The applications of our mobile devices are constantly changing and evolving. The developers work constantly so that all those apps that populate the digital stores of smartphones do not stop improving, fixing those failures and polishing everything to always aspire to perfection. Given the nature of the majority, which always aspires to facilitate all possible tasks, it is logical that this race should always be pursued in an upward direction.

However, for the user, the process of installing each and every update can be somewhat long and complicated. A priori, it would be necessary go app by app entering its settings and looking for new versions for download and installation. Fortunately, on Android all this can be simplified so that it is the device that is in charge of looking at the networks to install the new updates of all applications that have been installed.

You’re probably wondering now, How to update apps automatically on Android? We are going to answer it with this guide, explaining all the steps you have to follow to configure your phone so that you do not have to do anything more than use it normally while he is in charge of reviewing, searching, downloading and installing the new versions of all your software.

How to activate and enable automatic updates on Android?

In addition to this, we also explain what can be done if you have third-party applications. These, that are not downloaded through the Play Store, they do not have the possibility of being part of the collection that the terminal reviews automatically, although using certain tools this situation can be changed so that you do not have to worry about them either. All that, and more, remains explained below step by step and with great detail so that you do not get lost at any time.

Android, through your settings, allows you to configure the device so that all available apps download their new versions without the user having to interfere. It is something accessible from the Google store that, once activated, allows you to completely forget about paying attention to possible future news.

With the steps that we are going to establish below, you can leave your phone ready after turn on automatic updates on Android. You just have to make a few small adjustments and you can make all the updates arrive without having to do anything at all:

1 – Open the Google Play Store

On your smartphone, look for the Play Store icon Google Play Store icon and click on it. It will be either in the Google apps section or in the place where they are saved All applications. After pressing its symbol, you will enter directly into the company’s digital store for phones and tablets.

2 – Enter the settings

Enter the Play Store Menu

Within the main screen of this store, go to the search bar and, instead of writing something, press the three horizontal lines that is on your left side. A drop-down menu will open with many different options.

Access the Google Play Store settings menu

Among all of them, you have to descend until you reach the part where it says “Settings” . Click on the word to access the screen where changes are made in the configuration of everything related to apps.

3 – Access the update settings

Enter automatically update applications Play Store

Now you will be in the section with the different options to adjust. Go to the section “Update applications automatically” and click on it to be able to enter to modify its values ​​and activate the possibility of receiving and installing the updates without having to interfere.

4 – What do you prefer?

Enable or disable automatic updates app Google Play Store Android

After pressing, a pop-up screen appears with three different options to choose from. Next, we list them:

  • “Don’t update apps automatically”
  • “Automatically update apps at any time. Data charges may apply”
  • “Automatically update apps over Wi-Fi only”

It should be noted that either of the last two options serves to meet our objective. You just have to click on its corresponding text to activate this function and, from that moment, all the software installed through this digital store will be updated autonomously when new versions are available on the network.

*Note: However, it is also important to note that if you use the second one, many updates may be downloaded and installed even when you are away from home. Thus, they use your data connection and can involve a more than considerable expense, especially if it is new versions that are quite large. In case of having a fairly limited rate, it is a fact to take into account and the option to update only when connected to a Wi-Fi network .

Update apps one by one

There is also the possibility that you prefer to establish that some applications are updated manually and others not. In that case, repeat all the steps that we have previously listed and check the option “Do not update applications automatically”.

Then, what you have to do is enter each of them individually and, through their settings, choose if you want them to search for updates without asking or not, you can see an example by entering: activate and deactivate WhatsApp updates manually.

It is a more tedious process, but also more selective. If you want only a small group of your programs to be always alert to be renewed by downloading and installing new versions, it is the best option you have.

APKUpdater: An alternative method to automatically update your APKs

Another option to have all the newer versions of your apps is using programs designed for this. There are some apps that are downloaded and installed outside of the Play Store, so they cannot be updated in the same way as those that are obtained through it, they are known as APKs. To solve this, the best option is download and install APKUpdater. To do this, follow the download links that we leave you below, they are 100% safe:

Download and install APKUpdater latest version

When you finish downloading, just open it and enter its configuration section. There, you can prepare it to notify you in case there is an update available for any of your apps and, although you will have to download the APKs you want one by one, what this tool will do is notify you of the new available upgrades .

If you have any doubts or questions, leave them in the comments, it will surely be of great help to more members of the community, thank you! 😉

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