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The mobile phone and internet sector It is ruled by three companies that have managed to prevail over the rest in a race that has been behind as many kilometers as it has years and which still has a long way to go. Despite the large number of names that make up the competition and enrich the products and services in this field, the eyes are usually always directed to Movistar, Vodafone and Orange.

Let’s stop at this last name, because it is the one that stars in this guide. Orange is a French company formerly known as France Télécom and, long before, like Poles, telegraphs and telephones. This multinational has been active since 1879 And, during all this time, it has only grown in forms, services and products to always be up to date and continue to attract consumers in its sector. It offers some of the best rates in terms of mobile lines, internet connections even Orange mail service, a sector that has also strengthened with acquisition of Jazztel.

Despite its popularity, many clients decide to stop using their services to go with the competition. This terrain is one in which there is always a better offer, a new terminal at a cheaper price or a more powerful and interesting internet connection, as well as prices that sound tremendously good thanks to promotions. There are many motivations that lead to seek how to unsubscribe from Orange services and packs, and here we will explain how to do it.

Steps to permanently cancel Orange ADSL line

In this guide we review the process to be done in order to cancel the line contracted with Orange and take your numbers to another company, or simply cancel to stop having them. In addition, we also help you so that you know how to proceed in case you have not finished your commitment to stay with them.

Cancel the Orange ADSL line permanently It is a procedure that requires a few minutes and a wait of a maximum of two days. Despite the waiting, it is hardly complicated, although it has the peculiarity that there is only one way to carry it out.

By phone

Cancellation by phone is the only possible option to cancel the ADSL line with Orange, although it requires taking some steps through the internet connection, so it could be grouped as a set of both options. Next, we are going to give you all the steps you must follow to proceed with the cancellation of your service:

1470 Orange customer service phone

  • First, call 1470 from your landline or mobile phone. This is the Orange customer service number, which is also completely free of charge whether you call from a company number or from another outsider.
  • Once you speak to the support team, request to cancel the internet line that you want to cancel. They will give you a series of guidelines to follow and will ask you to confirm your identity by giving some information related to the invoices and the ownership of the service in question.
  • When you complete the call, you will receive an email in the mail account that you have indicated in the call or in the one linked to the Orange line. Open it.
  • You will now find a form in which you have to check all the information about those services and lines to unsubscribe.
  • When you have verified that everything is correct and in order, you must answer attaching a copy of your identity document on both sides, or the holder of the contract in case it is not you.
  • In the same email, confirm accepting the cancellation conditions before proceeding with the shipment to show your agreement.

When you’ve done this Orange will proceed to cancel the service you have contracted. The maximum period for it to be carried out is two business days from receiving the confirmation from you, so you will not have to wait too long for this to happen.

* Regarding the opening hours to make calls, it is as follows: Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 22:00.

Via Internet

Nowadays It is impossible to carry out the cancellation procedure for the Orange ADSL internet line through any website exclusively. The only method available to carry it out is the one we have explained in the previous section, requiring both a call and the sending of an email.

In this case, in addition, unlike what happens with other operators, it is not possible to send regular mail or fax. The only solution is the one we have already explained.

How can I unsubscribe from Orange mobile if I still have a stay?

See permanence in the Orange APP

If you wonder how to unsubscribe from Orange mobile if you still have a stay, you can take it easy. The procedure is the same as for request the cancellation of the ADSL line, only specifying that you are going to cancel a mobile phone line instead of an internet service. However, there is a small and important difference with respect to the situation, and it is the need to pay an amount for breach of contract.

By signing with Orange, the usual is to hire a minimum stay of 12 months, unless a mobile phone is requested next to the line, in which case it can be up to 24 months. If you ask to cancel the service before the end of that period, the company will require an amount to be paid proportional and usually equivalent to what you would normally have to pay in the remaining months.

Sometimes it is possible carry out some kind of negotiation, especially with other companies that you decide to go to after leaving Orange’s services, so that the amount that remains to be paid due to the permanence is assumed by the recipient company. It is an uncommon alternative, but one that can occur if there is little time left for the contract to end naturally and without breaching any of its clauses.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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