TYPOSQUATTING  What is it? + How to Avoid It ▷ 2020

We have all misspelled a website address at some time, so it is very likely that in most cases we find that it does not exist. But, there have also been times when the site does load and we immediately realize that there is an error, because the information that appears is totally different from what we are used to seeing.

These are generally potentially dangerous, as they are used by hackers to extract user data. Data that is very personal and can be harmful in the wrong hands.

If something similar has ever happened to you, you need to inform yourself so that Avoid adverse situations when browsing the Internet at all costs. For that we have prepared this post for you, which develops some of the most outstanding questions on this subject.

What is typosquatting and what are these cyber attacks for?

It is nothing more than a typographical error and one of the many resources used by cyber criminals or hackers in order to obtain benefits from many victims. These types of computer attacks usually occur due to the negligence of users by entering the addresses of the web pages they visit.

As they make use of these mistakes, what they do is buy the domains of the names similar to the pages most visited by users. A clear example can be Facebook, and a potential direction for typosquatting would be “Facebok.com” or “Facebo.com”.

In these wrong directions, the hacker can implement any number of strategies to obtain different benefits at the expense of his victims. If we are talking about the social network Facebook, the criminal can clone the real page and thus obtain certain information.

With this the hacker can do many harmful things that we will see in the risks of typosquatting. Another advantage that the offender can also get is by placing many advertisements in that direction. This allows you to monetize the site and earn money according to the margin of error of the users, which will be higher if it is a website as sought after as Facebook.

What are the main risks of being a victim of typosquatting?

What are the main risks of being a victim of Typosquatting

In general, the information obtained by the cybercriminal when successfully implementing typosquatting is very valuable, so this generates a great risk for those users who are victims of this type of attack:


Entering these pages can be very dangerous, since in just a few seconds it can be downloaded to our computer, without our consent, much less without our knowledge, a computer virus.

Because these computer viruses in most cases they are specialized in tracking movements to capture vital user information. Among this information is bank account details, which can later be used to empty them without regrets.


A cybercriminal can with great ingenuity replicate all the information on a sales website and present it as legitimate at another bogus address. To give a quick example, a customer may make a mistake when they want to enter ebay.com and enter ebau.com, it is there where it can make a fake purchase in which the money would go directly to the account destined for the hacker.


Just as it is possible to replicate sales web pages, it is also possible to do it with social networks. A person can log in to “Instagran.com” instead of on Instagram.com, which can generate harassment in your real account, because the hacker would have the legitimate data to enter your account and see all your information.


Manipulation and extortion are very common risks derived from harassment and computer viruses. The typosquatter can use the information obtained to request money from the victim in exchange for hide some information found in your profile.

Even the hacker it could also persuade the owners of the original page so that they buy the fake domain and thus avoid bad times for their legitimate customers.

Can a website be reported for being considered typosquatting?

When suffering an attack of this type, a complaint can be made to the respective special intelligence bodies for these situations. But, what should really be reported is the specific crime that has been suffered, because typosquatting is used for different purposes, some more harmful than others:

  • Impersonation of digital identity (phishing).
  • Bank account fraud.
  • Illegal collection of data.
  • Extortion and harassment of all kinds.

The complaint is made this way because as such it is not recognized as a crime. Well, anyone can buy a domain with a name similar to a recognized brand and not harm anyone with its information.

If you want to report typosquatting as such, then it is best to present the case to the original brand affected. Since this if you can file a complaint in which you allege that your brand is suffering from intellectual property attacks. These complaints are usually filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Tips to avoid being a victim of typosquatting and surf safer

Since typosquatting only occurs when we as users make a mistake, there are different reliable methods that will allow us completely avoid falling into these kinds of mistakes.

Take a good look at the domains you type

It is important that when writing the address of a website, do it with caution without modifying any letter. Although it may seem insignificant, this simple practice can avoid uncomfortable situations.

After having loaded the page, it is important to verify that before the address appears “https”, here we will realize that it is a safe address. Most of the official or verified pages have this security protocol active, which allows us to make sure that we are in the right direction:

  • To know if a site is legitimate we can see the closed padlock icon at the top left of the screen, just before the page address.

See site information

  • If we do clicking on the padlock we will see if the connection is secure or insecure.

The connection is secure

Use the markers

One way not to go wrong when entering a website is to simply enter from the bookmarks. This is much easier if it is a website that we visit very often.


To enter by bookmarks you just have to open a new tab in any browser and select the icon of any of the sites that are in quick access.

Put the most visited entries in favorites

We can also bookmark those websites that we visit the most throughout the day, as well as we are facilitating access to them:

  • To do this you have to have the page previously open and click on the star button, located in the upper right corner of the search bar.

Add to Favorites

  • With this we achieve that, when opening a new tab, the website saved as a favorite appear in the upper area as a quick access.

Favorites bar

Don’t trust autocomplete

The Autocomplete is an excellent tool and can be very useful to finish typing tedious web addresses. But, it is very important that after this function is activated we Let’s check if the address was completed correctly.

Especially if we are on a computer that is not ours, such as in a laboratory. Well, we do not know if before us some user made a mistake by placing the same address and the autocomplete saved wrong address.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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