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One of the most recurrent questions from our readers is that of how to update the browser, either web or mobile, and this type of tool is much more important than we think a priori, since having outdated browsers can lead to serious security and incompatibility problems with other applications. Therefore, having the latest version of our internet browser is a fundamental task for any user who accesses the network daily or occasionally.

Thanks to this specific type of software We can access millions of pages of content and information that the Internet offers us. These can show us data that includes texts, images, audio or video, the so-called multimedia that together make up a web page. For those who still do not know, the pages or web addresses are referenced by a URL, serving as an example this: https://internetpasoapaso.com/actualizar-whatsapp/ It contains the SSL security protocol as well as the most popular domain extension, the .com.

Thanks to the browsers, we can easily and quickly access these web addresses, where we can find the famous hyperlinks or links, the so-called links that communicate with other web addresses, whether they are from the same domain or another external domain, allowing us to navigate the internet through them.

What kinds of features are most important in web browsers?

The vast majority of Web browsers or Web Browse They are free and share certain similar characteristics that allow us certain functionalities, among them the following stand out:

  • The possibility of entering a web address to access the information contained therein in the form of a web page.
  • Interpret the information written on the Web page (in a language called HTML) and display it to the user in an intelligible way.
  • Access other Web addresses contained in the Web page through the use of hyperlinks.
  • The option to install add-ons (or plug-ins) to interpret certain types of complex information (such as Flash technology) or to increase the functionality of the browser.
  • The creation of an organized set of Web addresses of interest that we want to keep as “Favorites”.
  • The possibility of downloading files from the Internet for later use on the computer.

It is because of that have the new updated versions of these browsers is vitally important so as not to lose the functionalities and technical characteristics that each update incorporates or improves, since if for any reason we are using an outdated version of the browser, we may have problems of security vulnerabilities such as losing certain functions that have been outdated.

What are the most used web browsers and how can we update them?

Statistics volume of use of web browsers in the world

According to the latest statistics by user volume, the most used web browsers are:

  • Google Chrome (53.92%)
  • Safari (14.39%)
  • UC Browser (8.58%)
  • Mozilla Firefox (5.93%)
  • Internet Explorer (3.93%)
  • Opera (3.83%)

There are many more browsers, among them, many are multiplatform, which means that they are valid for mobile devices as well as for computers and laptops, others are used only for smartphones, such as Android. Below you can go to the step-by-step guides to update the browser that you like the most:

Historical evolution of the use of browsers from 1996 to 2019

Use of Internet browsers (1996-2019)

Why should I update my web browser to the latest version?

exist various factors or reasons for which it is very important to have our web browser updated, we have named many of these reasons throughout the article, we will see in more detail what these reasons are and why they are.

For security

One of the most important reasons for you to consider whether or not to update the version of your browser is security, and is that every day thousands of attacks from anywhere in the world put our cybersecurity at risk and therefore make it more difficult for users. Responsible for the injection of malicious codes, viruses or malware is a fundamental task and obligation as Internet users. To have all security updates a day is essential work.

Due to malfunctions

On many occasions, while we browse through the network, we verify that certain applications that we had installed or some functionalities that we had stop working, in most cases it is because the browser requires an update, since it has undergone improvements and requires of user intervention to improve performance by updating.

For better performance and accessibility

What is true is that an updated browser has better performance than one without updating. This is so, above all, because browsers usually incorporate improvements and new functions that help in navigation and facilitate searches. In addition to an increase in browsing speed and usability.

If you have any doubts or questions, leave them in the comments, it will surely be of great help to more members of the community, thank you! 😉

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