

According to the update in the configuration of the sponsored ads of Twitter, before creating an ad, we can configure the objectives of the campaign, so that, if the target is not reached, with the Ads made, we will not have to pay in full of the planned budget.

Greater visibility from mobile devices

Due to the greater number of users who connect to social networks through mobile devices, Twitter has decided give more visibility to sponsored ads, for these systems. With this method, Twitter can achieve a 70% of the goal set in just one day, since more than 60% of the users of this social network, are active through mobile.

Best CTR’s

With Twitter we get a higher proportion of clicks, for ads, being even higher than that of other Ads campaigns on other social networks. This CTR’s It is the indicator that attests that each campaign has been carried out successfully and we have achieved part of our objectives. To clarify the advantage of Twitter Ads, with respect to other social networks, as is the case of Facebook, this is due for the simple reason, that Twitter is a network that is less saturated, allowing simpler campaigns, but with greater impact.

Enhance hashtags

Although many do not know it, the great benefit of Twitter, is that allows us to enhance our label, giving more virility to our ads Ads. The response we receive in favor of this is even greater than if we launched a campaign without labels.

Types of ads on Twitter What are all that can be created in a campaign?

twitter ads

Now, we already know what are the advantages that we obtain when using Twitter Ads, but, to pay for this service, we will have to choose the type of ad we want it to happen.

Next, we will show you a list of the different types of ads that exist on Twitter:

A business can quickly grow its followers and reach simply by hiring the sponsored tweets service. Currently this is the most used sponsorship in Twitter, due to its integration with the public and our profile. With the Tweets promoted, we can send a campaign of our profile or business, as if it were an organic tweet, with the difference that it will appear on the news wall of a large number of users.

The scope of this type of advertising, is closely related to the money paid, limiting itself the lower the budget amount. In other words, this advertising is influenced by the amount of money that we are willing to pay. Due to the rules of Twitter, which requires non-invasive advertising, we can only create a maximum of 4 sponsored tweets, being at the same time what is necessary to achieve the objectives of our brand.

If our goal is to attract more number of followers and impact the Twitter community, promoting our profile we can get that and more results. The method consists of promoting a profile, placing it in the first row of the suggestion list, allowing the user to click the follow button without having to enter the profile.

Not only do we get more visibility, but it also allows us to create action buttons, such as the one in registrations, downloads, or even buy products, a characteristic that strengthens the growth of our brand.

Of the three types of ads offered to us Twitter, this is the most expensive, having a cost of 10,000 euros to create a trend, which will only last active 24 hours. But well, on the other hand, the advantage of being a trend is that we get a greater reach in every way. The process consists of choosing one or more words that identify our product or service, then we ask Twitter that turns it into a trend, and it will appear fixed in all the sidebars or timeline, of all the people of a delimited locality.

Tips to create a 100% effective Twitter Ads campaign

The homework of create a recognized profile, we cannot leave it all to Twitter even though we are paying for it. We must also be part of this campaign so that it is much more effective and powerful than any other.

For this you must follow the following tips:

Identify your target

The first thing is to identify what our objective is and why to draw it. If we are not clear our targetIt is as if we are walking aimlessly. We must understand that, if we want to work professionally, we must put together solid strategies that allow us to grow and evolve. If a business does not progress, it is because the objectives set are not correct.

Segment the public

Segmented marketing it’s an excellent strategy for the recognition of a brand. In view of the high competitiveness that exists today, segmenting the public has been the best option for our business start to grow.

Master the call to action

The Call to Action or also known as CTA, is the small, but great detail that we must master, since It is through where we will link the user, encouraging you to buy or acquire our services. To do this, we must do use of powerful words, that make an impact on the reader. Thanks to CTA, many companies have fortified their online market, generating more sales than in the same physical store.

Create eye-catching visual content

Twitter like Instagram, is a social network where its greatest influence is visual content, so know how to use this medium, would guarantee a great reach, and would indirectly influence our engagement. Whenever we upload an image, we must give it a minimum description, but both must be related, since, if it does not exist, it would not cause the impact that we wish for our brand.

Be careful with the filling

Our last advice is that you have be very careful with what you post, because an excess of filling would not cause anything to please our followers, and instead of attracting more users, there would be fewer people following us.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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