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The firmware is the integrated software that the modems and routers have, which together with the hardware provides network services, be it access to email or any internet service. The providers of modem, router’s are constantly releasing new versions with updates to the systems they use. For a router to function optimally it is necessary to keep it updated.

When the firmware does not work properly, the problem in many cases can be caused by a lack of update. The constant updates to these are made in order to repair failures in the system, provide better service, increase navigation security and other problems in operation that could be found in a certain version, that is why it is necessary to have the latest version available.

Updating the Firmware has its difficulties, but it is not impossible to learn. Therefore, in this article we will teach you how to do this step by step, so that you can update this component of your router every time it is necessary, without having to spend money paying a technician to do it for you.

Steps to install and update the firmware of my router to improve the internet connection

Each router according to the manufacturer brand is different in several aspectsSometimes to download an update of your software it is necessary to use a mobile or desktop App, however, most of them allow it to be done from a Web access interface on computers.

The process that we will explain below is used to identify and update any router or modem firmware, when you want to repair a fault or add support, especially if you have already tried a router reconfiguration without results.

How to find out the router address on MacOS computers?

We can do this in two ways, the first is observing the WiFi router to find the address that is usually printed on a label attached to the base of the equipment. In many cases, over time this label cannot be read or for some reason it is not there, if this is your case you can search for the address using your PC connected to the router or modem, be it Apple or any other brand, we explain as below:

In the system interface you must click on the menu “Manzana” and when the options open choose “System preferences”.

Home mac firmware

Once there, look “Net” and select it. In the left side, search for active device connection and select it. (You must make sure you are connected to the network, one way to do it is by checking that it has a green circle next to it and that underneath it says “Connected“)

mac system network

When selecting the network, some options will appear. You must choose “Advanced”. A new window will open. Once in it, click on the tab “TCP / IP” and look for a section that says IP Address, that is the address of the router, you must copy it and save it.

Find IP on MAC

How to find out the IP address of the router on Windows computers?

Open the menu or screen “Start“, writes “Net” and open the app. In the folder that opens, choose “Center network and sharing” and find your connection to the router and select it by clicking.

This should be in the upper right corner, next to an icon with the type of connection (Wi-Fi or Ethernet). When clicking on the network, a box will open, you must click on the button “Details “.

wifi status details

A new window will open with a list of options, among which you must search “IPv4 Default Gateway”. This is the IP address, copy and save.

IP adress

How to locate and install the new firmware versions for our router?

These steps are performed to ensure that the system allows you enter router configuration, because many brands do not allow access under wireless connection. Copy the IP address in the browser bar and access by pressing the “Enter“, when you copy the address it will look like the following image.

Enter the router configuration panel

1 – Enter the configuration panel

Now we need to access the configuration panel, for this we need the Admin and Password, Most likely, these data are saved on the device or maybe you have saved them from when you bought the router otherwise, try with leave the fields blank, put “admin” user and password blank, if none of this works try searching in routerpasswords.com using the make and model of the router.

Home panel enter router

In the last stay you will have to do a reset to router to return to the configuration and access data predetermined by the brand.

2 – Find the option of “Firmware” or “Router upgrade” or “Update”

The name will vary according to the brand, once inside look for a check button that says “Check “or” Check ” and click on it to see if there are new updates right now.

3 – List of available updates

Depending on the hardware model, next to the update version, a link may appear that will redirect to a download link for the new version, otherwise we must look for it by another means to install it.

*Note: If you keep reading you will find official pages to download free and secure firmwares.

4 – Install the latest

You can do this from the router manufacturer’s site or from an official download page. Normally these files are downloaded and must be unzipped, after unzipping it, go back to the router’s configuration page, in the firmware update section there should be the option to select and upload the file you have downloaded, now you just have to wait for it to install and restart the pc.

List of official firmware download pages

Within the router configuration, in the administrator interface, as we told you in the previous steps, in many cases a link is offered to easily download the recent version of the firmware, but if not, you must browse the internet looking for it. Y Many of the websites you will come across are not very secure.

The common thing when doing this for the first time is to end up frustrated, with the computer full of viruses and without being able to install the update. The only way to fix it is to resort to official sites that offer secure file download, but it is easier said than finding these websites. We make it easy for you, below you can enjoy a list of several official pages and without risks.


It is a brand of telecommunications services, which operates together with Orange Spain. It offers fixed telephony, mobile telephony, subscription television and internet in the regions of Spain. On their website they have an interface for users who have bought their routers and there it is possible to find the official updates without risks.

Visit this url to identify your Jazztel router


It is another brand of telecommunications services, which works in many countries. In the community within its official website it is possible to access a lot of information about internet connections and other aspects of the routers and modems they offer, the Movistar site is very complete, regarding advice and resources for firmware and modems, we will find tutorials and links to download the available versions.

Visit this url to identify your Movistar router


It is a community that provides Fixed, Mobile, Internet and Television services in Spain and is the family of the French company Orange. They have a site full of resources, attention and support for users, where tips, help, tutorials and links to safe downloads are shared.

Visit this url to identify your Orange router


It is an operator of mobile telephony, fixed telephony, broadband and digital television. They provide multinational service, but their headquarters are in the United Kingdom. They have a forum, in which it is possible to get all kinds of firmware to download. Just look for what we require at the bar and we will get it.

Visit this url to identify your Vodafone router

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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