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If you are a casual user or you simply use Twitter as one more form of communication you may not pay much attention to the images. However, when using the microblogging on a professional way or with a business account, accuracy is essential.

As you will also know, the publications that they have no image, are less effective. So by not using them you are wasting the potential of a tweet. Similarly, if the photo does not match the recommended measurements, it can be considered poor quality.

Not to mention the cover page or the image of profile, which are the visible face of the brand on social media. To avoid any inconvenience and always use the correct measurements, we recommend the following post.

What is the ideal size of the images that are uploaded to Twitter?

What is the ideal size of the images that are uploaded to Twitter?

According to the platform specifications, there are three measures that we must take into account in each type of image. These are the minimum dimensions, the recommended and the weight maximum admitted. They vary according to where they will be used.

Let’s see how:

Profile picture

  • Must measure at least 200 pixels wide by 200 high.
  • We recommend using instead one of at least 400 pixels per side. Also note that the display of this image is circular, so you should avoid valuable information in corners.
  • The File size must not exceed 2 MB.

Cover page

  • Also called Headboard, must have a size minimum 1024 long by 280 pixels wide.
  • A good measure to maintain quality is 1500 x 500 px.
  • In this case, the allowed size is 5 MB


  • It is perhaps the measure that you should know best, since it is the one that you will use the most. Measure minimal It is 600 by 335 px. And although it is visualized on a smaller scale (440 by 200px) You must remember that when you click on it, it enlarges.
  • We recommend that you try to use grades no lower than 1024 pixels wide by 512 High.
  • Regarding the allowed weight, like the cover, must not exceed 5 MB.

List of the best tools to create original images for Twitter

List of the best tools to create original images for Twitter

If all of this information is confusing, or you are not good with photo retouching programs, we offer you a better alternative and why not, four more. In this way you can choose the software you like the most to create the images ideal for your account from Twitter.

Let’s see some applications for it:


It is perhaps one of the platforms more used by users to create all kinds of images. The good thing about her is that you don’t need experience as a designerIt is very intuitive and has a friendly interface. In addition, it offers templates for most of the social networks. You can register and use it for free, although its paid version offers more tools and the possibility of removing the watermark.

It is a site with hundreds of templates for different platforms social media. With respect to Twitter offers measurements for all types of publications in addition to a few image library to add. You can also use yours and modify the design to your liking.

If what you are looking for is create an image quickly and without many steps “Pablo” it’s a good option. Best of all, it is one hundred percent free, it doesn’t even require registration. Besides that, you just have to select a template, add the image to it and download it. Yes, the edition of the same is quite limited.

It is a web platform and an app for Android and iOS. With it, or combining its versions, you can obtain a powerful tool with great utilities for free. And although Premium version offers more templates, it will not be a limitation. Its interface for use through mobile is optimized, so it is not an inconvenience to work from a small screen (compared to the computer).

It’s another platform free in full. Ideal if you don’t want to rely on templates and create your own designs from scratch. Provides a wide range of tools similar to professional editors. In addition, it offers you to create backup copies of your work carried out in Gravit Cloud Which is also free!

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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