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Thanks to the remarkable development of technology, today, users of any operating system have the possibility of install and use endless programs and applications to optimize your experience and carry out different activities in a better way.

Thus, due to the many options available to Apple computers, Mac users they can end up saturating your machine with so many softwares and applications installed there. Taking into account that, they are not always that useful and many of those tools are not really required by these people; so they are taking up unnecessary space.

In this sense, in order to free up storage space and obtain a better functioning of the system, the most advisable thing is uninstall all those programs and apps, completely, which you don’t use on your MacOS. Therefore, below, we introduce you to each of the steps to be carried out.

Benefits of removing programs you don’t use from MacOS Why do it?

Before knowing the steps that must be carried out in order to delete all those programs and / or applications that you no longer use on your Mac computer, it is important to know what are the main advantages that this action reveals. Since, although it is a decisive act, many people do not imagine how important it is.

Therefore, in general terms, it should be noted that uninstalling such useless programs or applications on the system can generate a better experience for each user when carrying out any task from their computer.

Valuing that, the benefits of greatest interest are the following:

  • Mainly, removing software that is deprecated allows free up significant storage space on your computer. Which can only be taking up unnecessary memory on the Mac and thus make it impossible for you to install other programs that you really need, for example.
  • As we indicated above, once you manage to get rid of these types of programs, it will be possible get a better user experience. Since, the team will gain more lightness and thus, it can relieve a greater speed when executing any action that you require.
  • Even though Apple teams take it upon themselves to provide as much security and privacy as possible, there are certainly chances that their users are victims of malware or any cyber threat, mainly through installed programs. Therefore, when you take care of uninstalling third-party programs, it will be possible to acquire more protection around your data and all the information you handle on your computer.
  • Because any computer with many programs installed can easily become saturated and for that reason, the system does not operate in the best way; when you uninstall all those programs or applications that you do not use, its operation will be more optimal and it will allow you to run the other software you need much more efficiently.

Steps to remove any program or application from my Apple MacOS computer

Now, it’s time to find out what the process to follow in order to uninstall any software or application from an Apple computer consists of. Limiting that, it is about a really simple procedure thanks to the fact that the company focused on separate system files with user workspace, unlike Windows that operates in a different way.

For its part, it is also worth noting that, to remove a program from MacOS, there are several mechanisms available. However, the most used of them are based on making it via Finder or via Launchpad.

Using the Finder

To be more specific, the MacOS operating system Finder refers to an application that has the function of managing user files, disks, network and the launch of other applications, in its entirety. Thus, It is the indicated one to be able to uninstall a program or application, easily, in the system.

Then, we explain the steps to follow:

 Using the Finder

Open the folder “Finder”

To begin, you have to access the system Finder and in any window of the system, proceed to look for the option that says “Applications” and that it is a folder located in the left sidebar.

Find the program or application you want to delete

Once you have selected the “Applications” folder in the indicated menu, proceed to search for the program or app that you want to remove from the system. Taking into account that all these softwares are usually saved in that folder, automatically, once you install them on the computer.

Delete the program or app in question

Once you find the program / application to remove, it is necessary that drag it to the trash can icon in your Dock. Although, you can also choose to select the app, then right-click on the file and finally, in the drop-down menu, click on “Transfer to Trash” to finalize the uninstall process.

It is appropriate to distinguish that, this procedure works with all programs, practically. However, it is likely that on some occasions you will have to confirm the action using your password associated with the user account of the computer administrator (this will depend on the type of software or application it is).

From the Launchpad

Another of the most comfortable ways to uninstall a program or application obtained from the Apple Store on a Mac is making use of the application launcher of this operating system which is known as “Launchpad” and it was introduced from Mac OS X Lion. So if you like the idea of ​​employing this mechanism to free up storage space on your machine, here we show you how to do it:

From the Launchpad

Access the Launchpad

First of all, you have to open Launchpad clicking on the Dock or directly from the Applications folder. In case you can’t find it, we advise you write that name in the system search field which is located at the top of the screen. Once you access the application in question, you will be able to see a list of all the applications installed at that time.

Find the software or application to delete

Now, among all the list that is observed, you must proceed to locate the application or program that you want to uninstall from the computer. Taking into account that, you can scroll from left to right to perform this search.

Long press the app / program and remove it

When you find the application or program that you want to remove from your Mac, you have to click on it and hold it down until it starts to shake.

After that, click the X icon next to the program or application to be removed. After that, confirm the action clicking on the “Delete” button so that uninstallation occurs immediately.

On the other hand, if at this point you don’t see the “X” in question, it means that this software or application does not come from the App Store and therefore it will not be possible to execute the uninstallation using the Launchpad.

Learn how to easily remove pre-installed applications and programs from MacOS

Unfortunately, using any of the methods detailed in the previous part, it is not possible to uninstall the programs and / or apps that are pre-installed on the system, that is, the famous “Bloatware” of MacOS.

This being, a term used to refer to all those softwares that They are factory installed in the equipment and take up considerable space, Besides that consume a lot of RAM. Generally, they are language files, video editors, browser extensions, unnecessary applications for users, etc.

So, since they are programs or applications pre-installed on the computer, it can be very difficult to get rid of them to get more storage space. However, today, there is a tool designed for MacOS that has the ability to remove all bloatware in one fell swoop in order to ensure optimal cleaning of the system. Which, It is known as “CleanMyMac”.

Consequently, if you are interested in using this powerful tool to remove all factory-installed applications and programs on your Mac, here we show you how you can handle it in a very simple way:

Learn how to easily remove pre-installed applications and programs from MacOS

  • First of all, you have to download and install CleanMyMac on your computer. It is best to do it from its official website.
  • Now, once you access its interface, you will be able to view the main menu of the application, where there are three essential modules to remove all bloatware.
  • Then, click on the “System Trash” option which is on the left side of the panel and there it will be possible to delete the language files.
  • Later, in the applications part, click on “Uninstaller” and “Extensions” to be able to erase all those pre-installed programs and applications.

Download CleanMyMac MacOS

In addition to said solution, if you have administrator permissions on your Mac computer, you have the ability to delete factory installed apps using a method that does not require third-party tools. Then, the steps to carry out in these cases:

  • Starts with open the Applications folder from your Mac computer and, among all the applications shown, search and select the one you prefer to delete.
  • Once you choose the app in question, right click on it and Click on the option “Get information”.
  • After that, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the lock icon to there enter the administrator password correctly.
  • By last, from the “Sharing and permissions” section, specifies that all users have access permissions “Reading and writing”. Once that is done, you will be uninstalling the selected app (only if you have administrator rights).

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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