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To surf the internet you need a piece of software that becomes fundamental and absolutely necessary: a web browser. This tool is used to enter or exit the pages, to check email, to watch videos, to listen to music, to access social networks. Definitely, It is the window that we open from our computer or our smartphone to immerse ourselves fully in the network of networks, use it and take advantage of all the possibilities it offers us.

There are several browsers signed by major companies. We have Microsoft with Internet Explorer or Edge, to Google with Chrome and even to Opera Software with Opera. Here, we are going to dwell on the latter. It has become one of the favorite options due to its good performance and high compatibility with all types of protocols, in addition to having support for most operating systems on the market.

Usable on practically any device, it is a software that is not without improvements and revisions that seek to polish all its edges and enrich the user experience. Fortunately to know how to update Opera browser to the latest version no great effort is required. It is a fairly simple process that we are going to explain in detail so that you can do it in a matter of minutes.

Update and install Opera browser step by step

This guide will help you have the latest update for this web browser, in addition to knowing how adjust your auto update parameters as far as possible. Everything to be able to use it with total freedom and minimize the consumption of resources that it carries out on your device.

To update the Opera browser you have several options available:

  • Perform a manual update
  • Or an automatic

In this section we are going to explain what you should do in each one of them step by step, with a series of simple guidelines that you have to follow to carry out the process without complications.

Manual updates

How to install and update Opera browser for PC

The most common, despite the automation of update downloads, is that you have to perform manual updates to refresh the Opera web browser. Here, we tell you the steps you must follow to do this:

Download Opera for Windows

Download Opera for Mac

Download Opera for Linux

  • First of all, you must download to your device, whether mobile or desktop, the compatible file belonging to the latest version of this fantastic browser, choose the one that best suits your operating system, be it Windows, Mac, Android or iOS among others, we provide you with the download links more up, don’t worry, they are 100% reliable.
  • Once the installer has downloaded, open it to begin installation of the new version of Opera.
  • On the home screen, press directly on “Accept and install” to start.
  • Since it is a fully automated processAfter having pressed this button, you only have to wait a few seconds, or a few minutes (depending on the internet connection we have), until it finishes.
  • Behind this, Opera browser will open directly and you can start using it with its latest version installed. Ready!.

*Note: This procedure is the usual one, especially for perform “clean” installations, that is, without having the program previously on the computer. Even so, there is also the possibility of enjoying these reviews without having to do anything more than answer a question, something that we are going to explain now.

Automatic Updates

Automatic updates they can be enjoyed as long as the option to do so has been previously activated. On smartphones, make sure that the App Store APP Store icon (iOS) Y Google Play Store Google Play icon (Android) have the parameters adjusted to carry out these updates without the need for the user to interfere.

On PC, however, you have to enter Opera browser and modify certain settings in order to have this function activated.

  • We follow the sequence until we reach the last tab: .
  • In the section “Self-updating“or”Auto-update“At the end of the table, we will have a drop-down with a series of options to choose from:
    • Don’t check for updates: If we choose this option, the option to automatically update Opera will be completely disabled, therefore the entire process must be manual, this option is reserved for more advanced users.
    • Notify when there are new versions: If we choose to select this option, each time a new upgrade of this browser is launched, it will notify us by means of a popup or pop-up window when the browser starts, with an update available for download and installation.
    • Automatically install updates: If we want the whole process to be carried out 100% automatically and in the background, it is advisable to choose this option, in this way we will not be notified when the installation is carried out and we will always have the new version available working on our computer.
  • We click on “okay“to save the changes.

How to configure auto-update settings in Opera?

You probably want new versions of Opera to install automatically, without having to be aware of news or having to search for them in networks. To do this, you have to enable the update option in the configuration parameters of this browser.
How to configure Opera browser to cancel autoUpdate

Y, How to configure auto-update settings in Opera? Here we explain how to proceed step by step, although it is something that cannot be manipulated directly through the software, since it is programmed to always search for reviews.

  • Open file explorer from your computer and find the folder where the browser has been updated. The most common is that it is in the main hard drive, inside the folder “Program files”. Go there and look for a folder with the name “Opera”. When you locate it, go inside.
  • Once there, you have to go to the directory referring to the latest version you have installed. To see it, you must be in the Opera browser, click on its main icon (upper left corner) and click on “About Opera”. There, in the section “VersionYou will see which one you have and, therefore, the folder name that you should look for in your file explorer.
  • After this, take a look until you find the file “Opera_autoupdate.exe”. Change your name (you can give it a name that you will remember later that it is the edited file) and you will prevent automatic updates from taking place constantly and that the browser always look for reviews.
  • To reactivate them, rename the file with its original name so that the program detects it and continues pending new versions.

*Note: When the message requesting update appears, you can indicate that the installation be done at the moment or that it be left for another occasion. In fact, it is even possible to indicate when to remember the availability of this novelty to install it. Even so, the best option to cut your losses is the one we have indicated, although it is also somewhat more cumbersome than entering a settings menu that should be prepared for it.

If you have any doubts or questions, leave them in the comments, it will surely be of great help to more members of the community, thank you! 😉

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