Update Problems in Windows 7  List + Solutions ▷ 2020

Although Microsoft already launched its new Windows 10 operating system, many users continue to use your version of Windows 7, being this one of the most used versions around the world and one of the most accepted by users. This is how many people around the world have made it known about the different update problems that this version is presenting.

Keep in mind that updates are one of the most important factors for any computer, since this will be what helps you have a better performanceas well as a better security. In the case of W7 users usually have some inconveniences when wanting to update the system, which can become a concern if not resolved quickly.

Considering the importance of this procedure in Windows, here we are going to teach you what are the most frequent errors that usually appear in this version and how you can start to repair it, this will allow you to be constantly updating your machine and get a good working on it. To do this, follow in detail everything that we will teach you below.

Why is it important to keep the operating system 100% updated?

Why is it important to keep the operating system 100% updated?

Updates are not well received by many users, especially because they offer changes to the system that are not welcomed all the time, but the truth of all this is that both manual and automatic operating system updates has only one function and is to protect the computer from any type of threat and danger that may exist on the network, as are viruses and malicious programs.

Another of its functions is to improve the performance and operation of the equipment, either by providing a faster operationas well as go decreasing the failures of the same. This means that if a operating system is not constantly updated the same will remain vulnerable to any malicious attack, since it remains in the past, while his whole environment keeps updating.

Also, over time many programs and applications are updating their systems, so a very old version of an OS just won’t be compatible with them, so the possibility of use current software. Based on all this, it can be said that it is very important to allow them to take place updates on computers, as this will give you greater security and better performance on your machine.

In the same way, it is recommended to enter software developers and verify that they do not exist pending updates and new versions available. When these updates are carried out, it must be taken into account that they must also update drivers, since they are mostly these drivers those that present inconveniences or problems in the old versions.

So keep them updated will help you get a good performance in every way. Finally, it is recommended to always make use of the latest versions of Windows, this will prevent you from staying in the past anymore reduce any type of danger or vulnerability.

Know the main Windows 7 update problems and their solutions

Know the main Windows 7 update problems and their solutions

As previously mentioned in the post, in the case of the Windows 7 version constantly presents some errors in your updates, so many users don’t they can finish them leaving their computers not updated. That is why here we are going to explain what are the main problems that arise and how you can solve them.

To do this, follow everything that we will explain below:

Windows Update disabled

If your operating system Windows 7 is not finding any update available may be due to the tool Windows Update is disabled, that is to say, automatic system updates are not enabled in the computer settings.

Therefore, the way to correct this is very simple, for this you simply have to go to “Start”And there access “Control Panel” and later to “Security system” then click “Enable or disable automatic updates” this way you will be activating them and this will allow your team to check for pending updates so that you can execute them when you turn off the equipment.

Windows Update can’t find updates

This is another of the most common errors that usually appears in Win 7, in this case the system stays searching for updates and never showing up, this behavior by Windows Update It may be due to several reasons, the first of which is really you have no pending update, if you have updated the operating system a short time ago, then the most advisable thing is that wait a little longer.

This type of error due to a failure in the internet connection, either because the same not good enough to find updates. One way to try to fix this is restarting the computer and the router, you can also hope that internet connection is a bit faster to try to check for available updates.

Damage to system components

On many occasions when there is damage to system components these types of inconveniences are usually generated when wanting update Windows OS.

Some of the reasons why this is generated are the following:

  • 0x800B0101: The certificate could not be installed.
  • 0x800F081F: A crash is generated in the required files.
  • 0x80070490: Missing or deleted update file error.
  • 0x8007371B: Problems in the distribution of transactions.
  • 0x800736CC: Item match failed.

Insufficient hard drive space

Another reason why it is generated update problems in Win 7 is when lack of hard disk space, you should bear in mind that the update services require at least 5GB of free space. If you are having this type of problem the solution to it is quite simple and is in your hands.

In this case, all you have to do is start remove those programs and files that you no longer use Y that are not necessary to continue keeping there, this will allow you free up hard drive space and thus be able to carry out the downloads of the new updates in your OS.

Microsoft Removes Support for Windows 7 Should I Stop Using the Operating System?

Microsoft Removes Support for Windows 7 Should I Stop Using the Operating System?

At the beginning of 2020 Microsoft notified all its users that technical support and updates service by Microsoft it was finished for the version of Windows 7, so from that moment on, said operating system would be be a risk for users. In the same way, he informed all his users that they should go to the Windows 10 update, all users who had the original Windows 7 license could do this update for free.

According to all this, many users have wondered if they can continue using this version, the most recommended in this case is that no, since from that moment announced by Microsoft company this operating system will not receive any more updates, so your security will become very vulnerable, especially if you are going to have the computer connected to the Internet all the time.

When this news and this vulnerability in Win 7 it would not be strange that many malicious people start creating malicious software to attack these machines, since they will become a very easy target. Therefore, the best option in these cases is change Windows version either for Windows 8 or take the step to Windows 10 and enjoy all the tools and functions offered by the latest update from Microsoft.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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