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While it is true, Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google and based on Linux kernel, like other open source softwares; which, emerged in 2008. Thus, thanks to its excellent track record and the large number of improvements it has made, already works on more than 2.5 billion active devices around the world.

That is why there are many people who make use of Google Play Store to search and download various apps to optimize your user experience on your Android smartphone or tablet. Taking into account that, said application and game store It is full of alternatives that manage to adapt to the requirements of each user.

However, due to the remarkable number of applications in the Play Store, many end up filling the available space on their devices and, given this, there is no other option than start uninstalling some apps that are not so essential. But, although it may seem like a simple process, the truth is that different users they do not know how to proceed in these cases and, for that reason, we have made this post.

Why is it important to uninstall apps that I don’t use from my Android?

But, before detailing each of the steps that must be followed to be able to uninstall or delete apps from an Android mobile or tablet easily, it is worth knowing certain details about it. In this sense, it is appropriate to know the importance of it, especially, if they are applications that you do not really use constantly. Since, according to some studies, it has been certified that more than 50% of installed apps are used less than 10 times.

With this clarified, it is time to point out the main reasons of interest to proceed to uninstall applications from an Android device, nowadays:

  • By space in the memory of the smartphone or tablet: Of course, one of the most important reasons to delete apps that you do not use on your Android, is to achieve reclaim space in device memory. Since, being a really useless app, it is not worth keeping it there or stop enjoying other apps that could be of greater help, just because you have consumed all the space.
  • By performance: If you have numerous apps installed on your Android device, it is very likely that it may become saturated because you are affecting the capacity of your RAM. Therefore, if you choose to uninstall apps, you can optimize mobile or tablet performanceThanks to the fact that the RAM will show a better response and will allow the processor to access the code and the data of the apps very quickly, which guarantees a better speed.
  • For security: Whenever you download third-party apps, either from the Google Play Store or other sites, you run the risk of contracting malware that affects both your terminal, as well as your personal information. Therefore, before any suspicion of this type, many users prefer to delete certain apps in order to obtain the highest possible security and improve your privacy.

In addition to these reasons that are the most common to decide to uninstall applications on Android, There are also other reasons why a user prefers to delete a certain app from their mobile phone or tablet.

Then, We mention what these extra causes are:

  • It is an application that does not work.
  • After downloading it, it has not been useful to the user.
  • The person has now discovered a better proposition than the app in question.
  • The application with a poor interface and has not been liked by the public.

Steps to uninstall any application from my Android smartphone

Luckily, deleting an application from any Android device is a very simple task. Especially, by the different ways available to do it, according to how each user prefers.

However, in this post, we have focused on that people who want to uninstall any app from their Android, can do it as quickly as possible and They do this from the Google Play Store or through the operating system’s app manager, as we explain here:

From the Play Store

Among all the available methods, without a doubt, this is the simplest there is to uninstall any third-party application in the Google OS. Appreciating that, apart from being easy to carry out, it has the advantage that allows you to delete two or more apps at the same time.

In this sense, the steps to follow directly from the Android app store are the following:

  • First of all, look for the Google Play Store icon on the device and access it.
  • Then, touch the menu in the upper left corner and select the option that says “My applications and games”, for now enter the tab that says “Installed”.
  • Now third, search and choose the app you want to delete from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Once the application in question is selected, you can see the amount of space (in MB) that you will free up when you delete it. So, you just have to press each of the apps you want to uninstall.
  • Finally, press the green button that is located at the bottom and specify the following “Free up to 106 MB”, for example. To do so, accept the action and that’s it.From the Play Store

On the other hand, it is also appropriate to note that you can delete a specific application from the Play Store, with just enter your name in the service search bar. Once they provide you with the results page, you will have to locate the app in play, access it and, finally, tap the “Uninstall” button to confirm the action by pressing “To accept”.

From the Android application manager

Another of the simplest ways to uninstall applications on Android, is to do it from Settings or from the application manager of this operating system.

Next, we indicate each and every one of the steps to complete:

  • Initially, Find and open the “Settings” menu from your mobile or tablet. Which, usually, you can get it in the applications menu or as a direct access on the main page of the device.
  • Now, among all the available options, you have to access the one that says “Applications” (In general, it is among the last of the list).
  • Next, they will show you the list of all the apps that are installed on the terminal or tablet and it is time to find the one you want to uninstall.
  • Once you find it and select it, you will find all the data from that app on your device. Thus, all that remains is click on the “Uninstall” button, to finally confirm the action with “To accept” and ready.

From the Android application manager

For its part, it is valuable to distinguish that, unlike the previous method, in this case you will have to delete each app separately; it is not possible to do it simultaneously.

Why can’t I remove certain apps from my Android?

During the process of uninstalling all the apps that you don’t want to see on your smartphone or tablet again, it is very likely that you will find that they do not allow you to delete some applications. Which is because They are apps pre-installed by the same operating system that are also known as “bloatware” and, by no means, can they be completely uninstalled from Android devices, unless rooted.

For its part, said existing impossibility to eliminate these apps, is because they are already pre-installed on a device just when you turn it on for the first time. Which means that, they are factory applications that belong to the operating system (Android, in this case) or are provided by the developers of the device or by the mobile operator from which you purchased the device. This being a method that is used in the world of mobile telephony, to being able to monetize these terminals much more.

However, in order to free up some space in the computer’s memory and prevent the computer from continuing to exhibit inefficient operation, it is possible to disable these pre-installed apps directly from the Settings menu. So even though you can’t quite remove them, We recommend doing the following to disable them:

  • From the smartphone or tablet, go to the Settings menu and look for the option of “Applications” to access this list. Generally, this option is in the lowest positions.
  • Once you are in front of all the apps installed on your device, proceed to look for the one that you have not been able to uninstall and that is pre-installed on the mobile, to be able to deactivate it.
  • Finally, when you access said app, a button will appear that says “Disable” or “Disable” and you just have to press it, and then confirm the action by clicking on “To disable” and ready.

Why can't I remove certain apps from my Android?

In this way, even if the application is still on the mobile phone or tablet, it will stop working correctly and, with it, will reveal less memory space on the device and will not be able to slow it down.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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