Update Microsoft EDGE  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Starting in 2015, Microsoft developed a new web browser that allows for better operational functions compared to its predecessor. Internet explorer, called Edge.

Thanks to this tool, the user can have a virtual voice assistant that saves time in executing functions such as website searches, open or close an application. While it is true that many customers assume that Cortana is a weak point with respect to the protection of user privacy, this tool is considered a great technological advance by Microsoft.

An open source system is currently being developed with “Chromium” Google, in order to improve those issues that they don’t allow Edge to be a next-gen web browser.

What is Microsoft Edge and why was this browser created?


Edge is the browser that belongs to the Microsoft company and that is included in the package of the OS Windows 10. In this way, it replaces the traditional Internet Explorer that was used by default in previous versions of the operating system.

With Edge, Microsoft offers the possibility of having a web browser that is developed with standards necessary for the operability of a modern web. In this way the user can make annotations on the different websites, have a voice digital assistant (called Cortana) and store in the cloud, through One Drive, all files or documents that can be had on a computer or mobile. It has a built-in default reader PDF, EPUB and Adobe Flash Player.

With this browser, the company is looking to have a rendering engine that allows to have, both on a PC and on a Smartphone, better JavaScript performance. While it is true that Microsoft promised to develop improvements and have a better engine through an open source of “Chromium”, still this tool it is not compatible with ActiveX and Browser Helper Object.

Steps to update Microsoft EDGE to the latest version available on Windows 10

As we have discussed before, Edge comes by default with the Windows 10 operating system. The important thing in this case, is to know that the browser is updated automatically when Windows 10 updates are made. Therefore, there is no possibility to download an installer to improve the version of Microsoft Edge.

So, to run the browser update, we must select the Windows 10 improvements. To do this, we will perform this procedure:

  • We go to the menu of “Start” and we select “Setting”. Another way to do this is through the following command “Windows + I”.
  • Once we have opened this panel, we will click on “Update and Security”.
  • Next, we select in the left panel, “Windows Update”.
  • At this time we will check if there are updates available for the operating system. If there is a new one, we will have to click on it to refresh the version.

With these steps we will have increased the Edge update, through the Windows 10 update.

If we want to know what version we have of Microsoft Edge, we must go to the browser and select in the upper right “Menu”. Next, we will choose “Setting” and we will click on “About this application”.

How to upgrade Internet Explorer to EDGE fast and easy?

Windows 10 not only has Microsoft Edge integrated, but also to the Internet Explorer 11 browser. Which is included for compatibility reasons with the operating system, with Edge being the default web browser.

When we have an OS prior to Windows 10 we will not be able to access the Edge browser. To do this, we will have to install an update to the operating system.

We will have to direct to “Setting” and we select “Update and Security”. At this time we have to click on “Windows 10” and click on “To accept”.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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