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Once we decide that we will no longer use our Android device, it is necessary to unlink all the accounts that we had connected so that third parties do not have any type of access to your data. This is especially important in the case of email, as this is one of the applications that collects the most information, from emails to telephone contacts.

The security of your cell phone should always be a prioritySo, if your mobile is lost, stolen or you simply won’t use it anymore, you must disconnect and delete all your accounts to protect your data and thus prevent malicious third parties from using your information or usurping your identity. There are several ways to do this and it is generally an extremely easy process to do..

In all the cell phones that we configure as new, The Android operating system will ask us for an email account in order to enjoy various services, applications, have backup of our data, photos, videos, as well as to enter the Play Store and the google services. However, if one day you want to use another account or delete the current one, you can do so with complete freedom. Therefore, in this tutorial we will teach you how to add a new Gmail account or unlink the old one from your Android mobile.

Steps to disconnect your Gmail account from any Android device

Unlinking or adding a new email account is extremely easy and each process will not take more than a few minutes:

Add or add Gmail account to Android

Android not only allows you to have a single Gmail account linked to your mobile, You can have all the ones you see necessary if you like. To add a new one to your device simply follow these steps that we explain below.

  • As a first step you should go to “Setting” Of the device.
  • Find the option “Accounts “ > “Add account “ and select “Google”.

Add Gmail account to Android

  • Follow the instructions there for the correct configuration of your account.
  • You shall log in with your username and password for the device to identify the account.

*Note: If you want to set up multiple accounts on a single device, you just have to follow the same steps already described for each account.

If you already have several accounts on your cell phone, you can choose the one you prefer by following these steps:

  • Open some Google Play app.
  • Press the menu window (If you don’t see the menu icon in the upper left corner, press to go back to the main app screen).
  • At the top of the screen, you should look up the name and email address of the account you are using.
  • You shall press down arrow, which will display the available accounts.
  • Select the account you want to use.

Delete and remove Gmail account from Android

In case you want delete a Gmail account that is already linked to the mobile you can do it easily by following the steps that we explain below.

  • The first thing you should look for is the “Setting” on your device.
  • Find the option “Accounts”, you will select “Add account”.
  • Select the Google email address associated with your cell phone or tablet.
  • Press the menu button and it will display a window with several options, you will choose the option “Delete account”, it will ask you to confirm the action, once again you will select delete and voila, automatically all the account information on the mobile will be deleted.

unlink gmail account

This method will allow us to delete any type of accounts that we have added to our device from our, from Facebook to WhatsApp or Twitter.

It goes without saying that it is of the utmost importance have an email account linked to the device we are using, so as not to miss out on fundamental things like access to Google Play Store services, which allows us to download the vast majority of the applications we use on mobile phones.

How does it work and what are the benefits of linking a Gmail email account to Android?

The Gmail accounts that are linked to each device function as profiles that coexist with each other. Each account is an “owner” of the mobile, so that from each one you can make a personalized configuration in different aspects.

Once you change your “profile”, certain aspects that each one has configured will be changed. This influences things like the desktop background image, the contacts, the songs that play when you are called, and in some cases even the accounts of certain applications, especially video games.

Although it is not good to have multiple accounts linked to the same number, it is necessary and mandatory that at least one is registered. This has several advantages among which we can highlight:

  • Use full device features: many functions such as the mail service, locations and a long etcetera require a Gmail account.
  • Make a security copy– You can make regular backups thanks to the Gmail storage space. In fact, not only will you be able to back up the information to recover it on your mobile, but if in the future you link the same account to another Smartphone, all your files will be migrated automatically.
  • Login to your email: if you have your account linked to an Android device, you can log in from it when you want to open your email on a computer without having to enter your password, reducing access time to multiple platforms and websites that require passwords.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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