Play on our mobile phones It has become the perfect pastime for those idle moments in transport or for those of extreme boredom. With our smartphone always on top, we can stock it with numerous applications designed for the sole purpose of offering some fun with which to kill time doing something that, at times, can even be addictive.

Games for mobile phones have grown in numbers and qualities exponentially in recent years, with developers that have emerged as true flagships of this branch of the video game industry. King, known for works such as Candy crush and now owned by the also gigantic Activision Blizzard, Clash of Clan or Pokemon go are just other examples of what we are talking about, and that is that there is a wide range of proposals designed for these users, and among them is Pet Rescue Saga.

The mechanism of this nice game is simple. The user must make chains of colors and shapes to release small animals and make combinations with which to make more and more points. A fairly simple approach, which requires a certain strategy and which enters through the eyes due to the charm of both the little characters that appear on the screen and the coloring of the visuals and the sympathy of melodies and sounds.

Update Pet Rescue Saga game to its latest version

Updates to this game, like any other, are a constant. Therefore, we are going to explain how to update Pet Rescue Saga for free, so that you can always enjoy its newest versions and make the most of all the improvements that its managers introduce. All gathered and well detailed in this guide so that just use a few simple steps on any device where you can enjoy this video game.

Every so often, King releases new versions in order to improve your games and keep making them more and more fun. Install the new updates of the Pet Rescue Saga game to have the new version It is the best way to be aware of all your events and news, as well as being able to enjoy them. Therefore, we are going to explain how to do it both in Facebook as on Android and iOS, platforms where it is available.

On Facebook

In the social network Facebook, updating Pet Rescue Saga is extremely simple. It is a browser game, so going to this platform to enter it is synonymous with always playing with its newest update already installed. To do so, just follow these simple steps:

Download Facebook GameRoom to Play Pet Rescue Saga

  • Firstly we access our FB profile, for this we log in and enter our account.
  • If you haven’t stored your login, enter with your username. Enter your email or your phone number and the password to your profile in the corresponding fields and click on “Get in”.
  • Within your profile and Home, go to the search bar, write in it the name of the video game, “Pet Rescue Saga”, and press the Enter key.
  • On the results page, you will have several names in the section “Applications”. Go to the first one and click the button “To play”.
  • When the permissions and requests for this little game appear, press the button “Continue as (your username).”
  • The next thing is to install “Facebook Gameroom” in order to start playing on your team. On the screen you are on now, press the green button “Free download”And let the executable file download. *Note: It is only available for Windows 7 OS or higher.
  • Once you have it downloaded, open it (it’s just down on the left) and let it do the relevant installations and processes to get ready.
  • When finished, you will have at your disposal an application with which to enjoy all facebook games always updated. You already have the most current version of Pet Rescue Saga available and ready to play.

On Android smartphones

On cell phones and mobile phones with the Android operating system, the most normal thing is that app updates are done automatically, so that Pet Rescue Saga it will always have the newest version installed on your device. If this is not your case, and you have to do the update manually, you have to follow the steps indicated below:

Download install update Pet Rescue Saga

  • On your smartphone, or on your tablet, open the Google Play Store Google Play Store icon pressing its icon.
  • When you’re inside it, go to the bar at the top, the one used to search for applications. We have to use it to write “Pet Rescue Saga”And look for the file of this app.
  • Of the possible results that appear, click on the first to go directly to the description of the official application.
  • Now, if there is an update available for this game, you will have in front of you a button with the word “To update”. You just have to press it and wait for your device to take care of downloading the files and installing them without any complications.

*Note: If, on the other hand, you prefer that these things be done automatically without having to be pending reviews, you have to go back to Google Play Store and enter “Settings” (by pressing the button with three horizontal lines above). Then, you must go to the section “Update apps automatically”And, inside it, choose the option you prefers for your terminal to follow that pattern from now on.

For iOS iPhone

IPhone phones and iPad tablets They also include the option of making automatic downloads for updates. If you are a user who prefers to check the updates manually, then you must follow these steps to install the new version of the Pet Rescue Saga game on iOS:

  • First of all go to the “App Store” APP Store icon. You just have to look for it among your applications and press its icon.
  • Once inside, go to the bottom right and press the button “Updates” to access their settings.
  • Now, you will have on the screen a list with the apps installed on your device, in the “Everything”. Go down until you come across the name of “Pet Rescue Saga” And, in case you have a newer version available and ready to download, press the “Update” button to download and install it on your device.

If you prefer your iPhone to do all of this automatically, you have to configure it for it. Enter the menu “Settings”From your terminal and then go to the section “ITunes Store and App Store” to enter it and its configuration panel.

Already there, enter the part of “Automatic downloads” and activate them in the “Apps”. This way you will not only get the new updates of this game to be installed without having to do anything, but also all the other applications that you have installed on your device.

*Note: You will not have to perform any manual procedure and, in addition, you can configure this process so that it is only carried out when you have connecting to a Wi-Fi network , to avoid that your data rate suffers the consequences of downloading large files.

If you have any doubts or questions, leave them in the comments, it will surely be of great help to more members of the community, thank you! 😉

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