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In the field of computing, the programming language refers to a program aimed at construction of other software. Which is designed to organize logical processes that will be carried out by a computer or any computer system. In such a way that, it allows control their physical and logical behavior, like its communication with the human being.

In short, programming languages ​​are responsible for making software, web pages, applications and any of the elements that currently can work. facilitate your day to day. Therefore, without these it would be impossible to find ourselves in the information age we are in today.

But, do you know what types of programming languages ​​exist in computing? In case you didn’t know, these have a classification that is of great importance to understand, so we will show you what each of them are based on. Adding, in addition, the main types of languages ​​used in computer development.

Types of programming languages ​​How are they classified?

As we indicated previously, computer programming languages ​​comprise a general classification that is extremely important to know and understand. Therefore, in this section of the post, we let you know the three classifications there are and what do each of them consist of:

Types of programming languages ​​How are they classified?

Low level

Also known as “Source programs”, these are programming languages ​​that have been designed to a specific hardware and for this reason, they cannot be exported or migrated to other computers. Thus, they are specific to each processor or each machine; so if you take the program to another computer, it will be necessary to rewrite the same from the start.

Among its most important characteristics, we highlight that low-level programming languages ​​can create very fast programs, but they are difficult to learn. Additionally, they have the ability to get the most out of the system for which they were designed, but do not apply to any other.

It should be noted that these programs are in charge of ordering the fundamental operations for the machine to be able to function. In such a way that they are only used by machine creators. Usually, uses zeros, ones, and letter abbreviations.

Medium level

On the other hand, we find the types of computer programming languages ​​of medium level, which are between the low-level and high-level languages. That is to say, are located at a midpoint between the two, as its name implies. This is because they support local management of the system architecture and simultaneously allow high-level operations.

For their part, they are essential for certain applications such as creating operating systems, since they accept an abstract handling. Which is independent of the machine and, in addition, it does so without losing the power and efficiency exhibited by low-level languages.

High level

The third classification of programming languages ​​refers to those of high level that are characterized by expressing algorithms in a way appropriate to human cognitive ability, without focusing so much on the execution capacity of the teams. Therefore, they are very easy to learn, since natural language words or commands are used (in English, generally).

That is why they are programming languages ​​that pretend to be a more universal language and thanks to this, there is the possibility of using them regardless of the hardware architecture. Reason why, are used in various types of systems.

It should be noted that there are high-level programming languages general purpose and of specific purpose. The latter, in their early days, were considered a limitation because their instructions required a predefined syntax. On the other hand, there are also very high level languages that were created so that common users will be able to solve any program of data processing, easily and quickly.

List of the 10 most used programming languages ​​in computer development today

Now, it is time to start with the list of the programming languages ​​that are most used, currently, around computer development. Taking into account from the more traditional and recognized, even those who are in trend today.

So, let’s start with the 10 most powerful programming languages ​​out there:

List of the 10 most used programming languages ​​in computer development today


In the first place, we locate the most used language in the world, since it is the most up-to-date today and apart from that, it reveals complete readability and simplicity. Thanks to this, it already has more than 9 million developers who choose to use it over any other programming language and at the same time, it is present on more than 7 billion devices.

For its part, it is also considered the most important skill sought by most software and technology companies. Thus, it is used in different segments, such as learning tools, mobile apps and spreadsheets. For this and much more, it has remained among the top positions throughout the 21st century.


This language was created between the years 1969 and 1972 in Bell Labs And for a long time to the present, it is considered one of the most used worldwide, being classified as the second most used programming language in the world. They usually use it most operating systems and thanks to this, it can be ensured that it is an extremely flexible programming language.

It should be noted that it is frequently used to desktop application development, as is the graphical editor GIMP. In addition to that, it also serves to computer, mathematical, physical experiments and even, it is very handled in robotics to be able to program simulators.

C ++

As is to be assumed, it is an evolution of the aforementioned language, that is, of the C language. But, apart from that, it has a focus on developing more complex applications and programs with demands for a visual intervention. Which means that it is clearly object-oriented.

It should be noted that its correct pronouncement is “C Plus Plus” and there are a large number of programs written in this language, by a large number of developers in the world. A clear example of this, are graphic design programs, as is the Adobe suite of programs.

C #

It is another evolution of C and even C ++. Which is also known as “C Sharp” among programmers and like the previous alternative, this is also object-oriented. However, it is not as used as those detailed above, since it only has 7% of total usage worldwide.

It is a programming language created in 2000 and among all that there are, this one stands out mainly for its simplicity, taking into account that works with applications under the.net framework. Thus, a clear example of this is Windows Visual Studio.


Refers to a programming language very easy to use, thus being ideal for any beginner. In this way, it stands out for its great simplicity and readability, as is its similarity to the English language. Which is why it is perfect for users with less practice in this computing environment.

Among other peculiarities, Python is characterized by being a language multiplatform and multiparadigm. Apart from that, it supports object orientation, as well as functional and imperative programming.


Taking into account that it is not the same as the recognized Java language, JavaScript is a tool that is usually used to create small programs regards of perform certain actions and give interactivity within a web. That is, it allows you to create any program that is added to a website or within an application larger than the same.

In this sense, JavaScript can also be used to create special effects, text effects and of course, to perform interactive actions with users. Among the clearest examples of this, we find chat, information seekers and calculators.

Visual Basic .NET

Today, it is known as Visual Basic .NET because this is its most current version. However, since its inception, its name has been BASIC and this comes from the acronym of “Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code” which, in Spanish, means “General Purpose Instructions Symbolic Code for Beginners”.

In such a way, it stands out for being a family of high-level imperative languages that appeared, for the first time, in 1964. With this, it offers you the possibility of automating your own processes and also creating your own web applications. Further, is an ideal solution for beginners Because it is one of the friendliest languages, it is used by millions of people who do not have developer knowledge.


Was created by Rasmus Lerdorf, a Canadian programmer around 1994 and is characterized by being very similar to HTML, so that it can be used to create web pages and even, can be easily combined with HTML language.

Basically the PHP language relates to “scripts” They consist of a script of instructions that a specific web page server receives in order to read its source code. In addition, it has the necessary tools to carry out the maintenance of the websites and in addition to this, it stands out from the rest by its ease of access for new programmers.


Although it is not as famous as the other programming languages ​​on the list, the truth is that it is a widely used proposal today. Mainly, due to the fact that it is used as a primary language for the Mac OS operating system, As for iOS and GNUstep.

For its part, Objective-C is object oriented and it has been created as a superset of C. On the other hand, this computer programming language is based on a compiled language and at the same time, linked. Which means that the compiler output is not the final program, but rather there is a second phase What does the “Linker” or linker.


It is the acronym for “Structured Query Language” which means, in Spanish, “Structured query language”; which has been created to make queries to databases, especially. In that sense, it is a domain-specific language used in programming and design, in order to administer relational database management systems.

For its part, it is used for web pages and for computer applications, especially to handle data. Either to introduce, update, delete or select them. Despite the fact that years ago it had disappeared from the lists of the main programming languages, as of 2018 it again took the lead and currently, it is widely used.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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