Uninstall Programs in Windows 10  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

One of the most common activities of users in computers is to install different applications on it, either for programs layouts, games, antivirus, web browsers, photo programs, among many others. However, installing a large number of these softwares can cause your PC memory fills up quickly.

The process for uninstall an application in Windows 10 is very simple, this procedure is still just like it was done many years ago. This is because Microsoft has not wanted to complicate this type of thing for its users, who can still continue eliminating programs in the same way as was done long ago.

So if you want uninstall a program in W10 and in that way to be able free up more space on your computer, Here we are going to show you how you can perform this procedure in a simple and fast way, for this, follow in detail everything that we will explain in the post.

Why is it important to uninstall programs you don’t use from your computer?

Most people tend to install a large number of programs on your computer, either because some software is in fashion, because it must do some work and for this you need a specific application, among many other reasons that lead the person to add a new program to your computer. However, over the years the user will adding one and more program to the machine thus occupying a large amount of memory on the PC.

But the truth of all this is that every 5 programs that is installed for a long time the person ends up using two of them, all this leads to ending up having unimportant software taking up memory that with the passage of time can make the PC works much slower.

In this way, it is important that the user knows which programs you actually use and which you don’t, as this will allow you to delete all those that are not necessary and that simply they are taking performance away from the computer. Being able to uninstall this type of software will help you free up space and further improve PC performance, managing to have a fast team and with few inconveniences when using it.

Steps to uninstall programs installed on your Windows 10 PC

Uninstall an app from W10 It is a very simple process to perform, it remains exactly the same as doing Several years ago when you wanted delete a program in W7, W8 or earlier versions. This continues to be maintained in the same way, so that users do not have to learn new methods to perform these types of procedures that end up being fundamental for computer performance.

As delete everything you don’t use or need on your PC, it will help you free up more memory space, allowing you like this add new items and at the same time improve current machine performance. In accordance with all this, below, we will show you step by step How to uninstall installed programs on your Windows 10 PC:

  • To start it will be necessary that in the Windows search bar scribes “Control Panel”, there you must wait for the application icon to appear and double click on it to access its menu.

Steps to uninstall programs installed on your Windows 10 PC

  • In the menu that appears on the screen you must select the category of “Programs” to be able to delete what you no longer want to have on the device.

Steps to uninstall programs installed on your Windows 10 PC

  • In the next window you will see two options, in this case you must select “Programs and characteristics” to continue the procedure.

Steps to uninstall programs installed on your Windows 10 PC

  • Now a list will appearta with all the software you have installed on your computer, here you can scroll the window down and find the application you want uninstall from your operating system. To do this, simply select it and in the upper bar you will find the option to “Uninstall or change” Or simply “Uninstall”, here you must click on “Uninstall”, In order to delete the app from your computer, keep in mind that the process of elimination it may take only a few seconds or minutes.

Steps to uninstall programs installed on your Windows 10 PC

  • Once this is done, said software will have been removed from your team and with it you will have freed up more space on your hard drive or RAM.

Learn how to uninstall programs that cannot be removed from Windows 10

Not all software found installed inside the computer are because the user installs it, in general, these teams usually come with a large number of programs already installed at the factory which cannot be removed as easily as is done with those that are installed using an external memory, CD-ROM or downloaded from the Internet.

Surely it has already happened to you that you wanted remove an app from the machine and when are you going to perform the run to delete it you realize that this does not appear. This is because being a native Windows program it cannot be uninstalled so easily, for this you must enter a code in specific that allows such action. Each of this app has a codename what will be necessary meet to start removal.

Fortunately, the base command it will always be the same for all, which makes the procedure not as tedious and complicated as it sounds. To start with this process you need to follow these steps:

  • The first thing will be to go to windows finder and there you must write “Powershell” for what the system automatically suggest you the app “Windows Powershell”. When this icon appears on the screen, you must select the option to “Run it as administrator” so that you can have all the necessary rights over it.

Learn how to uninstall programs that cannot be removed from Windows 10

  • Here you will see a new window where you will have to enter the following code with this same format: Get-AppxPackage “name of the app you want to remove” | Remove-AppxPackage
  • This is where the most complicated part comes, and it is that each of the native Windows applications count with one code name specifically, and this is the one that you must enter in the “Name of the app you want to delete”.
  • Please note that this code name It is not the same as you will appear every time you look for the program from the beginning. This forces the user to be able to know said names to uninstall the app from the device.
  • In case you want to delete the app from Groove Music, then you will need to use this code in the PowerShell window: Get-AppxPackage zunemusic | Remove-AppxPackage

Learn how to uninstall programs that cannot be removed from Windows 10

  • This command will only allow you delete the app in your user, If you don’t have any more user accounts on your PC then you won’t have any more problems. But nevertheless, if you have other users in it, then you will have to resort to the following command so that it is automatically eliminated in each of them: Remove-AppxProvionedPackage –Online –zunemusic

Learn how to uninstall programs that cannot be removed from Windows 10

Taking into account that these codes are a bit hard to come by, and what maybe the app you want to delete is something other than Groove Music, here we leave you a list of some of the native Windows apps With their respective code names so you can start uninstalling them whenever you want.

Native apps

Names in codes

Alarm and clock


3D Builder

Get Office

Calendar and mail


Movies & TV




Get started



Voice recorder



Microsoft solitaire collection



Please note that if these applications come pre-installed in your operating system it is because it complies with a basic function within it, so that removing it could restrict you from performing some activities within the system. Also, make sure when removing some of the native Windows apps, you can install another that complies the same functions and that allows you to cover said absence without your computer is affected.

In the event that this procedure seems a bit complicated, then you also have the opportunity to use some third-party software that they will allow you remove native apps from the OS in a very simple way. Some of these programs are CCleaner and 10appsManager, both can help you execute this type of action in a simpler way without the need to use the names in codes for their elimination.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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