UNSUBSCRIBE MÁSMOVIL Services  ▷ Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Although currently the most common thing is to look at the trio of most notable names in the mobile telephony sector when looking for mobile line, internet or landline services; the truth is that there are more and more firms to look at to proceed with hiring. In fact, the rise of low-cost It is something that has been accentuated in recent years thanks to the fine balance they offer between quality and really low prices.

Within this concept we find companies like the one we are going to focus on: MoreMovil. This company, legally known as Xfera Mobile, has been operating since 2006 in our country and is known for offering especially cheap rates in any of the clubs covered by the main branch of telecommunications at the domestic level. Offers 4G, ADSL and even fiber optic data connections for all consumers, among many other proposals.

Despite the benefits that it raises first, there are many users who disagree with its services, who prefer to move to other larger companies or who propose other additional services, such as television on demand, or who also offer very low rates with fairly powerful terminals. There are many possibilities that lead consumers of this company to want to find out how to unsubscribe from all the services offered by MásMovil, and here we are going to help you.

Steps to cancel the MásMovil line permanently

In this guide we explain step by step what needs to be done to be able to process this withdrawal without complications through the different possibilities that currently exist. In addition, we also clarify what can happen in case the withdrawal is requested with a permanence pending to be fulfilled. In these situations there may be some additional complication due to the breach of the clauses of the contract; but there is also a solution with which to remedy it.

For cancel the MásMovil line permanently, you have two main options. You can proceed by calling by phone or using e-mail to complete the procedure. We will explain what to do in both situations.

By phone

To cancel your MásMovil line by phone, the process to follow is the one that we are going to indicate below:

Masmovil customer service phones

  • From your mobile or your landline, call any of the following numbers:
    • 2373. * If you call from a MásMóvil number. Is free.
    • 911 333 333. * If you call from a number of another operator. It is paid.
    • +34 963 772 373. * If you are calling from abroad. Also paid.
  • Once your call is answered, request to contact him discharge processing team.
  • When they assign you to this and they answer you, ask to cancel the line you want. You will have to indicate the number and give details of the line holder to verify your identity and proceed.

* The telephone service hours of this company are normally: Monday to Sunday, from 9 in the morning to 11 at night.

On the other hand, the maximum period until the cancellation is completely processed is 2 business days from the end of the application.

Via Internet

If you want to delete your MásMovil line through the internet, you have the opportunity to do it by email. These are the steps:

  • With the email linked to the owner of the line, send an email to the address hello@masmovil.com. Indicate in the subject the number you want to unsubscribe next to the request. In the body, rewrite it and detail your case. Remember to keep a copy to avoid confusion.
  • In a matter of hours, the MasMovil team will answer indicating the documentation that you must send in order to proceed with the closure of the service. Proceed as explained.
  • Once they receive all the necessary documents, they will have a maximum period of two business days to complete your request. It is possible that they take even less or that, if the procedure is carried out on a Friday, the wait will be quite long.

How to unsubscribe from MásMovil if I still have a tenure?

For unsubscribe from MásMovil if you still have a stay You have to follow the same procedure as to do it if you don’t have one. That is, you can choose the option of calling by phone and talking to the discharge department to proceed with the process or, if you prefer, use email to be able to proceed more quickly.

The problem with this situation is that, in general, implies the payment of an amount equivalent to the months that would remain unpaid. In the case of this operator, there are numerous incidents due to some confusion with the clauses of the contract, so it is important to read all the points carefully before proceeding to act safely and without any incident.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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