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Acquired by the British company Vodafone in early 2014, ONO is one of the most important firms in all of Spain within the telecommunications sector. Before the acquisition by the foreign company, its name was synonymous with a cable benchmark throughout the country thanks to a series of strategic purchases with which it gradually improved its range and quality of services, in addition to acquiring big names in the competition to grow.

It is currently a firm that is part of the predominant triumvirate in the sector (Vodafone, Movistar and Orange) in our country, although it no longer operates independently. Since 2016, it has finished merging with Vodafone to go on to operate fully under his tutelage as a single firm. Due to this, although the rates for clients who had their services are maintained, those responsible have become Vodafone Spain, something that has affected both billing and the range of services available to those interested.

This situation is something that has motivated many to want to leave this company to get closer to the competition. The changes in opportunities and the constant supply of the competition may be enough engine to ask how to unsubscribe from ONO and try what other brands offer.

Steps to cancel the ONO line permanently

In this guide we are going to help you with this, explaining what to do step by step to be able to request the cancellation of the line with ONO definitively to go to what other companies offer. Although it has stopped operating, it maintains support, always referring to Vodafone to be able to proceed, but without being able to prevent those who want to stop having these services.

For cancel the ONO line permanently, these are the steps you must carry out both to do it by phone and through the internet.

By phone

For permanently cancel your ONO line by phoneYou have to follow a series of very simple and fairly frequent steps when requesting cancellations from telephone companies. This is what you have to do:

ONO customer service phones

  • Call any of the following numbers from your mobile phone or your landline:
    • 902 929 000. * Line 902, so it has a special rate.
    • 963 401 210. * Free alternative to the previous number, used to call from any operator.
    • 1400. * Exclusive telephone service for operator numbers.
  • Once your call is answered, request that you be assigned to the discharge department to proceed with your request.
  • When you speak with a member of this team, ask for the cancellation of your line, indicating the number or service in question and giving the data requested.
  • Once the call is over, the rest is just waiting. The cancellation will be processed in a short time so you can say goodbye to your contract with ONO.

It must be taken into account that, for legal reasons, the maximum term to process the withdrawal is two business days since the request is made and it reaches the care team. Therefore, it is more than likely that it will be done earlier or that, if you call on a Friday, you will have to wait until the following week for the procedure to finish.

* Regarding the opening hours, they are usually: 8 in the morning to 12 at night on daily days.

Via Internet

In the case of ONO, it is possible to process the cancellation of the line through the internet. For this, it is necessary to use email and always send emails with a copy to avoid misunderstandings. This is the process to follow:

  • Use the email address linked to the user’s profile who has requested the registration of the line with this company.
  • Send an email to the following email address: ono@ono.es. Indicate in the subject that you want to unsubscribe and the phone number you want to cancel.
  • In the body of the message, go back to indicate the number and explain your case for the record.
  • You will receive an answer with a series of steps to follow (usually attach documentation that verifies your identity). Follow them.
  • Once you finish sending all the documentation and the ONO team receives it, your line will be canceled in a maximum period of 2 business days, as dictated by current law.

How to unsubscribe from ONO if I still have a tenure?

In the event that you want to unsubscribe from ONO if you still have a stay, you should know that the method to be carried out is the same as that we have detailed in any of the previous sections. However, you will have to pay an amount proportional to the months remaining until the end of the contract, since you are breaching a signed agreement.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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