UPDATE HOTMAIL Mail to the new OUTLOOK  ▷ Step by Step

Microsoft’s email system It has undergone a number of major changes since it appeared more than a decade ago. The American company was one of the pioneers when it came to launching into the field of mail through the internet with Hotmail, something that soon would accompany the instant messaging system Windows Messenger.

Today, that entire system has been scrapped to advocate for something much more centralized. Since Windows 10 hit the market, the Redmond company has opted to bring it all together with a common account system. Thus, PC and computer users Xbox consoles They have a unique and synchronized profile that is used to record all their activity and even the friends they add.

As a result of all this process, Outlook established itself as the standard for e-mail. Thus, those who have the old Microsoft profile now wonder how to update Hotmail email to new Outlook, and here we are going to explain everything that must be done to carry out this procedure easily and simply.

How to upgrade the old Hotmail email to the new version of Outlook.com?

The purpose of this guide is to explain all the steps to be carried out in great detail so that there is no room for confusion and so that, in addition, you can delete your old email to keep only the new one. There are more and more users migrating to Outlook.com, and you can now join them thanks to this short and detailed tutorial. You just have to do everything that we are going to indicate below.

Before Outlook became Microsoft’s only option for querying its users’ email addresses over the web, we had the option to use Hotmail. However, some time ago the company decided to say goodbye to everything previously established to unify everything with its new account system.

Therefore, you have to perform a small procedure if you want upgrade old Hotmail mail to new version of Microsoft Outlook. If done, neither old emails nor the access password are lost, although the old e-mail ending “@ hotmail.com or .es“For the new,”@ outlook.com or .es”. This is what you must do to renew your email:

1 – Enter the Microsoft Outlook website

Open your trusted web browser and, once you are in front of it, go to the address bar at the top to enter the URL that we leave you next: https://login.live.com/.

When you do, you will go directly to the page of Outlook login. This is where you should start to make your mail change.

2 – Enter your old user data

Although the platform has nothing to do with Hotmail, log in as usual. Starts with enter your Hotmail email address in the email section and click on “Next” by the end.

Sign in to Microsoft Outlook

Then, type the access password for that account in the next field that appears on the screen. Tap on “Log in” to continue.

Enter password to access Outlook account

In case you don’t remember the password, you have the option “I forgot my password”. In it you can follow a brief procedure to regain access to your profile on Hotmail.com.

3 – Enter your mailbox

Once inside the main panel of your Hotmail user, under your name and your email address the option “More actions”. Click on it to bring up a drop-down menu.

From the options that appear, press “View inbox” to advance. You will be sent to the Outlook.com web manager.

Indicate the time slot that corresponds to you and the language you want. The latter, as a general rule, must be Spanish. When you have indicated it in the two fields that appear, click on “save”.

4 – Edit your profile

Go to edit Hotmail account profile

When you are already in the mailbox, click on your profile picture. It’s in the upper-right part of the window. When doing so, a menu will appear in which you must choose the option “Edit profile”.

Hotmail Manage login email or phone number

With the basic data about your user on the screen, next to the e-mail address should be the text “Manage login email or phone number”. Click on it to start with the mail change.

5 – Access the data modification menu

First, Microsoft needs you to enter a mobile phone number that has to be connected to your account to protect it more. Write it in the third field available on the screen and click on “Next” to advance.
Verify Hotmail account SMS code

You will receive an SMS on the phone indicated with a 4 digit password, write it in the blank space that appears in the browser and continue.

Now, you will have to retype the password of your user profile and continue. Again, you will be prompted that you ask for another access code over the phone. Request it by writing the last four digits of the mobile number and, again, write the string of numbers that you receive via SMS. After doing so, click on “Check”.

6 – Enter your renewed data

Now, after doing all the passwords and keys process, you will find yourself in the Microsoft login manager. In the sections “Account aliases“You will have the current Hotmail email that you have and want to renew. Click on “Add email”.

On the screen that now appears, leave the option “Create a new email address and add it as an alias”. You can choose the same one you had before, only now it will count with the ending “@ outlook.es” or “@ Outlook.com”, depending on what you decide.

Add Microsoft Outlook account alias

Write the one you have chosen and click on “Add aliases”. If it has not been used by another user, you will return to the administration panel.

7 – Choose your new main account

What you have to do next is set this new email as your main option to login to Outlook. To do this, without leaving the login administration window, in the “Account aliases”, You will see that both the old and the new appear. Next to the latter, click on “Make main”. Microsoft will ask you if you are sure what step you are going to take. Push the button “Yes” to continue.

8 – Delete your old email

Since Hotmail is something that is already completely obsolete, what remains to be done is get rid of your old email address. Continuing in the window where we were before, click on “Remove“, Next to the old email. In the pop-up window, you just have to click on “To accept” and the procedure will be over.

If you have any doubts or questions, leave them in the comments, it will surely be of great help to more members of the community, thank you! 😉

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