UPDATE GOOGLE PLAY STORE  ▷ The Latest Trick in 2020

Hi, I bring you a very precise guide to have the latest update of the official Google app on our smartphone, yes, yes, the famous Play Store !. And is that Google Play Store Google Play Store logo

It is itself an app where you can search for millions of apps and as such, it requires updates to function properly, in many cases, we think that since it comes installed as standard on Android phones, you will not need them, but the fact is that it does.

The largest application store designed for phones with Android systems is part of those apps that are part of the basic and essential services that our devices have included, since if it, it would be more difficult to download hundreds and hundreds of mobile applications that so much we love.

An interesting fact and that you can tell your friends to give them a “real geek” is that the applications that come pre-installed from the factory on phones and tablets are called Bloatware, whether designed by the device manufacturer itself or those manufactured by third parties, as is the case with Google Apps, including YouTube, Gmail, Maps, Google Plus, Hangouts, Google Play Books, or own Google Play Store Google Play Store icon


How to update Play Store manually and also for free?

Data aside, to give you an answer to the question that has sent you here from “How to update the Google Play Store app?” tell you that having the latest update is much more important than you might think a priori since when this happens, our phone is much safer and offers us greater elements and functionalities than those who do not have their apps properly updated.

We can meet before 4 possible circumstances in which we need to install and update it manually:

  • That the manufacturer of the phone has not installed it by default on the mobile (only happens in very specific cases).
  • In certain cases, the so-called synchronization failure occurs with our Gmail account associated with the Google Play Store.
  • That the automatic update system takes longer than desired.
  • And finally, that we want to anticipate the new scheduled updates and be the first to enjoy the new features.

Google Play Store logo Update Google Store manually with APK

A new version of google play store will be downloaded and installed

We follow the following steps:

Download APK Google Play Last Version

  • Step 1: Go to Settings> Security> Unknown sources / Unknown sources and activate this option.
  • Step 2: We proceed to download the APK file from the Play Store from the links provided above, they are 100% safe.
  • Step 3: If we do this process from the computer, it is enough to connect the cell phone through the USB cable to the PC, we open the folder where all the apps of our mobile are located and we copy the APK file directly there.
  • Step 4: If we click twice on the APK file, the installation of the Google Play update that we have previously downloaded will begin automatically.
  • Step 5: After finishing this process, don’t forget to deactivate the permissions again installation of apps of unknown origin, that is, we do the same as in step 1 but in reverse.

Full! enjoy with the new version!

Google Play Store logo Update the Play Store from within the same app

An alternative and lesser known method to force the update manually and no need for APK is the next:

  • Step 1: Open the Google Play Store app and go to Settings, which is at the bottom just when you click on the drop-down menu that appears in the upper left.
  • Step 2: Scroll down and press where it says “Play Store version“If there is a new update we can install it, if you tell us with the following message that”Google Play Store is up to date“We will have to try the previous method.

How to update Android application Google Play Store APK

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about Google Play Store

Questions and answers about problems, bugs or errors that we may have when using the Android app store. Troubleshooting and typical questions that we all ask ourselves, if after reading them you still have some kind of doubt, you can leave it in the comments, surely your questions or advice will help many more colleagues.

What is the Google Play Store for?

Without a doubt this is the largest application store and with greater number of apps for Android mobile devices that we can find. With it we can search for countless new applications of all kinds, in addition to games, movies, books, music or the kiosk option. All of them are categorized by the most popular, families or categories.

The vast majority they are free but some are paid, although their prices are very affordable and will give us more features and functionalities. The great play store advantage, is that all the apps and other files that you can download to your cell phone are completely safe since they have gone through a series of filters to confirm their safety for the end user.

How do I know the version that I have installed from Google Play Store on my cell phone?

A simple and quick step-by-step list here:

  • Step 1: Go to Settings within the Play Store application, for this you will have to display the menu that is in the upper left part of your screen with this symbol and when the side menu is displayed, scroll down to the bottom.
  • Step 2: Once you see inside Settings, we go to the bottom where it reads “Play Store version“, it is there where we will be able to know the version that we have installed and thus know if we have it updated or not.

How can I activate my Google Play account on my phone or tablet?

If your mobile device works with the Android system, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: If you don’t have a Google account you can create one here.
  • Step 2: Let’s go to Settings of our smartphone or tablet
  • Step 3: We enter Accounts> My accounts> Add account
  • Step 4: We access where the Google logo appears Logo of Google and we follow the instructions that they indicate, it is very simple and intuitive

*Note: To be able to activate several accounts you will only have to repeat the steps as many times as accounts you want to add.

How can I uninstall the Play Store app from my smartphone?

The google store, being in most cases a native application and pre-installed on smartphones, the way to uninstall it is not done in the same way as an app installed by ourselves, in fact, we can only disable it, to do this, follow these simple steps :

  • Step 1: Let’s go to Settings> More> Application manager
  • Step 2: Once inside, we look for the Google Play Store Google Play Store logo and we agree
  • Step 3: Several options will appear, the one that interests us is “To disable
  • Step 4: The following message will be displayed “Delete all data and deactivate the application?“If we agree we give To accept and ready!

Sometimes due to update errors or simply because we do not use this app, we will be interested in uninstalling and disabling it.

How to unlock the content control pin from the Play Store?

This problem occurs when we have blocked by means of a pin or secret number some content available in the Play Store and for some reason we have forgotten the pin or it gives us an error when entering it. The solution is simple, just enter Google Play, we display the menu, we enter Settings, and we seek User Controls and Parental ControlWhen entering, we can activate or deactivate this option through a tab.

Are there alternatives to Google Play Store to download applications?

Of course, in fact for some users there are other better options to download and install the apps. Google Play is undoubtedly the most famous and used, since in most Android mobile devices it is installed as standard, but not the only one. We review other market of applications that we can use:

  • Uptodown
  • MoboMarket
  • Aptoid
  • Amazon Appstore
  • F-Droid
  • SlideMe
  • APK Mirror

What does it mean that the Play Store receives silent updates?

Well yes, they are silent because most of the times that developers include a new update to download from Google Play we don’t even know about it, that is, installs automatically, that’s why they go unnoticed and we believe that Android app store is not updating.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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