UPDATE DirectX  ▷ For Windows 10 and 7 ▷ 2020 Step by step

Directx DirectX Logo Icon is a collection of resources and API’s created by Microsoft. It is necessary to have this software up to date because many games and multimedia applications require it to be able to take advantage of the hardware that the computers have. But, How can you update DirectX to its latest version for free so that this is still possible? let’s see it!.

In 1995, Directx DirectX Logo Icon appeared to revolutionize the market and become something essential to be able to play or use certain applications within a computer with Windows operating system. To be able to take full advantage of it, we must make sure that we have all the libraries up to date, as they become, as we say, indispensable, it is practically an art of magic; we do not update and errors begin.

As this software is designed, above all, to improve performance in games, take full advantage of the computer’s hardware and be able to correct bugs as far as possible, we need to review versions and ignore the advice to only place a specific version.

Update DirectX for Windows 10

Check directX version in Windows 10

Generally, when Windows system updates are installed through Windows update, the update of the latest versions of DirectX DirectX Logo Icon, which means it is rare that you need to do it yourself. Although, in any case, the installation can be done manually. We will see how to do it in a simple and free way.

As of today, this operating system needs to have from the DirectX version 12 DirectX Logo Icon and Microsoft has reported that comes installed as standard already on all devices that have Windows 10. Still, we explain the steps to check the version we have.

Check the current version

First of all, you have to check the version we have installed on our computer. To know what it is, we must follow the following steps:

  1. Press the key combination “Windows + R”. Windows + R key combination
  2. Write the command “dxdiag”If the quotes and we hit”To accept“.
  3. A message appears asking us if we really want to check the version, we click on “Yes“In many cases we will need to be connected to the internet.
  4. A window will open where you can see the details of your computer’s hardware. If we search, we will see that the name of the version of DirectX that our team has will appear in the last option of all.

At the moment, the company has not provided a download link for this program, but what it does provide is a link to inform about the downloads that may exist when DirextX 12 is available. If we want to have the latest version, we will have to upgrade Windows 10 version from here.

*Note: You may have Windows 10 and don’t have DirectX 12 DirectX Logo Icon, but in that case it will be a hardware compatibility issue, so the error will be solved in the next updates.

Update DirectX for Windows 7

Steps to install the latest version directx windows 7

For the operating system of Windows 7, the most current version that DirectX exists DirectX Logo Icon it’s 11. If you follow the steps that I indicate below, you can have this program compatible with the newest games and applications in a very simple way.

  1. First, you must access the DirectX official website and download the corresponding version. As we have said before, it is necessary download the v.11 executable since here.
  2. We locate the executable file that we have just downloaded (it will be in your default download folder or in the location you have chosen) and we double click on it for the installation to begin. In less than ten minutes you will have all the news about this program on your device.
  3. Don’t forget to accept the Agreements, Terms and Conditions clicking on the button “Yes”.
  4. You must choose the location where you want the software to be installed although, by default, it will be done in the folder “Program files”. I recommend that you create a specific folder for this, like “DirectX versions“.
  5. The files will be downloaded in a compressed file type .rar, so they will have to be removed.
  6. After doing so, double click on the file “DXSetUp.exe”.
  7. You will have to accept again the Agreements and Terms of the program by clicking on “I accept the contract”.
  8. Now click on “Next”To continue moving between screens.
  9. Finally, installation will begin and we will just have to wait until it ends.
  10. When this process finishes, the window will close, although no further notice will appear.

*Note: If you want to check if the installation has completed successfully, you can, as we have commented before, follow the steps given to check the version you have.

Download and install the latest version of DirectX for free

As we said, all Windows operating systems include DirectX DirectX Logo Icon by default, each one in the maximum version that they support at the time of its launch. Even so, Microsoft has posted updated versions on its online site. If you continue with the steps that I indicate below, you can update it on any computer or version.

DirectX 11 download link

  1. First, you must access the DirectX official page on the Microsoft website or the link we provide.
  2. Select the version you are interested in downloading and click on the red button “to download”.
  3. When the download is finished, double click to run the installer.
  4. From this moment on, you will have to follow the instructions that appear on the screen. These will consist of clicking on the button “Next”Or”Yes“until the end of the installation.
  5. Even if the system does not ask you, restart your computer so that the changes are perfectly stored and they are made effective without giving rise to conflicts.

*Note: The installer may ask you to install Bing. Ignore and uncheck this option to continue with the installation without having this new “friend” 😉.

If you have any doubts or questions, leave them in the comments, it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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