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RAM memory is one of the most important components of any computer. These small plates full of black chips are responsible for storing all the information and instructions that the computer needs, but with a curious limitation, which is that when the computer is turned off, everything that has been stored in them disappears completely. .

They do not function as a storage system, but rather as a component designed to allow having a greater number of programs open at the same time, or to speed up certain calculations and functions. Its lack is something that usually affects considerably the performance of a computer, be it both desktop and portable. So knowing how to upgrade the RAM to improve your computer it’s crucial.

In this guide we are going to explain what you should do to detect if, indeed, the performance problems of your PC are due to a lack of these memory modules and, if so, the steps to follow to renew and install it on your team.

Steps to follow to improve the RAM memory of my computer

Also, so that you don’t get lost with so many parameters, we will teach you all types of RAM that currently exist and the characteristics that you must observe when making your purchase in any store both online and specialized.

If your computer doesn’t work as it should and you see that many “crashes” occur when you have several applications open, it is likely that you need to update certain part of its components to improve its operation. In fact, Everything points to a problem with the RAM.

To check if, indeed, it is this and you need to update it, we are going to dictate the steps to follow to improve your computer’s RAM, focusing on the case of desktop computers, since not all laptops are compatible with this possibility.

Check if you need more RAM

Before launching to buy or try to improve anything, The first thing to see is if the lack of performance in your computer is due to other problems. To see if you need more RAM, if you are using Windows 10, press the keys “Ctrl“,”Alt” Y “Delete” at the same time. On the screen that appears, click “Task Manager”.

Know performance percentage RAM memory Windows 10

Once in this window, go directly to the section “performance“And, from there, enter”Memory”. There, you must observe the percentage that is being used without having any application open. In case it is higher than 60%, you need to update the RAM of your PC.

Observe the characteristics of your memory

To improve your RAM, before you should know which one your computer uses. Check the characteristics of your motherboard by searching for its model on the internet or, if you want to take advantage of the one you already have, look at its characteristics. Although we are not going to go into depth in the characteristics section right now, we are going to explain how see them.

Form factor features RAM

Re-enter the “Task Manager”As we explained before and go to the section of “Memory”. There, you must first observe the top right, which indicates the amount and type of memory (for example: 8 GB DDR4), plus the fields “Speed”, “Used slots” Y “Form factor” found under the graphs. The first and third are used to see the type of memory you need, the second to see if you have space on your PC to insert more RAM modules or if you must replace any of the existing ones.

Buy new modules

Once all the previous section has been observed, you should go to any computer specialized store and buy the new RAM memories for your PC. Remember the characteristics that we have mentioned before and pay special attention to this: you must install the memories in pairs.

Computers take better advantage of the capabilities of these components if they are installed in pairs, so having 1 or 3 modules installed does nothing more than limit the operation of your equipment. It also tries that the resulting minimum memory is 16 GB, so you will have plenty to enjoy new programs or games.

Mount them on your PC

The final step can be the most complicated, you must open your computer to install your new RAM. To do this, the usual thing is to remove the left side of the tower in the first instance, for a laptop things get complicated and it is always better to go to an expert for this action.

How to correctly insert RAM memory in slot

If we have a desktop PC and we have encouraged ourselves to change it ourselves, we will have to look for the memories section, usually they are four elongated slots with tabs on the sides in which the small RAM memory boards are located.

Once you locate them, place the modules you have bought in the available slots or replace those you want to get rid of with the renewed ones. It is as simple as opening the tabs and position each plate until a “click” is heard without forcing.

Types of RAM what are the most important characteristics?

All types of RAM memory models

In computing there are countless parameters and values ​​to assess in order to determine the performance of a computer. Therefore, when talking about one of the hardware components, there are also many things to consider.
exist various types of RAM in the market, in addition to some very important specifications to take into account before making any purchase. We are going to explain everything you need to know to know well what you read when you are faced with so many numbers and strange words when looking for a new memory to update and improve your PC.

Form factor (DIMM)

This is what determines if the memory module belongs to a desktop computer or a laptop. In the latter it is also possible to update the RAM memory, Although not all models allow or facilitate disassembly without jeopardizing the manufacturer’s warranty.

RAM DIMM and SO-DIMM cards

Thus, we find two main aspects related to the form factor:

  • SO-DIMM: RAM used in laptops is about half the size of large computers and usually has a lower voltage, in addition to generating less heat and being more expensive.
  • DIMM: memory that is used in desktop computers, its size is considerably larger than the previous one and its price is much more affordable. It is the one that predominates in the market.

Main types (DDRx)

One of the most important features to determine the compatibility of your computer with a type of RAM memory. The DDR system indicates both the maximum amount of memory supported and the type of slot supported with the module in question. There are several types, although the most widespread in the update is DDR4:

The latter moves between 2133 and 4266 MHz frequency, something that we will detail below, in addition to operating easily with large amounts of memory.

Frequency / speed (MHz)

Frequency is the speed with which the RAM module works. It is used to indicate how many operations it can perform per second for all those processes that are stored in this memory. Evidently, the higher the value, the better; however, there is an important aspect to consider here.

Bottleneck effect on the installation of RAM memory

In case of installing modules with different frequencies, all will be reduced to the smallest, which causes a phenomenon called “bottleneck”(When performance is limited by one component that is not keeping up with the others). Therefore, it is important that all those that are mounted on the computer have the same frequency.

Latency (CL)

Latency is the last value to consider when it comes to RAM. Its about memory delay in carrying out its tasksSo the lower the number, the better your performance. Thus, if we come across two memories with the same frequency, but, for example, with values ​​such as CL4 and CL7, we should stick with the one with the lowest number. Although its price is probably higher.

If you have any doubts or questions, leave them in the comments, it will surely be of great help to more members of the community, thank you! 😉

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