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The company Xiaomi It has been active since 2010, but it was not until November 2017 that it began to operate properly in Spain. The Asian firm has brought to our country a large number of mobile phones famous for their performance and low prices. The Xiaomi smartphones They are more than known for being suitable for all budgets and for not giving up good performance, or even quality finishes.

Many of these phones can rival other much more expensive in aspects such as cameras, processor, RAM and countless more features. As with all smartphones, keeping them updated is essential to achieve new improvements in the operating system (MIUI, based on Android) and avoid possible errors.

By installing patches, the user ensures that their phone is increasingly secure, and that they can also continue to get as much or more out of it. If you do not know how to update your Xiaomi phone to the latest version availableIn this step-by-step guide we explain all the steps you have to do to get it. With our guidelines you can install updates without problems, as long as there is one available for your smartphone.

Steps to update to MIUI 9, 10 or higher with the Xiaomi device updater

When installing updates on devices of this brand, You usually have a specialized assistant at your disposal. So that you do not have problems when using it and you can get the new version (and future ones) easily, we explain theThe steps to update to MIUI 9 with the Xiaomi mobile phone updater. A procedure that allows you to have updates long before the system itself notifies you of them.

1 – Download the ROM on your PC

To install the update before it arrives via OTA, you must enter the Xiaomi download website from your computer. Open your web browser and enter the following URL for it: https://en.miui.com/download.html

Once in it, look for the model that corresponds to your phone in the search engine that is under the orange bar and click on the corresponding result.

Choose your Xiaomi smartphone to update

In the section where you are now, look for the file you have, in the section “Version“, the text “MIUI9” specified or later, (10, 11 etc). When you find it, press the button “Download Full ROM“Which is just above in green, you can choose developer or stable version, the latter is recommended.

Download ROM Xiaomi phone

2 – Copy the ROM to your phone

When the file download is finished, connect your smartphone to the computer via the USB cable. When you do, remember to set the device to storage when prompted on it.

connect your smartphone to computer via USB cable

Now, go to the folder where the download was made and select ROM file to copy it. You must enter the storage unit created for the phone memory and browse for the folder “Downloaded_rom”. When you find it, go in and paste the file you copied earlier. Wait for the process to finish and disconnect the phone from the PC.

3 – Enter the updater of your Xiaomi smartphone

Now, on your mobile phone, you must go to the section “Settings” through its icon. It is usually shaped like a gear, so you will find it easily. Once inside, descend until you reach the section “About device” and enter it to access the updater or updater.

4 – Install MIUI 9

When you are already inside the Xiaomi Updater, click on the icon with 3 dots . When you do, a drop-down will open in which you must choose the option “Select upgrade package”, Which can also be in English (“Choose update package”).

Select Xiaomi update package

Now browse the directories and find the folder where the ROM with the update was copied. You must enter “downloaded_rom”And there you will find the file. Click on it.

Xiaomi downloaded_rom folder

The only thing left now is to wait. For a few seconds or a few minutes, the phone will work independently to install all the files of this review with MIUI 9 that you wanted to improve. When I finish, It will restart and you will be able to enter again by entering the corresponding passwords. You can now use this operating system on your Xiaomi phone.

The other possible option is to have the automatic system updates. In this case, all you have to do is wait for a new version to arrive, since the terminal itself will notify you that it is available for installation.

When this happens, you just have to accept and wait for both the download and the update to take place. However, this process usually takes some time, since the Xiaomi OTA system does not detect the updates at the moment, leaving even days in between until it notifies the user.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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