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How many applications are allowed access to your social networks? Possibly the answer is more than you imagine. When you log in to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter many sites offer the convenience of connecting all kinds of tools to your social networks. Information is vulnerable and simply valuable these days. Linking these types of applications has its benefits, but it is likely that you have some that you no longer use and you should delete to protect your privacy.

Often all these apps have access to more than you might imagine. It is important before “click“In accepting terms and conditions, read the content completely because yes, as long as you allow entry, that company will obtain information about you. Don’t wait for malicious malware to infect you or your followers or for any of your accounts to be hacked. Take some time to delete and unlink what you no longer use or are not relevant to your account.

The remarkable thing is that you can remove authorizations for these third-party tools In just a few minutes and then we will teach you step by step how to solve this problem and the advantages and disadvantages that they may have and how to make it not happen again.

Steps to unlink the applications that are connected to your social networks

When you share details of your life with family and co-workers, you feel more connected to them. This private data can be used maliciously by application malware left behind by its developers.

  • Access confidential accounts
  • Create fraudulent identities
  • Produce Spam
  • Compromise careers

And many others are one of the few things that this type of threat can do. In the following lines we show you how easy it is to unlink in a few steps and from different social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.


Facebook, is the largest and most popular social network of all time, it allows users to stay connected with friends, keep up to date, post photos, send private messages and join groups of common interest. You can access it from a computer or through its official mobile application.

  • Login to Facebook from your computer or App.
  • Open the options drop-down tab and press “Setting.
  • In the right sidebar select “Apps and websites“.

unlink facebook apps

  • Manage your Apps and websites with access to the social network and remove the ones that are not relevant.
  • To conclude, scroll down to preferences and click on “Applications, Websites and Games “ to disable all apps synced to Facebook.


Twitter this is the second largest social network in different countries, it allows users to express their ideas in 280 characters and interact with friends and “Followers “.

  • Access Twitter from your computer or mobile application.
  • Next, click on the small icon with your profile picture, open the tab and touch “Settings and privacy “.
  • In the right sidebar click on “Applications and devices “.
  • Next, all the tools authorized to access your Twitter account and the date on which the entry was allowed will appear.

unlink twitter apps

*Note: You can manage other user data such as active devices that were recently used to log in.


In 2012, Facebook acquired the image-based application Instagram. This smartphone-based application allows users to upload top photos and videos that can run for 60 seconds and instant stories of 15 seconds.

  • From your computer, login to Instagram website with your username and password.
  • Click on the user icon located at the top right of the screen.
  • Go to Instagram settings and select “Privacy & Security”.

unlink instagram apps

  • You’ll see a list of the apps and websites that are linked to your Instagram account. For those who want to disconnect from your social network, select “Revoke access” Y “Yes“.

unlink instagram apps remove permissions


LinkedIn It is generally considered the most professional tool that connects people through their careers and digital resumes. The information that is shared is not personal but to apply for jobs, announce a promotion or support the skills of workers.

  • Head over to LinkedIn and click on your profile picture in the upper right to login.
  • Then click on manage “Settings and privacy “.
  • Choose “Partners and third parties “ in the list on the left side and choose the apps you want to remove and click remove.

unlink Linkedin applications


Pinterest is a website and mobile application that allows users to organize images by visual bookmarks called “Pin it “ and they are generally organized by theme or topic.

  • Go to Pinterest from your mobile device or computer
  • In the upper bar, click on your profile photo, display the options and click on “Settings “.
  • On the left choose the option “Apps “ to see what third-party apps have access to your account and what types of permissions they have. Tap to revoke access and remove them.

Advantages and disadvantages of having applications linked to your social networks

We share a wealth of information about ourselves and significant moments on social media. Selfies, happy times, and tweets about everyday life. The benefits and joys of social media are numerous, but you also have to consider the privacy risks and downsides of app syncing.


There are very good reasons to sync your entire social media presence across all the apps you use:

  • Time saving: It helps to take advantage of the time in the daily execution of your operations. You make the post, you link it to your social networks and you publish it. The message is broadcast to your entire mass of followers on all platforms, along with some of your followers and anyone who sees it when someone shares it on their account instantly.
  • Quick access: Most of the websites or applications have as a main requirement to fill out a form with basic information (first and last name, email and profile picture). When you log in with Google this process becomes automatic, since you allow that page to have access to your data in a simple way by creating an account without the need for a password.


  • Privacy: every time you give an authorization like “Register with Google “ or “Register with Facebook ” , the tool will not only obtain your password but also all your information such as data, contacts, access to your calendar and documents.
  • Risk of fraud or identity theft: Everything you post on the Internet is available to almost anyone who is smart enough to access it. Most hackers just need to steal some vital personal information from app developers or create their own to make your life a nightmare.

How to prevent an app from linking to your social networks?

It is true that it often happens that you give applications easy access to your profile without realizing the extension of the permissions that are granted. It is a fatality to mistakenly assume that third-party applications are held to the same standards as a common social network.

The main thing to avoid Malware or identity theft is to avoid downloading apps that are not authorized by an official store, or that are not exactly approved by social networks that are not usually responsible for inconveniences. Constantly review the activity log of your accounts is important and to manage the connected applications in case there is an active threat.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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