Technology has gained in complexity and advances at a devilish rate in the last decade. This evolution is something that applies both in the hardware terrain, the devices as such, as in the software, the programs that are inside. And it is something that we can easily see by browsing the internet. Web portals are now much more complex than they were before, with a large amount of content of all kinds alternating with total normality and fluidity to achieve a perfect user experience.

As a result of this, many companies have had to add extra functions to web browsers so there are no problems viewing certain elements when browsing the internet. Microsoft, the computer giant, could not be less in this sense and, with this purpose, launched in 2007 the first version of Silverlight, a framework for web applications that contemplates the use of all kinds of multimedia elements.

Not having the newest versions of this system can lead to serious problems of incompatibilities with certain online pages, although currently HTML5 is fighting to avoid that. Thus, it is very important to know how Microsoft Silverlight is updated to the new version, not only to ensure that you always have the most current and recent version, but also to avoid any problems arising while browsing the internet.

Update Silverlight for Windows 7 and 10 step by step

This little guide will help you to carry out these updates without problems, and also to know what to do to carry out a clean and clean installation of new versions of Silverlight. Everything so that your problems with websites are reduced to zero and you can enjoy the content they have without any fear of running into incompatibilities or operating problems.

Microsoft has incorporated a system of automatic and free updates on their latest operating systems so that your users don’t have to go to your online portal every time they want to install system patches. Among these improvements is everything related to Silverlight.

Because of this, to update Silverlight for Windows 7 and 10, the steps to follow involve entering the system of Windows update. Something that we will explain below in both operating systems:

Silverlight update on Windows 7

Install update Windows Update windows 7

To have the latest version of Silverlight on your Windows 7 operating system, follow these steps:

  • Click on the Windows Start button Start button Windows 7 (bottom left of the screen) and, in the menu that appears, click on “Control Panel”To access the computer configuration section.
  • Once inside, you must look for the section “Security system” and click on it.
  • In the list of options and sections that appear, go to “Windows update”And click on“Search for updates”So that the system begins to register the networks in search of an update.
  • If there are, the team will ask you to install them immediately, separating the important ones from the optional ones. The usual thing is that Silverlight is part of what are considered important updates, so if they appear, you just have to press the button “Install updates”.
  • A form may appear with usage data and license terms. In that case, check the box “I accept the license terms” and then click on “Finalize”.

*Note: After this, the computer will start to install this refreshed package. When finished, it will likely request a restart of the computer. Accept and turn off the computer to re-enter the operating system later with the new upgrades installed and working.

Silverlight update on Windows 10

Check for important updates Windows 10

In the case of having Windows 10 and wanting to install the newest update of Microsoft Silverlight, you must proceed as explained below:

  • Click on the start button and, in the drop-down menu, click on the gear icon to access the section “Setting” operating system.
  • In the window, scroll down to the bottom in the string of icons that appear and click on “Update and security”.
  • Now, in the new screen that you will have in front of you, you just have to click on the button “Search for updates” for the team to check for news.
  • If so, you will be told that there is updates prepared for the installation. Click on “Next“And, when the message with the license terms appears, in”Accept and install”.

*Note: Doing this will install all available updates And, if there is any for Silverlight, this will also be completely revamped, making our team much more efficient and better.

Download and install the latest version of Microsoft Silverlight for free

Another alternative for those do not want to resort to the Windows Update system consists of performing the updates manually. it’s possible download and install latest version of Microsoft Silverlight for free and without problems. You just have to enter the Microsoft portal and access its downloads section to do so.

Download and install Microsoft Silverlight new version

To have the newest version of this software without paying anything, follow the steps indicated here:

Download latest version Silverlight Windows

Download latest version Silverlight Mac

  • Enter the Microsoft Silverlight download website, you can access from here, or you can also download directly from the links that we provide above, they are 100% safe.
  • If you chose to enter the official website, you will have directly accessed the Silverlight download center. Now under the text “Direct Download Links”, you must choose the option that corresponds to you:
    • “Install for Windows”
    • “Install for Macintosh”
  • On this occasion and for users of Windows OS, we will choose the first one by clicking on it, if you operating system is Mac, you must choose the second option.
  • After doing so, the computer will begin to download the installer on your hard drive. Once it is finished, just open it by accessing the download folder or through the download manager of your browser.
  • *IMPORTANT: you must click with the right button on the file and choose the option “Execute as an administratorOtherwise the installation will fail (for Windows users only).
  • Run as Silverlight administrator

    • The installer will open. Check or uncheck the two boxes according to your preferences and press the button “Install Now”.
    • When the process is finished, you will be told that everything is complete, as well as that you will probably have to restart your web browser for the changes to take effect. Tap on “Close” in order to finish the installation.

    *Note: It is likely that, on occasion, the operating system asks to restart the computer. Accept the message that appears on the screen in that case and turn off the computer if you want that the next time you go online you can have Silverlight capabilities.

    If you have any doubts or questions, leave them in the comments, it will surely be of great help to more members of the community, thank you! 😉

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