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It is a very widespread operating system in recent times and that it is based on linux. Initially he carried out work for touch screen phones or tablets relying on Google for all his creations. Phones based on this technology number in the hundreds of millions, which makes it totally common that at this moment you are looking for how to update Android to the latest version for free.

The application store created for this type of device is Google play Google Play Store icon, although there is also the possibility of being able to download software externally written in Java programming language. This assures us that it is not an operating system at risk of containing malware and that these external applications are as suitable for your cell phone as those you find in the Google Store.

According to studies, it is shown that, Compared with iOS, Android platform Android Official Icon

it is a less vulnerable system in terms of security. This data is affirmed on the basis that they have been found 13 serious vulnerabilities for Android by 387 for iOSAlthough, of course, both systems continually strive to be more secure in their official markets.

Steps to update Android manually quickly and easily

How to update Android software manually step by step

Initially, Android Android Official Icon

It was an operating system designed to be used with a keyboard and cursor to navigate between applications. Today it is much more customizable, so that now it has become tactile and can thus more easily compete with the iPhone. All the applications you are looking for for the system are in your APK version, although you can also use Google play to download other similar apps.

Even though Android Android Official Icon

has multiple different systems for each type of device, it is true that they have created a fairly simple way to update. Throughout this article, it will be explained what that “update your Android mobile or tablet to the latest version”And how it should be done. Let’s explain the official way and others alternative methods.

Official update without rooted device

In this section is where we are going to introduce the concept “OTA”, which is a software update performed over the air; that is, without any type of cable connection. This is the simplest method that can be used to perform the update. The firmware is downloaded via OTA and installed using a wireless connection so that the tablet or cell phone does not have to be connected to the computer.

I start by explaining the manual option without having the mobile rooted. What you have to do is simply check if there is a new update for the system.

  1. You have to go to the section of “Settings”.
  2. Within it you have to look for the option “Phone Information”.
  3. Then choose “System updates”.
  4. If there is a new version, you just have to install it on the computer.
  5. Now you must accept the terms of service to begin the download and installation.
  6. It will be installed automatically the new content and you can start enjoying the latest version.

How to update Android on mobiles or tablets according to the brand of the device

Ways and methods to update Android according to brand and model

We are now going to see the nuances that we can find when installing the improvements of this OS in the devices and cell phones of the different brands that are most used by thousands of Android users Android Official Icon.

Update Android for Samsung tablets and mobiles

If you have a device of the brand Samsung you will have several ways to update your version of Android. The simplest would be to do it according to the OTA method that we have explained in the first section of the publication. But there is also the possibility of doing this by means of a KingRoot, apps or with an SD.
Although the easiest and fastest way could be to do it from the computer, let’s see it:

  1. Remember that you should always make a backup of your data before starting the process.
  2. One of the following programs must be downloaded:
    1. Kies: It is used to manage any Samsung device.
    2. Samsung Smart Switch: Allows updates with Windows or MAC; but, in addition, it allows you to migrate photos, music and videos from an old terminal to a new one.
  3. Once you have downloaded the program, you just have to look for your Android version and check that there is an update.
  4. The application itself will take care of updating the terminal. Ready!

Update Android for Sony tablets and mobiles

If you are from the group of people who seek how perform the update for a Sony device you are very lucky, because you have several ways to update your terminal.

The most recommended way to perform this type of update is Through the official support that the OTA route gives us. It can also be done through KingRoot and other applications and SD. Of course the other safer option is do it from PC.

  • To do this, we must have software installed on our computer. If your computer has the operating system Windows the program is the “Xperia Companion”.
  • If instead you have a MAC you must download the program “Sony Bridge”. These programs are used for installation and updating, but also for managing the files stored on your terminal.

Update Android for LG tablets and mobiles

If you have a LG brand device This is the section that you should consult. In order to update your cell phone or tablet to a higher version of OS you can use the steps explained in the first point about the OTA way. LG smartphones can also be updated via KingRoot, an SD card or certain apps.

In case you want to make a secure update using your own computer, you must download the program that corresponds to you according to the operating system you have:

  • For Windows, “LG PC Suite
  • For MAC, the software is “LG Bridge

Update Android for HTC tablets and mobiles

If the device you want to use is the HTC brand you can do the update of Android using the most direct way which is the via OTA. Another very direct way is using your own computer, although for this you have to download a specific program called “HTC Sync Manager”, Which serves both for Windows as for MAC and that allows you to do the update. If you are not convinced by either of these two options, you can use other forms of download explained in previous sections.

Update Android for Xiaomi tablets and mobiles

I imagine that you have located this section because you have a Xiaomi brand mobile phone and you want to update it to its latest version of Android. Well, do not despair because it is something very simple. In addition, you can use any of the options that I present below.

Personally, from my point of view, I think the best is to update using the OTA route or the computer. The steps to do this are detailed in the first section of the article. The only thing you have to do before carrying out this update is download the “Mi PC Suite” software. Surely you already have it because it also serves to manage the files on your device and Xiaomi invites you to download it when you open your account with them.

Do not forget that also you must have made a backup of your information and terminal data to avoid loss. If you prefer to use an alternative method, you can use an SD card or King Root, which are other ways that we also discuss throughout the post.

Update Android for Lenovo tablets and mobiles

Do you have a Lenovo mobile or tablet? Well, it’s time for you to learn how you can update to the latest version of Android. It is very simple because you have many methods to do it: through applications, from a computer or PC, via OTA, KingRoot or an SD card; all methods serve to Lenovo cell phones and tablets.

If you use the update method with the help of your computer or PC you have to download an application that is only enabled for computers with Windows operating system. If you have a MAC computer, you will not be able to use this update method. This simple software is called “Lenovo MOTO Smart Assistant“.

Update Android for Motorola tablets and mobiles

Now it is the turn of the users of Motorola brand mobile phones. For them the update system is the same since they have the means that have been indicated previously.

If you are looking for the security of using an official medium, it is best to perform the update using the service via OTA. But what is recommended from our website is to use the update through a computer using the program “Motorola Device Manager“, which is available for both Mac as for Windows. You can also use the other options such as the update through KingRoot or SD card.

Update Android for Alcatel tablets and mobiles

Finally, but not least, we have the users of devices of the Alcatel brand. They can perform the update using a SD card, KingRoot or exclusive apps.

They will also be able to do it through via OTA, which is perhaps the most intuitive. But from the web it seems that the simplest thing is to use the necessary application and do it from a computer. If the decision is to use this medium, you must download the specific application for Alcatel devices.

Download and install the latest version of Android on your cell phone via applications

If you are waiting for the update to arrive, you do not have it yet and you do not want or cannot do the update as we have commented previously, there is still another option.

Take the following steps:

  1. Initially you have to go to the settings area from your mobile.
  2. Then, you must locate yourself in the section of Applications.
  3. Then go to the section “All“And find the application”Google Services Frameworks”.
  4. Must delete all data and force stop.
  5. Reboot your phone and you will see that when it is turned on again a request appears on the screen to accept access to the location.
  6. Click on “Yes”And the update will begin.

As you see, there are multiple ways to update Android to the latest version; You just have to look for the option that best suits your tastes, needs and the device where you want to make this update.

If you have any doubts or questions, leave them in the comments, it will surely be of great help to more members of the community, thank you! 😉

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