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A PDF file, is a storage format created by Adobe System It is presented independently of the operating systems and whose main function is to easily read documents through a viewer. Its content may vary, being multimedia, interactive and graphic. Being portable and compatible with mobile applications, it is easily accessible to anyone with a file reader.

However, in some cases these files are locked for security reasons, which prevents you from being able to print, copy, edit and / or unlock it for the use or editing of your information. Solving this problem could be seen by most people as a task that only an expert in the field of computer science could perform, but the truth is that it is very simple.

Therefore, in this article We will teach you various methods to unlock and remove the lock password from PDF documents, as well as applications and tools to facilitate this process. At the end of the reading, you will learn everything you need to know about this way of protecting information, so that in the future you can do the same with this type of document.

Steps to remove and unlock password protection from a PDF

There are currently more than a method to lock a PDF file, so it can be quite problematic for users to access the information they contain. One of them is the restriction of access and editing by password. So that this is not your case, below we mention what are the main methods to unlock and remove this protection.

Google drive

Google drive

In addition to functioning as a internet storage service, Google Drive allows users to edit, change, and Google these locked files.

  • Login to your Google account and go to Google drive to start.
  • Then press “New“and upload your file to Google Drive.
  • Right click on the document and select “To open with“and later in”Google docs“what do you allow to edit the file, copy your information and print it.

I Love PDF


I Love PDF is an online service that allows you to edit your Portable’s Document’s Format’s since February 2010. Their goal is to help you save time by managing and unlocking them easily.

  • Enter in a ILovePDF.com
  • Select the option “Unlock PDF“or you can also convert it to the format of your preference (Word, Excel, Power Point)
  • To finish, select the file to unlock and wait for the corresponding process to finish.



PDFUnlock! It allows you to unlock password-protected documents of this type stored in “Google Drive”, “Dropbox” or on your computer.

  • Enter your search engine sodapdf.com/unlock-pdf
  • Upload the file through your computer or the different storage clouds and press unlock.
  • Wait for the unlocking process to finish and voila, you can now freely access the content of the document.

Best Tools and Apps to Unlock Password Protected PDF

In addition to the aforementioned methods, there are several tools and applications specially created to unlock files in this popular format. The list of these is extensive and many of them are cross-platform, which means that they can be used on multiple operating systems without restrictions.

For windows

Windows is possibly the operating system where you will find more software capable of unlocking PDF’s.

Here are the best options of the many you have to choose from:

  • Free PDF Password Remover: is a free tool available for Windows that is used to remove restrictions from a PDF and clear passwords and restrictions on printing, editing, copying, filling out forms and others. You can even remove document protection and passwords for known owners and users.
  • Aimer Soft PDF Password Remover Online: This is a low-cost and easy-to-use program that allows you to unlock multiple documents at the same time, either as an owner or as a user. You can unprotect them with just one click And it is specially designed for Windows XP or higher operating system. The files can be viewed in a viewer without any limitation and you can choose between a free trial version or purchase a permanent license.
  • PDFKey Pro: is a program that you can use in free or licensed mode for a low cost that has as its motto the phrase “lost passwords, productivity not lost.” It allows from releasing PDF documents in simple steps, to recovering lost passwords by making a copy of the file or even blocking it by establishing a new one. It is available in 7 different languages: English, Italian, French, Russian, German, Polish and Dutch. Designed for the Windows XP operating system or versions higher than this one.
  • PDFelement: PDFelement is a software designed by Wondershare for Windows and Mac, which also has its versions in mobile applications for Android and iOS, being considered by many as the main alternative to Adobe Acrobat (default reader for files in PDF format). With it, you will be able to do much more than eliminate passwords of owners of encrypted documents to be able to print and edit them to the user’s preference.
  • Besides that, allows you to modify the font, the file sizeas well as converting documents to another format, creating new files, and checking for typos automatically using a spelling error detector. That without forgetting its ability to sign documents and add comments or annotations in each paragraph. This program has a trial version and a one-time license that includes free and immediate customer service and 30-day product warranty.
  • A-PDF Password Security: is a desktop software created for encrypt PDF documents and remove proprietary passwords. One of its best features is that it has an excellent user interface, where you can change formats and restrictions at a low cost and also try the trial version. Available for Windows XP or higher versions of the Microsoft operating system.

Android Apps

On this platform also you will find various alternatives to unlock portable documents easily. However, it should be noted that these are not as powerful as desktop software, so their functions are considerably more limited.

PDF Tools-Merge, Rotate, Split & PDF Utilities: This Software created for the Android operating system available on Google Play, allows you to apply different changes to a PDF file, such as unlocking its encryption, joining several files into one, converting images to portable documents, deleting, extracting and rearranging the pages , add watermark, headers, footer and even add numbering, change font, color, function and encrypt files. It is by far one of the most powerful applications on Android when it comes to manipulating this format.

PDF Reader: this app is a complete editor for portable documents that not only allows you to block or unblock them, but also to modify various aspects of their content. It is interactive, so you can add forms and images, as well as being able to convert any other format.

PDF Utilities: This German application has been specially developed to eliminate the protection of these types of documents. With it you can also delete pages and edit other aspects of their content, although its functions in this sense are much more limited than other tools, however, it can be considered as a good alternative if what you want is to remove the passwords from the file.

IOS / iPhone apps

iOS is another platform where tools abound to remove passwords and other forms of blocking portable documents. In fact, Apple itself has developed some of them to ensure maximum compatibility with its operating system.

PDF Password – Protect PDFs and remove passwords– This paid application is available on the App Store and is compatible with iOS 8.0 or higher. Its main function is to remove passwords from protected documents. In addition, it gives you the possibility of get a PDF reader from different apps like the Safari browser, Dropbox, Google Drive and many others.

Power PDF – PDF Manager: is a totally free and useful tool for any user with the need to lock and secure their documents on their Apple device. In addition, it allows you to edit files from your mobile device, put annotations in the viewer and convert documents (JPEG, Doc, PPT, HTML, TXT, RTF) to this format. This app is specially designed for devices compatible with the iOS 10.0 operating system.

What is the best way to protect and lock the information in a PDF file?

There are several free ways to password protect a PDF file, something very easy to do, no matter how you do it. There are programs that you can download to encrypt the document or some online services that work in a web browser.

Without a doubt, the best way to protect a document of this type is with a payment application, since they apply much more complex encryption methods, making your passwords more difficult to crack. Here are the best options available to perform this task.

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat can encrypt your documents with a password, as well as acting as a reading viewer. If you don’t have it installed and you prefer not to pay just to protect these files, don’t hesitate to get the free version for 7 days. This is the editor created by the very inventors of the portable document format, so there is no doubt that it is the best possible software to modify them.

With Acrobat too you can edit a PDF and make virtually any change to the document; from editing, copying or writing more text, to add multimedia elements or interactive forms that make your PDF much more dynamic.

Microsoft Word

microsoft word office

Although it is not the first thing that crosses your mind the truth is that yes, Microsoft Word can add a password to this type of documents. In addition, you can also modify some aspects of it, which are limited to modifying the text and adding images.

It is certainly not the most elegant option, but being practically free can be of great help to anyone who simply needs to protect the file data.



A simple tool to use, with few functions but that perfectly fulfills the mission of locking and protecting the information of portable documents. With it you can also edit some aspects and add images and hyperlinks to the content.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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