UPDATE UBUNTU  ▷ 2020 ◁ All Possible Methods

Ubuntu Ubuntu Operating System Logo

is a distribution of Linux operating system Official Linux Logo completely free and distributed as free software. It is quite easy to use and is constantly evolving to achieve a better user experience. Therefore, it is very important to know how to update Ubuntu to the latest version. Keep reading to know the steps you should follow.

It has a tool called “Ubuntu Software Center”That allows you to search, install and uninstall applications. Paid apps were not initially allowed, but from 2010 the sale of apps of this type is introduced. In 2012, begins to enter the world of Android, allowing you to run the desktop Ubuntu Ubuntu Operating System Logo

from a smartphone with this OS The interface uses touch gestures to move around the screen. Ubuntu it is also compatible for other devices such as tablets.

These have an interface that allows the multi-user system, the coexistence of different user accounts, voice controls and the loading of a user interface to be able to use it with an external keyboard and mouse. The ISO images to download are found on the official site, where you can choose between a desktop version or a server version. Official versions can be downloaded every six months. The update is always done incrementally since the last update.

Update Ubuntu to the latest version, various methods

How to update Ubuntu step by step guide

Ubuntu has a large number of applications that can be used in all daily tasks, games, and system configuration applications. Comes with Mozilla Firefox browser standard, Thunderbird mail client, Gedit text editor, LibreOffice office suite, BitTorrent client and the “Ubuntu Software Center” application store.

When there is a new version to download, a little box appears at the top of the “Update Manager” to inform the user. You can only upgrade to a new version of this operating system when the latest existing version is running before the update.

For example, if you are in the version 7.10, you will not be able to directly access the version 7.12, previously you will have to update to the version 7.11 of the program, and always like that, which takes a bit of work if you haven’t been installing the corresponding improvements each time.

Update Ubuntu using the official method

This is the Linux recommended method Official Linux Logo

to update to the latest version available. Ubuntu Ubuntu Operating System Logo it has many different versions of firmware. When you access the official download website It will be specified until when this update will be available and from here download it for free.

  1. Start by trying to find out what version you have on your operating system. For this you must go to the “System settings”And click on the option“Details”.
  2. A screen will open where you can check version where the system is located.
  3. Then you must activate update wizard. To do this, go to the Ubuntu search engine and type “software“, so that it appears as a result”Software update”. Once it runs, you can tell whether or not there is a new update available.
  4. If so, simply click on the button “Run”To start downloading the update.

If you had to download the system from scratchYou can do it very quickly from Ubuntu’s own website, in the way that I indicate below.

  1. When you have the ISO file you have to use the pre-installed tool “Boot Disk Creator”.
  2. This will detect the pendrive where the .iso file Ubuntu operating system.
  3. Now you must create bootable USB, which will take several minutes to complete.
  4. Follow the steps indicated by the system to finish the complete installation. Ready!

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Update Sudo apt-get update Ubuntu

It is simply update Ubuntu Ubuntu Operating System Logo using the same terminal as a means of updating. It is not necessary to do it from the update manager or from synaptics because from the terminal itself you can proceed with the commands that are proposed below:

  1. It begins by updating the system repositories with the command: Sudo apt-get update
  2. Now it’s time to update the available files using: Sudo apt-get upgrade

With this option, the versions installed in the system are compared with the new versions that are available in the repositories so that they can be downloaded and finally updated, easy, simple and very fast.

How to update Ubuntu from terminal console with single command?

There is a method called “zzupdate”To perform an update very easily and that any of the users can do to automatically get to the most modern version of the system. Updating using this method is automatic and unattended, as user intervention is not required. It is a free and open source installation.

If you are interested in this update method, continue with the following steps to carry it out.

  1. Download here zzupdate or open your system terminal and type the following command: Curl -s “download web” ls
  2. Run the update command: Sudo zzupdate

From that moment you will not have to do anything else, since the program itself takes care of the update automatically. The user can change parameters and different aspects of the program itself internally to adapt the configuration to the needs of the user. So with all this data, now is the time to reread the possibilities and decide how to update Ubuntu to the latest version.

If you have any doubts or questions, leave them in the comments, it will surely be of great help to more members of the community, thank you! 😉

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