Types of Social Network Users  What are they? + List ▷ 2020

Companies make use of social networks (RRSS) to publicize their brand, products and content. The receptivity usually varies according to the types of social media users. If you want to know what are they and why you should know them, continue reading.

The social networks (RRSS) They are digital platforms that promote interaction between people from all over the world. Often times, managing a social network account is not an easy job.

The interpretation and tastes of the users are totally different, and this can both negative and positive. How Community Manager you have the mission of encouraging dynamic participation.

Why is it important that you know the different types of users on social networks?

Why is it important that you know the different types of users on social networks?

The account management in RRSS seeks to share strategies, activities or relevant data about the brand in question. Here, users exercise a very strong active participation, since they are the ones in charge of positioning the content of an account. For this reason, it is important that you know the different types of users in social networks.

Feedback is one of the most important aspects during the growth of a brand. Users become ambassadors for the account, and their content begins to go viral. However, not all users respond in the same way.

It is essential that the Community Manager knows his audience. Even more important is to know the types of users that make up the public. A bad publication can compromise the interest of certain people. It can also be the case of an excellent post with few interactions.

On some occasions, users often argue with each other. At such times, the account administrator must learn to know who are the problem users, and how to avoid publishing problems. Knowing the different types of users in social networks allows the community manager put together publications that are striking for each sector. In addition, healthy and respectful interactions are promoted.

List of the main types of users that we can find on social platforms

List of the main types of users that we can find on social platforms

Millions of users actively live on social media. Creating eye-catching and interesting content for everyone is a daunting task. For that reason, we provide you with a list of the main types of users that we can find on social platforms. This way you can recognize who is constantly participating in your accounts.

Let’s see below:

New or newbie

They are the users who have just arrived at the account. It is likely that the content of the brand appeared in its beginning of Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. They also usually come under the recommendation of some other follower. The vast majority of other users derive from this user. At the beginning they are not so participatory. Normally, their most frequent interaction is “Likes”. Occasionally they usually share or comment. They do not know what the matter is about, but they are coupled with the passage of time.

Hooligan or fanatic

They are the users who adore, with great emphasis, the products and content of the brand.to. They are quite effusive people, and do not usually receive criticism of the account with much pleasure. The term “Hooligan” refers to fans who start disputes in sports arenas against fans of the opposing team. On social media, hooligan users can just be content worshipers. However, a portion of them may take any negative comments personally.


They are users who do not comment or participate actively. On certain occasions, they may communicate by private message. Do not do comments, far from being part of the dynamics. They view the vast majority of photos, videos and publications, but do not express an opinion on them.


Trolls are users who only dedicate themselves to annoying other users. They do not contribute anything positive to the account. In fact, it is convenient to block them when you have them identified, because they only generate issues in the comment section. In addition, trolls tend to harm the community manager equally, through obscene and rude messages.


The term “Hoygan” refers to Internet users who do not comply with the basic rules of good spelling. The denomination is a substitute for the word “hear”. These errors are often caused by carelessness with the keyboard. However, others are due to the low cultural level of certain users. They are regular characters on social networks.

Fake profiles

They are users who impersonate the identity of others. The practice is common with celebrity accounts. However, it can also happen with regular users. Fake accounts benefit from using other people’s profiles. They are potentially risky people, and must be reported to the social network.


They are the best kind of user you can find on the Internet. They contribute knowledge, participate constantly and generate peaceful discussions with the rest of the community. They are responsible for sharing the content of the account, and they also provide their comments. Through proactive users, more novice users reach the profile in question.

Critical or selfish

They are users who, frequently, consider knowing more than the brand. They take outside resources to assert their points, but they do not contribute anything to the debate. Similarly, they criticize every post. They are toxic characters, and can cause conflict with proactive users. Although they do not need to be blocked or reported, it is important to have them under surveillance, as after a heated discussion, they can become problematic.


Spammers are users who are dedicated to spreading advertising messages in as many accounts as possible. Spam is a method of attracting attention on the Internet. They are considered as “spam comments” or “spam” as they do not add anything to the usual flow of user interactions.

Spam accounts fill the comment section with unsolicited advertising, which can become annoying for other members of the community. It agrees report spam accounts or simply block them indefinitely from the profile to keep the post comments clean.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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