Types of Routers  List + Features and Uses ▷ 2020

It is important know what a router is to be able to solve small problems that you may face at home when you lose WiFi signal. This will help you understand how a router works and why it failed.

If you want to know what is the function of a router in a computer and mobile network and what are all the types there are, you will have to read this post to the end.

In this article We will show you all the information related to the types of routers and we will teach you the aspects that you should take into account when choosing one.

What is the function of a router in a computer network?

A router it is hardware that is part of a computer network and is used to route data packets between the different nodes wirelessly or by cables. In other words, it is in charge of coordinating the communication of a device with another that belongs or not to the same network.

Everytime that you want to access a web page through WiFi your mobile or computer transmits information to the router so that it connects with the server where the page is hosted. Then it receives the data from the host, converts it, and returns it to the user who requested the information.

What are all the types of routers for computer networks that exist?

What are all the types of routers for computer networks that exist?

The types of router that exist for computer networks are:


He is in charge of updating the database and keeping the network optimized it depends on it. They are commonly used in small businesses and home networks to connect a Red lan or Wifi with Internet. They may be wireless or through cables.

Backbone router

Also known as BR, for its acronym in English Backbone Router. This router is responsible for connecting the different areas of a computer network to a zone 0. They are directly related to the quality of connection between the nodes that make up the network.

Area Edge Router

His name says it all. It is responsible for uniting the different areas and to maintain the topological data in each one of them. They are used to join 2 or more autonomous systems.

Autonomous system boundary generator

Known as ASBR. Your task is to connect the Internet with networks to which it belongs, is the first node found in the network architecture and is the most used in family environments.

What to consider when choosing the type of router for my network?

What to consider when choosing the type of router for my network?

Before choosing a router for your computer network you need to keep in mind, not only the budget available to spend, but also the number of devices to connect to network. This will make the connection speed more or less fast. On the other hand, you should keep in mind the type of frequency that it can achieve, since a router 5 GHz is better than 2.4 GHz.

But this is not all, you will also have to study the distance between the connected devices and the router, since the frequency of data routing also varies in this sense. The ports is another point to consider. You should not forget that a common router brings 4 LAN ports, 1 Ethernet, 1 for WAN and USB. If you think you will need more cable ports, you will have to choose an unconventional router.

The antennas should also be analyzed. This is due to the ease with which they offer channels for data routing. In this issue you must take into account all kinds of interference that may have the place where the router is housed. As the last point to take into account is the compatibility with fiber optic Internet service. That is, it must have the standard protocol 802.1 Q and an interface compatible with advanced configuration functions (to strengthen security).

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