UPDATE PS4 SOFTWARE  Latest Version + Link Download 2020

We are facing one of the sweetest moments for him world of game consoles. To adapt to the new times and to the advancement of technologies, online games and the possibility that these devices can be connected to the Internet for long periods of time have been introduced. A clear example of this is the PS4 Icon logo PS4 Sony PlayStation

, a Sony brand console which is being record sales in the market since its launch. If it is kept up to date it can delight any player, offering a great gaming experience as well as enormous stability.

But, How can you update the PS4 software Icon logo PS4 Sony PlayStation to the latest version available? Next, we suggest how to do it in different ways, all of them very simple and with a complete step by step. This game console has been created with great care by Sony, avoiding making some design mistakes that the previous version had. The PS4 Icon logo PS4 Sony PlayStation

features an eight-core AMD processor. Further, has 8 GB memory unified and a unit of Blu-ray disc much faster.

The software that comes preinstalled with the game console allows gamers to access many services found on the cloud from the PlayStation Store. Customers can enjoy not only games but also a large amount of multimedia content is offered, which will make their access an enriching and very fun experience. You can create a mode for each player if you have a PlayStation Plus subscription. This also allows for better parental control of what our little ones do when they are playing with the game console.

How to update PS4 by console system?

Install latest PS4 update

It has a system whereby you can have a multitude of games installed on your computer since being connected online, only a part of the game will have to be transmitted to the system, which reduces waiting time. But it also allows you to play from the CD itself, so you would only have to have the game you use par excellence installed on the game console and the others will not take up space. Enjoy a great experience totally complete and enriching.

The steps to follow to do this type of console software update are really simple. Let’s get started!.

  1. First of all, you have to turn on the PS4 using the button “On”(Obvious) and be connected to an Internet network, better via cable than wireless.
  2. When the main screen appears, click on the “Setting”Or”Settings“found at the top. It is a figure from a toolbox.
  3. Several options will appear. You must click on “System software update”. Then, the system will start searching for the latest existing update.
  4. In the event that you are not in the most recent version, a message will appear asking for your permission to start the update. Click on the button “to download“Or”Update”. The download will begin and once it is complete, you will see a notification.
  5. From the main screen you must choose “Notification“And then click on the option”downloads”. You will see the executable file for start with installation. You just have to double click on it and continue with the rest of the instructions that will appear on the screen and which basically consist of accepting to continue.
  6. Once the process is finished, you will be in the latest version available without having to do anything else. As you can see, it is a very simple process.

Update the PlayStation 4 via USB

Update PS4 console software with USB memory

Now we will explain an alternative update, to be able to have other options in the event that the first method does not work for us; although this is something that does not usually happen. We must follow the steps that I explain in the following lines.

Download latest update PS4

  1. We start by preparing our USB, creating the necessary folders to save the file that will help us to perform the update. We must have at least 1.1Gb of space in the and be usb flash drive.
    1. Once we have it connected to our computer, we will go to the folders of “My PC”And we will look for the relative access to the pendrive.
    2. We will create a new folder with the name “PS4”And, inside it, we create another folder with the name“UPDATE”. This must be done in this way so that we do not have problems when updating and the game console can locate the files it needs correctly.
  2. Now connect to the official website of the game console and find the precise update file. Don’t forget to look for the most up-to-date version to avoid compatibility problems. (You can download from the link that we provide above, it is 100% safe.)
  3. Save the file you download inside the folder “UPDATE”.
  4. Change the name of the file and put “PS4UPDATE.PUP”.
  5. Now you must completely turn off the console. To make sure you got it right, press the button at least seven seconds, until you hear a beep from the system. The Orange LED it must have completely turned off.
  6. At this time you can now connect the USB to the PS4 and boot it from safe mode. To do this you can press the power button again for at least seven seconds.
  7. If you have created and located the files correctly, the game console will locate the necessary one and begin to install. You must select the option “Initialize PS4“Or”Reinstall System software”.
  8. Follow the instructions that the device gives you until you can finish the process. As you can see, it is a very simple method, if you follow the steps that are indicated well.

Download and install the latest update for Sony PS4 console for free

It is very important to have the update of this system, since otherwise you will lose many important details and it may be that some of the games are rendered useless due to lack of requirements. In addition, after you have finished the installation you will be able to enjoy additional functions and, above all else, you will be completely protected, since your device will have a much more reinforced security. Here are the download links for later installation:

Download latest update PS4

Why is it important to have the latest version installed?

No more browsing in fear of sensitive information since you PS4 Icon logo PS4 Sony PlayStation

It will allow you to make a much safer and easier use of all the available functionalities. To make sure you have the latest version of your system, you just have to go to the menu where the button “Settings”, Represented by a suitcase. At that time, the system will tell you if there is anything new. In the event that there are any, it will be updated directly, asking for some parameters known to all players in the system.

The good thing about this is that updates are done hot, what does not affect your user experience and allows you to continue using the system while it is updated to the latest version. I recommend that you do not turn off the game console for the duration of this process to avoid creating software damage.

*Note: Many times the updates come from the game disc itself. The way to update is the same; so you only have to follow the steps that the system itself informs you about.

PS4 update errors and how to fix them

Although the installation of new data packages is a very simple process, it may be the case that Errors are reported when installing new firmware for the PS4 Icon logo PS4 Sony PlayStation. Here are some of the most common and how to solve them.

Message: “Cannot continue using the PS4 application”

Sometimes it may be that, after performing the update, the system asks us to insert the game CD and after trying to load it the following message appears: “Can’t keep using the PS4 app”, Also ejecting the CD from the drive.

  1. Perhaps the problem is simply that the CD is not clean or has some impurity. When it comes out, try cleaning it with a dry cloth.
  2. If the error persists, it is best to restart the game console because it may simply be a problem that some file has not been installed correctly.

Message: “A problem has occurred and the application needs to close”

In this case, the problem simply arises that when a disk is inserted and it begins to be read, after several attempts, the message is displayed on the screen: “A problem has occurred and the application needs to close”.

  1. To fix it, you can try reinstalling the update from the safe mode of the PS4.
  2. Try using another hard drive, as you may have problems with the NOR.

Error E-801809A8 and error SU-30746-0

This type of message occurs when there has been an error in the installation and cannot connect to the PlayStation Network. It may also appear when trying to connect the controllers. The way to solve it is the following:

  1. First, restart the game console from “Safe Mode”.
  2. If this does not work, I recommend that you update from USB as we have indicated above.
  3. If this is not useful either, you have to rebuild the database from the option that appears when you start the system in “Safe Mode”. It is a simple process, for which you just have to follow the steps that are requested on the screen.

If you have any doubts or questions, leave them in the comments, it will surely be of great help to more members of the community, thank you! 😉

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