UPDATE GOOGLE +  ▷ Install Android and IOS Version 2020

Google has spread over a multitude of territories after having positioned itself as the online search engine most used around the globe. The gigantic multinational has also become one of the most avant-garde companies in terms of research, content supply and aspires to do the same in many facets. In fact also has launched into the field of social networks.

These platforms, which are the place where people communicate most frequently, where they look for more information or where they simply share everything they want, are the ecosystem in which this company wants to try to set trends also through Google+. This is the social network you want to open space and where they already have a huge number of users.

If you are already one of them, you are probably wondering how to install and update Google+ to the latest version available. Fortunately, this guide is designed to solve that question in great detail and accompanying you in all the steps that you must carry out to achieve this application improvement that is available in all smart devices on the market.

Update the Google Plus App to the latest version

Yes, there are totally free Google Plus apps and fully compatible with both Android as with ios And, whether you are a user of the platform you are, we are going to give you a cable so that you do not have any complications to install the reviews of this social application that more and more people use.

If you don’t want to get lost in the processYou just have to follow the instructions that we are going to carry out step by step and, in a matter of minutes, you will have the update more than installed and ready so that you can get the most out of it.

It does not matter if you are the owner of a terminal with Android or iOS, the Google+ social network has an application available on both operating systems so that users have full access to it without encountering any restrictions.

If you want have the latest Google Plus update on your cell phone and smartphoneYou should know that it is highly recommended to enjoy the improvements in the interface, in the content distribution and, above all, in the performance, follow everything that we tell you in this section. You are going to learn how to perform the update on phones with Google’s OS and those with Apple’s, the iPhone.

On Android

Install and update Google Plus APP for Android

The most common in Android operating systems, where in addition Google Plus is a native tool, you do not have to do anything to update this social network, since updates are normally done automatically.

In case you have disabled auto update featureBecause you prefer manual question something, you have to follow a series of steps to always have the newest version of Google+ installed on your smartphone. Therefore, we are going to explain all the steps to follow below:

  • Enter the Google Play Store Google Play Store icon. To access this digital store, you just have to look for its icon in the list of applications on your phone and click on it.
  • Once inside this, the main screen shows you software that may be of interest to you and new apps. However, you should head to the top, to the search bar and write in it “Google+”.
  • When you do it, choose the first result that appears, with the icon that corresponds to the application, and click on it to access its description file.
  • In case you have previously downloaded it and there is an update available, you just have to press the button “To update” to start downloading and installing the update files. If you didn’t have it, the button will be called “Install”And it will do the same. Done!.

On iPhone

Install and update Google Plus iPhone iOS app

IOS devices, especially iPhone, happens something similar to Android. The operating system usually has the option to perform automatic downloads without requesting permission from the user, so updates are made without interfering at any point in the process, unless it is necessary to connect to a wireless network for a large download size.

In the event that this option is disabled, you can proceed with la manual update of Google+ on iOS. To achieve this, you must follow the instructions we will explain right now:

  • First, search for the app with the name “App Store” APP Store icon. The Apple digital store is the place from which all applications can be updated with their newest versions. When you find it click on its icon to enter.
  • Once you are in it, you must put aside all the searches and options that appear on the screen to focus on the lower right. There, you must click on the button with the name “Updates”. In this way, you will access a panel fully focused on its settings.
  • You will have in front of you a list with all the apps installed on the iPhone and linked to your Apple ID. What you should do now is scroll through them until I find the Google+, which you must have previously installed.
  • When you find it, just look to the right to see if the button is available “To update”. If there is an update it should appear to obtain it. If it is not, it is because you already have the most current revision of the app.
  • After clicking there, you just have to wait for the iPhone to do the rest. It will download the files and install them without you having to do anything else. Easy!.

Download the Google Plus APK in its latest version

Another way to get the newest version of Google+ is installing it through the APK. To do this, follow these steps that we indicate:

Download APK Google Plus new version

  • Enter the section “Settings“Your mobile phone and inside, go to “Advanced settings”.
  • Now, in the list of options that there are, go to the section “Security”. Then you have to look for the section “Apps of unknown origin” and click on it if it is not activated. Thus, Android will not put any problem when trying to install.
  • The next thing is to download the APK file with the Google+ update. You can do so directly through your smartphone by clicking on the links we provide you above are 100% safe.
  • Wait for the download to finish and, using a program to explore the files, go to the folder where it was downloaded. When you find it click on the file and accept to start installing the new version. Ready!.

*Upgrade: According to the latest news from Google, the social network Google+ will cease to be active from the day April 2, 2019Therefore you may still not using, installing or creating new accounts in this network, DEP: Google+.

Your Google+ page and other Google+ pages will be unavailable on April 2, 2019

If you have any doubts or questions, leave them in the comments, it will surely be of great help to more members of the community, thank you! 😉

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