UPDATE BQ Phones and Tablets  ▷ Step by Step Guide 2020

Currently there is a huge variety of mobile phone manufacturers. From the most popular brands like Apple or Samsung to others closer and even national (Spain) such as BQ. The latter is a signature that was born in Spain back in 2009, with the release of his first eBook, and since then he has done nothing but eexpand your catalog of devices with smartphones, tablets and everything that can carry the word “smart”.

Like any electronic device, BQ devices also have updates that help improve their use and performance. Similar to how Android is updatedThe operating system that they use is renewed from time to time; The devices of this company follow the same path periodically and always pointing upwards, looking for more and more improvements.

If you want to know how to update all BQ devices and phones that you have or that you plan to acquire, in this guide we are going to explain everything with hair and signs. You can download and install updates through two different ways that we will detail and always have the newest version of Android in these very useful gadgets.

Steps to follow to install the latest BQ updates

Along with this, we will also help you to know how solve problems that may appear due to lack of space, or when the updater refuses to proceed even with sufficient storage available. These solutions serve to bypass these small bumps and always stay updated in the most recent version available on the market.

There are several methods to install the latest updates for BQ smartphones.. Well you can do it from manually via internet and making a series of downloads or follow the process through the mobile phone and its menus through the OTA (On The Air) system. Here we are going to explain the steps to follow through any of the methods you prefer:

Via OTA: Step 1 – Enter the smartphone settings

Guide to update BQ phone step by step

If there is a update available, the operating system will notify you to inform you about it and invite you to install it. You can accept directly to start the download or postpone it to do it and continue with the installation at another time.

In the latter case, what you should do when you want to use the newest version is to start by going to the section “Settings”. Look for the icon with a gear and click on it to enter it.

Via OTA: Step 2 – Go to the updates section

Now, you will probably have to enter the submenu “About of the phone” and then in “Upgrades“Or something similar, although it varies depending on the model, the other alternative is to look directly in the settings, the option”Update software”And press on it.

In the new window that appears, you will have in front of you the newest version available for download. Click on it and accept so that start installing on your BQ device. Remember that it is advisable to have the phone connected to its charger and to a Wi-Fi network . Once finished, let it reboot and log back in to have the new Android update for your BQ device. Done!.

Via web: Step 1 – Enter the BQ download section

BQ device update download area

Access the download area official brand. With it, you will directly access the download section of the devices you want to update.

*Note: The BQ website is currently down.

Choose the division or category you prefer by clicking on it and, later, specify the model in question choosing among all those that appear on the screen. You have between:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • E-Readers
  • 3D world
  • Educational robotics
  • 3D scanner
  • Milling cut

Via web: Step 2 – Choose the download file

Now, and according to which category you chose, you will have before you all the available models that BQ has, find yours and click on it. In this step you have available all possible downloads for your device. The most recommended is always choose the one that is higher, since it will be the most recent.

Make sure to always choose the one that contains the word “Firmware”, Since it is a update for Android operating system. Once you choose, click and the files will start to download automatically.

Via web: Step 3 – Install the update

Download Drivers and Tools for BQ phone

Once the previous step is finished, you must continue on the download page of your device and go down almost to the bottom until you find the “Drivers”. There, click “Drivers & Tools” to install the tools you need. These Drivers will be necessary to transfer and install the previously downloaded firmware to your BQ device.

Once you have them, open them and connect your smartphone or tablet to the PC via the USB cable. You just have to follow a few simple steps so that the OS update is installed on it and you can start using it.

I can’t update my BQ phone due to lack of space. What should I do? Here the solution

To be able to perform an update on a BQ phone, as in any other, it is necessary to have a minimum of free space to be able to download the files that are used to carry out the update. In case of not having enough storage, it is recommended to clean files that are not used. Find old photos, videos and tries to eliminate all the waste that is stored by web browsing, the use of social networks and any other application.

Of course, Also try removing old apps or apps that you hardly use anymore. Sometimes a lot of software accumulates that is not used and whose sole purpose ends up being to accumulate dust in your list of programs while consuming a space that can be useful to update.

Still having the problem of lack of space despite having enough to update your BQ phone? Then, you need to clear your system cache. To do this, you have to follow the steps that we are going to indicate below:

  • Turn off your smartphone and restart it. However, to turn it on, press and hold the volume up button and the power button at the same time. Thus, until the logo of the brand appears on the screen. At that point, you can release both buttons.
  • The menu that appears now is very different from the one for accessing the operating system. Its about “Android System Recovery” (“Android System Recovery”). In it, you can scroll using the volume buttons, since the touch screen does not work, and confirm your selection with the on / off button.
  • Now, go to the option “Wipe Cache Partition” using the buttons that we have indicated and press on it.
  • When the procedure you just started is finished, you will appear on a screen with the texts completely in English. Go to “Reboot System Now”And press the button to accept. Thus, you will restart your smartphone.
  • This time, let it start as normal and, when Android has already started, please update your BQ phone again. This time, the update will install without any error message due to lack of space.

If you have any doubts or questions, leave them in the comments, it will surely be of great help to more members of the community, thank you! 😉

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